Dec 14, 01 / Dec 16, 17 06:42 UTC
elevating our spirit!

It's Time!

I believe it is fitting that I submit my first blog at the time I submit my first electoral nomination.

Therefore, I will keep this blog short.

We are all still in awe at the fact we are all now part ...

Apr 5, 02 / Mar 30, 18 23:01 UTC
Greetings! I want your vote. Let us build the Society that will serve as an example and parameter for those who have remained in the Error of the repetitions of the old paradigms. See my platform.
Mar 9, 02 / Mar 6, 18 16:34 UTC
Hello !!! I invite you to know my campaign. Access my profile and if you like my projects, vote for me. All the Best !!!
Mar 6, 02 / Mar 3, 18 17:42 UTC
I voted for you because I believe you have a good platform and will be an amazing leader. Please check out my platform: Vote for me!!!
Dec 14, 01 / Dec 16, 17 06:20 UTC

To My Family of Asgardia!

Here we are!

Who knew we would live to experience times like these….but we are here!


Apr 6, 02 / Mar 31, 18 19:30 UTC
The ideas of the Asgardian Brothers are innovative, as they should be! I think the moment we're living is incredible. The construction of the NEW, from ideas and ideals based on free thought, fraternity, love, all creation and tolerance in all its forms, show us that our Nation is really ...
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