Pis 02, 03 / Jan 30, 19 10:13 UTC
Dear Mayoral candidates

Where are you? We, the voting public, have not seen or heard from you. Is this to be expected going forward?

Engage with us beyond your platform. Give us the chance to form trustworthy bonds with you. You are our most direct access to the government, do ...

Gem 14, 03 / May 6, 19 00:27 UTC
I've paid my fee but I'm not pandering to the masses so to speak, there is no elections on the horizon until they do what their doing. Till then I follow, listen, read an try to understand where people stand on things.
Pis 03, 03 / Jan 31, 19 07:58 UTC
"If you want something done, then do it yourself". Sadly, I am but a humble university student who is only just entering the real world. 100 Euros is 151 Canadian dollars which is money I don't have to spare at the moment. If the election cycle comes and goes without ...
Pis 03, 03 / Jan 31, 19 04:16 UTC
I see that you posted questions to the candidate platform of the two candidates running in your region three weeks ago and that neither candidate replied to you... If I may, none of these two candidates is a valid candidate until they have paid their "100€ candidate fee", meaning, if ...
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Aqu 10, 03 / Jan 10, 19 11:18 UTC
Mayors, the day-to-day face of Asgardia

Happy 0003 my fellow Asgardians!

As the Mayoral Election is underway, I urge all candidates and fellow citizens to remember something important. The Mayor will be the elected official most everyday people will associate Asgardia with on a local, personal level. Therefore, it is crucial that whoever ...

Gem 15, 03 / May 7, 19 08:30 UTC
Fair point
Gem 14, 03 / May 6, 19 07:11 UTC
I concurs with that assessment, since they have had events going on during the live broadcast; but without Q and A session from the citizens of Asgardia. It is bit disheartening to say the least. But I am hopeful that whoever is reading our "forum" would see that they need ...
Gem 14, 03 / May 6, 19 07:00 UTC
Lack of information and communication is frustrating to say the least.
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