Leo 17, 04 / Jul 3, 20 18:13 UTC
We need asap references to the community's in the blogs. Our AMP Ariadne has posted a message which is posted in Asgardia community but i can not find a reference in the post-table on the dashboard page. It would be far more interesting to have a link in the form ...
Leo 17, 04 / Jul 3, 20 19:45 UTC
Exactamente no tienes que hacerlo desde tu propio blog en directo, puedes ir a la comunidad a la cual perteneces y se identifica con tu post, así es
Leo 17, 04 / Jul 3, 20 19:44 UTC
En realidad decidí colocarla en Asgardia, ya que es la comunidad con mayor número de miembros, agradezco el apunte de ambos , saludos
Leo 17, 04 / Jul 3, 20 19:24 UTC
Ok found a new hobby, i am going to edit many of my posts, and place them in the responding community's, this way i will be prepared for when there are some updates to the communities. Do not consider it as spam. ;-)
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Leo 17, 04 / Jul 3, 20 04:15 UTC
the basement..
We the Asgardians are the basement or foundation of the Asgardian Nation. It is true the basic layers that the nation is build. We are the enrichment of the nation and we are the future of the nation. Everything will come forward from within the community of the Asgardian nation ...
Leo 17, 04 / Jul 3, 20 11:47 UTC
I say yes. Very good
Leo 14, 04 / Jun 30, 20 09:51 UTC
Today is asteroid-day.. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asteroid_Day Grtz, Dirk.
Leo 14, 04 / Jun 30, 20 15:02 UTC
I think we should have made something special for that occasion... Too bad! Next year maybe?
Leo 10, 04 / Jun 26, 20 10:05 UTC
west powers..
From the sun to the planets..
Leo 07, 04 / Jun 23, 20 22:17 UTC
dark times..
The 2 big cold planets together with a dark moon are a contrast with what we usual see during the early hours.. Grtz, Dirk.
Leo 07, 04 / Jun 23, 20 21:26 UTC
If it is difficult to support Asgardia with the 100 euro residence fee then maybe you could buy a print or digital version of ROOM to support Asgardia. The ROOM space magazine is now part of Asgardia as our main journal for space and Asgardia articles and should be a ...
Leo 09, 04 / Jun 25, 20 16:24 UTC
Good thing this idea of magazine. A first step to build our economy 😎
Leo 08, 04 / Jun 24, 20 12:24 UTC
Leo 05, 04 / Jun 21, 20 22:04 UTC
I noticed today that we have 2 major cycles in our solar system from the big brothers. Jupiter and Saturn have returning cycles in their orbits. The first one i noticed was one of approx 60 years when saturn, jupiter and the sun meet. The next one is one of ...
Leo 06, 04 / Jun 22, 20 18:29 UTC
It would be interesting to see if the Chinese Lunar calendar (12 animal signs alternated with 5 elements) is aligned with your theory of 60 year cycles :-)
Leo 04, 04 / Jun 20, 20 09:57 UTC
Some info about it on wiki.. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solar_eclipse_of_June_21,_2020 Grtz, Dirk.
Leo 03, 04 / Jun 19, 20 11:38 UTC
We need a space 3D location standard. One that can be used in a digital way. Maybe some sort of quadrant for universal use and which can be layered with other layers of 3D-data. Starting like a radar-screen for airplanes but then in 3D. Gradually we can do updates with ...
Leo 04, 04 / Jun 20, 20 07:16 UTC
Holographic should not be made difficult.. a cube of glass or plastic with a grid of mini-led's could easily do the trick..
Leo 03, 04 / Jun 19, 20 23:29 UTC
Hi Dirk Modern aircraft radars already use a 3D technology. It is based on a station installed on board the aircraft and radar pulses coming from the ground stations. The tracks showing the flight ID, the flight altitude and the route they follow appear on the operators' screens. It is ...
Leo 03, 04 / Jun 19, 20 12:11 UTC
Leo 03, 04 / Jun 19, 20 07:08 UTC
family picture..
Another reunion of the family.. Grtz, Dirk.
Leo 04, 04 / Jun 20, 20 09:07 UTC
Thanks Dirk! Very meaningful words.
Leo 02, 04 / Jun 18, 20 08:38 UTC
meteor gatherings..
Here we have the moon between jupiter and saturn in a monthly meeting with the highest meteor gathering on this date.. Grtz, Dirk.
Leo 02, 04 / Jun 18, 20 09:49 UTC
Took a second but I understand now. Klever
Leo 02, 04 / Jun 18, 20 09:00 UTC
... the sun of men with 2 witnesses.. and the fallen angels..
Leo 02, 04 / Jun 18, 20 08:47 UTC
July 25: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Svetlana_Savitskaya
Leo 01, 04 / Jun 17, 20 09:00 UTC
What if there would be aliens who's sensors would be build on other basics. Daniel gave me an idea of beings that would see or feel electricity and/or magnetism. Something like fish and birds. These beings would literally be able to see the spiritual world. And maybe not our reflecting ...
Leo 01, 04 / Jun 17, 20 12:41 UTC
Hi Dirk Starting from the animal population of the planet we know that ducks from Canada, and all migrants base their navigation on "sensors" referable to the magnetic field of our planet. It is demonstrated that pets perceive the presence of the reference "human" at a great distance and assume ...
Leo 01, 04 / Jun 17, 20 10:17 UTC
That would probably make it easier for them to find and use the interstellar super highway.(The magnetic field line's linking planet's. )
Leo 01, 04 / Jun 17, 20 01:26 UTC
Ali gave me just a nice idea for building space-arcs. If we would base everything on standard space-cabins then we could build a globe of space-cabins. The ones that need most protection could be placed at the center and least important ones could be placed towards the outside for replacement ...
Leo 01, 04 / Jun 17, 20 01:30 UTC
Maybe by the passing of time we could achieve gravity in the center if we have some more basic knowledge of how gravity works.
Can 26, 04 / Jun 14, 20 20:08 UTC
What is the stance of the Asgardians towards this: https://www.weforum.org/great-reset/ Grtz, Dirk.
Can 27, 04 / Jun 15, 20 10:18 UTC
Yes, they are maybe presenting beautiful things but they are in the meanwhile inserting dangerous things. So do we have to take them both while knowing it will take a thole on the future? I would rather like to see the good solutions on their own and avoid the bad ...
Can 27, 04 / Jun 15, 20 06:54 UTC
Hi Dirk You're right the link you posted exposes fundamental concepts. In the name of the increase in job opportunities (earnings), only the primary result was looked at by mowing the environment, the lives of entire ecosystems, mixing and contaminating them mutually (the Florida alligators victims of pythons imported as ...
Can 27, 04 / Jun 15, 20 00:09 UTC
Looks like something one should definitely not take at complete face value. And should always look for the unsaid. Like the potential down side to some projects. Or is total function.
Can 26, 04 / Jun 14, 20 16:35 UTC
A interesting video for some knowledge about mini-computers named "Pi". https://youtu.be/2zrwjGcyM5s Grtz, Dirk.
Can 26, 04 / Jun 14, 20 15:08 UTC
Hi Asgardians, today i am gonna present a new theory in science for space and all. As i am going true some fundamental links in my brain as of latest it has come to me today that there is a deeper layer behind the forces in space. I am not ...
Can 26, 04 / Jun 14, 20 18:08 UTC
It is a project i have started a few years back to absorb all sort of normal knowledge and while i sleep to process the incoming data that results in "to me" logic links as i progress in time. All my knowledge is real time and is real time written ...
Can 26, 04 / Jun 14, 20 18:08 UTC
but also life goes on so this could have higher understanding's and greater parts of science , 3,6,9
Can 26, 04 / Jun 14, 20 18:02 UTC
Yes, the beginning and the end..
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