Sco 05, 03 / Sep 14, 19 16:04 UTC
What do we need apart from the usual money. If we would think like aliens on an alien planet then we would need water and air to survive. So a piece of ocean where good to start, there is plenty of that. Then a platform to stand on, could be ...
Sco 06, 03 / Sep 15, 19 02:35 UTC
Yes my friend, try to visit this website, maybe you can find it very interesting:
Lib 25, 03 / Sep 6, 19 22:53 UTC
Today i am going to tell about the universal story of creation. First lets talk about what creation is. Creation is the opposite from compression. By that i mean that creation is a start from light materials put together with love and care. I can give many examples of this, ...
Lib 22, 03 / Sep 3, 19 04:42 UTC
the snake = the rod = the law when the rod is held in the 'right' hand then it becomes law and live when the rod is thrown on to the ground then is becomes sin and dead Grtz, Dirk.
Lib 20, 03 / Sep 1, 19 12:24 UTC
I have started to look into the Hebrew text of genesis and i am converting it back to symbols and descriptions. As we would maybe look into an other alphabet we could maybe make space- and solar-system symbols and astronaut-symbols and what-ever-symbols to make a sort of basic prototype alphabet ...
Lib 19, 03 / Aug 31, 19 21:20 UTC
Asgardia is the new beginning for humanity. If we would reset our hearts and thinking it would be obvious to pursue the good things and leave all bad things behind from the past. On top of that we could work together as one team or one unit to achieve our ...
Lib 19, 03 / Aug 31, 19 21:39 UTC
Do not be worried about your material citizenship, your spiritual presence and your will to help is the most valuable thing you can give.
Lib 19, 03 / Aug 31, 19 21:30 UTC
Very touching speech! I want to become a citizen of Asgardia, but I am not able to pay for Citizenship ... What do you think, If such an insignificant problem is created at the beginning of the path, for the solution of which it is enough to reduce the cost ...
Lib 16, 03 / Aug 28, 19 19:37 UTC
Asgardia-1 tracker
Asgardia-1 tracker Information NORAD ID Jan 11: NORAD ID/TLE released NORAD ID 43049 Internal Temp 85.0 C Main Bus Voltage 5.82 V Altitude 450.7 km Speed 7.6 km/s Time Since 629 days 16:54:59
Sco 08, 03 / Sep 17, 19 02:52 UTC
nice shirt
Lib 24, 03 / Sep 5, 19 02:07 UTC
It's amazing we have a satellite in orbit. I would love to get Asgardian shirts and get a flag.
Lib 16, 03 / Aug 28, 19 19:42 UTC
One Humanity One Unity
Lib 16, 03 / Aug 28, 19 18:40 UTC
In order to survive the methane catastrophe on earth we should all turn to consumption of algae instead of meat and use methane eating bacteria to break it down.
Lib 16, 03 / Aug 28, 19 04:19 UTC
As the world temperatures are going up so will the mosquito amount and the carried diseases going up. What if Asgardia would make a robot with a little laser-canon on top to eliminate mosquito's 24/7.
Lib 24, 03 / Sep 5, 19 02:18 UTC
One issue with that, is that the bat guano, although beneficial to insect control, can be toxic. If you breathe in the guano fungus spores, you can get histoplasmosis.
Lib 24, 03 / Sep 5, 19 02:10 UTC
The US Army has been working on creating a laser to de-atomize mosquitos that fly close to it. It can actually target and zap it! Mosquitos are such a problem and it has been studied that if they were removed from the food chain/ animal kingdom, nothing would suffer because ...
Lib 17, 03 / Aug 29, 19 06:13 UTC
I guess we will have to return to the caves then with the bats.
Lib 16, 03 / Aug 28, 19 03:41 UTC
As heavy gases are building up at sea-level we will be obliged to move to higher layers in the atmosphere. Maybe we will have to build steam-powered-airballoon-city's at levels above 750 hPa or even 500 hPa.
Lib 09, 03 / Aug 21, 19 10:11 UTC
breaking light
As we already know we can break light true a prism. But what if we would use this technique as part of the radiation protection. I will give an example how to vision it but it is of course not exact science. As you can see in the picture we ...
Lib 06, 03 / Aug 18, 19 17:05 UTC
In our universe we have galaxy's and black-holes. What if we would look at these two as part of a weather-system. The galaxy's would be the storms which are formed in high-pressure fields and the black-holes would be the low-pressure cores in the centers of the storms and low-pressure fields ...
Lib 06, 03 / Aug 18, 19 16:38 UTC
section 010, 06 libra 0003
Dark Forces. Today i am going to talk about our other side of the universe. As we know there is dark light as the opposite of visible light. Further have we also dark matter as opposite of positive charged matter. We also have anti energy or electricity which is in ...
Lib 03, 03 / Aug 15, 19 17:22 UTC
section 009, 03 libra 0003
Today a short view from an other angle towards the earth-crust. Like i am following the earth's crust it seems to me that the lower shells of the crust are more following the magnetic pole position direction. By that i have previously already said that it is going NE. Today ...
Lib 06, 03 / Aug 18, 19 10:56 UTC
Vir 23, 03 / Aug 7, 19 19:51 UTC
section 008, 23 virgo 0003
Today i want to talk about sea level rise. As we know our buffers are running hot and that makes the ice melt. This has the consequence that the oceans are rising. Like we hear a lot this will not be good for city's near the coasts. But there is ...
Vir 27, 03 / Aug 11, 19 12:48 UTC
Il resto del mondo? Per me esiste un solo mondo. Molte voci e storia magica
Vir 25, 03 / Aug 9, 19 15:45 UTC
We should do everything to protect our atmosphere and stop cutting down trees.
Vir 25, 03 / Aug 9, 19 07:20 UTC
And what about the rest of world?
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Vir 23, 03 / Aug 7, 19 07:25 UTC
Hi Asgardians, I have made a poll about making a book about Asgardia. It can have many subjects and parts. If you would like to participate in this project then please choose yes in the pole. Contributions can be self made text and pictures. Thanks. Grtz, Dirk.
Lib 02, 03 / Aug 14, 19 16:00 UTC
I soud like a crazy Pearson: the name is "perpetual Machine and Asgardia Constitutional Law, I will mix, like the tendência today civil law and commom law, so is going to be a "doutrina", a source of law like Brazil and .... read the book .... See you latter
Lib 02, 03 / Aug 14, 19 15:57 UTC
Thank you, one I could use but it's going to be the second, Have to make first another, and is a political book, you know the stuff ... but, now thinking, why? I'm very good at the stuff. The other is a story. shhh is a secret, have a reason ...
Lib 02, 03 / Aug 14, 19 15:30 UTC
If you want you can take the project, i just do the pole for the moment because someone asked me if such a book is in progress. You can use my input on Asgardia for your book if anything is useful to you.
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Vir 18, 03 / Aug 2, 19 15:04 UTC
Connecting to distant planets in the universe.
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