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Mar 27, 03 / Mar 24, 19 14:55 UTC

earthing or mooning

Mar 26, 03 / Mar 23, 19 14:32 UTC


Mar 25, 03 / Mar 22, 19 18:48 UTC

Citizen science project turns research into a quest...

Grtz, Dirk.

Mar 25, 03 / Mar 22, 19 19:34 UTC
Mar 23, 03 / Mar 20, 19 11:57 UTC

dome inside concrete pyramid

Mar 25, 03 / Mar 22, 19 07:41 UTC
Maybe it is our destination to come together with our minds in this noosphere and start a new level.
Mar 25, 03 / Mar 22, 19 03:47 UTC
collective thinking leads us to the proximity of something fantastic, life flows and interrelates, congratulations!
Mar 24, 03 / Mar 21, 19 22:15 UTC
I have designed this exact concept over 9 years ago! that is so funny, since I am Interior Designer, and this is what i had first came up with at that time! Mind think alike!
Mar 20, 03 / Mar 17, 19 19:51 UTC
mind boggling..

Ok this one is very far fetched. Lets asume a very old advanced civilization came to the idea or had the knowlegde of something far greater then we can grasp for the moment but it would be in the same time something very obvious and very ...

Mar 20, 03 / Mar 17, 19 11:13 UTC
Moon Congress

Asgardian Students, this is your moment to come to the Moon Congress in Brugge in Belgium. You can subscribe for a ticket at the following link:

Grtz, Dirk.

Mar 22, 03 / Mar 19, 19 00:03 UTC
Awesome! Will be great to meet you again David after our Vienna experience last year! :-)
Mar 21, 03 / Mar 18, 19 10:16 UTC
I try to be there too and if not at least meet with some of you in the evening. It's also only 45 min driving for me. BTW: I advise to also visit Ghent (30 min by train), very authentic medievel city, less the feeling of an open air museum ...
Mar 21, 03 / Mar 18, 19 02:59 UTC
Sorry for my typo on Asgardian, my keyboard must have been stuck.
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Mar 19, 03 / Mar 16, 19 21:06 UTC
Moon surface

I was looking on google/moon and found an interesting site on the visible side of the moon towards the southpole. Looks like 2 mountains with a darker side. I have here 2 layers above each other. A gray shadow layer and a color layer with a ...

Mar 19, 03 / Mar 16, 19 19:33 UTC

We need a moonrover or moonrobot to start with some sifting of different diameters of rock so that we can after words start with some concrete tests with moondust, small stones and water. Maybe we could add an extra ingredient to strengthen the drying of the ...

Mar 16, 03 / Mar 13, 19 07:16 UTC
spinning particles

Today i woke up with a concern. I had previously read something about Stephen Hawking saying that he had concerns about the particle colliders to create black-holes. Also there where reports of strange electrical happenings about people which took video's which i viewed last night. Now, ...

Mar 16, 03 / Mar 13, 19 15:59 UTC
English, correctly, is not one of my superpowers, kkkkkk. Talk a lot of nonsense things it is, or not, maybe they are correct observations, only the time will tell, ... I speak* too much, that's for sure.
Mar 16, 03 / Mar 13, 19 15:54 UTC
Man, if you think that I'm being with greatness sickness, I'm not, thank my alter ego I'm not telling the rest.
Mar 16, 03 / Mar 13, 19 15:49 UTC
Life is already not cool with jokes, imagin whithout it! Sorry.
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Mar 13, 03 / Mar 10, 19 20:30 UTC
desktop garden

Today i have amused myself creating a simple desktop garden with a lava-rock and some green plants. All is placed in a flat ceramic plate with some rainwater that i poured over the lava-rock. And to finish i have put my hoody with the first logo ...

Mar 12, 03 / Mar 9, 19 19:29 UTC

If we are planning to make buildings then i propose concrete pyramids to protect us from natural and space dangers, like asteroid impacts or sun-bursts. The pyramid constructions around the world seem to have withstand time and disasters. We should build to protect us from impacts, ...

Mar 12, 03 / Mar 9, 19 18:27 UTC

magnetic shield

Mar 13, 03 / Mar 10, 19 16:58 UTC
Is there any means to know it?
Mar 12, 03 / Mar 9, 19 18:54 UTC
One Thing if core of earth is magnetic +- not sure if that will work
Mar 9, 03 / Mar 6, 19 11:39 UTC

As there is a difficulty to change directions of heavy asteroids i was thinking at a little trick to change the heavy weight directions. By pulling the tail towards the new wanted direction and pushing the head to the wanted change, we slow down momentum and ...

Mar 12, 03 / Mar 9, 19 02:48 UTC
Hello my friend your idea is very promising and creative is what we need
Mar 10, 03 / Mar 7, 19 23:03 UTC
We will not going anywere saying ooohhhh the world need peace, ooohhh the world is falling, the humans are bad, we need to eat vegetables not living beings, hhhhmmmmmm, ?????????. But trying to do something like you. Some day we will get there with you, not with miss universe. Thank ...
Mar 10, 03 / Mar 7, 19 23:00 UTC
Very cool, keep going, is very cool your stuff, very nice, at least someone who is not talking about world peace and that stuff of miss universe. kkkkkk. Best regards.
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Mar 8, 03 / Mar 5, 19 21:10 UTC

Formation of mass and gravity.

Mar 12, 03 / Mar 9, 19 02:51 UTC
Hello my friend, I understand the concept of your idea
Mar 10, 03 / Mar 7, 19 23:35 UTC
Aaaaanddd ... the universe has not an end, it is not begun, it is not will be, it is the 3 things at the same time, almost all the humans cannot understand that.
Mar 10, 03 / Mar 7, 19 23:32 UTC
That I understand and is correct. Buttt .... is a drawing for child of physics, the real draw has to be in 13 dimensions, but, I get it, it is right.
Mar 8, 03 / Mar 5, 19 19:18 UTC
electrical field

I just thought about our magnetic field around earth and how it changed over past decades. As we are putting more and more electrical signals into the atmosphere whereby we are putting - electron waves around the earth, i was questioning the possibility if we are ...

Mar 12, 03 / Mar 9, 19 03:02 UTC
Hello my friend, yes you are right; man-made industrial activity is interfering with the earth's magnetic field, among other things as well, climate changes caused by human activity affect the ionosphere and decrease the salinity of the oceans and this is a worrying factor that is not being considered by ...
Mar 10, 03 / Mar 7, 19 21:04 UTC
No one has led observations of our magnetic field before 20 century, maybe it's changing every 1000 or 10 000 years or so, but something tells me that you're right.
Mar 5, 03 / Mar 2, 19 14:44 UTC
Basalt era..

Lets imagine we are on the moon and the only thing we could find to build something would be lava rocks aka basalt. I was thinking at some robots on wheels to collect rocks and to start building basic structures with lava rock they can handle. ...

Mar 12, 03 / Mar 9, 19 03:11 UTC
Hello my friend, your idea is very good, but recently the Chinese mission confirmed the existence of other minerals in the moon beyond basalt, the development of graphite technology will be possible to build structures more durable and resistant to the hostile environment of low gravity and strong radiation on ...
Back home from a trip to the Euro Space Center in the south of Belgium. It was interesting as i am somewhat interested in space-things. This facility is in first place to get children interested in all sorts of space related subjects and to enjoy the great hall where all ...
Euro Space Center
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