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Jan 17, 03 / Jan 17, 19 22:14 UTC
Jan 16, 03 / Jan 16, 19 23:04 UTC
Magnetic travel

Ok, this one is going to attract some type of space observers. Lets say we place a magnet between the earth and the moon in space, what should happen is that it should follow the magnetic route that is at that moment present. Now, lets ...

Jan 10, 03 / Jan 10, 19 21:36 UTC
artificial planet

If we would start in orbit and on the moon with some basic central structure and then travel to mars with it to place it in the orbit of mars around the sun and there we could add some further structures made in space with the ...

Jan 11, 03 / Jan 11, 19 10:12 UTC
Yes, good idea Ben. Ugur, we can build a spinning world inside this artificial earth. I will make some drawings about it this weekend. Thanks guys.
Jan 11, 03 / Jan 11, 19 07:41 UTC
Dear Dirk, With regard to gravitational force, we can address the issue. If we want to live in orbital stations or in outer space in the future, we will need to produce artificial gravity. This is why ISS astronauts cannot function continuously. I hope I'm old enough to go on ...
Jan 11, 03 / Jan 11, 19 06:13 UTC
Solar Power Stations closer to the sun could beam via laser, their power to stations further out in the solar system. These beams could also be used for communication at the same time.
Jan 8, 03 / Jan 8, 19 18:41 UTC
energy storage

I was thinking about what space could offer us and at first thought one would think nothing as it is empty. But if we would take our thoughts a step further what we notice are different states of matter and energy in space. So in ...

Jan 15, 03 / Jan 15, 19 06:17 UTC
This is innovative.
Jan 10, 03 / Jan 10, 19 10:02 UTC
Wow it cool
Dec 28, 02 / Dec 30, 18 18:40 UTC
space data

Space data, the next sources of income. If we could send a mini-satellite with a cam and other sensors to the asteroid belt and let it drift along within the belt while we store some close-by data then this data could be picket up by passing ...

Jan 1, 03 / Jan 1, 19 06:55 UTC
I guess all data will be fine but of course some data will be more haunted then others.
Jan 1, 03 / Jan 1, 19 00:45 UTC
What kinds of data are you looking to collect from the Asteroid belt? types of rocks, what they are made of etc.etc. or for Navigation purposes?
NY Day, NY Day / Dec 31, 18 09:19 UTC
Happy new year Dirk :)
Dec 26, 02 / Dec 28, 18 14:29 UTC
civilization crossroads

To go somewhat further on my previous idea. In the map above you see blue lines. Those lines are parallel with the track that Hawaii made in the past on the pacific plate in the red lines. First we have the somewhat horizontal lines which picture ...

Dec 24, 02 / Dec 26, 18 22:35 UTC

If you are curious what space-crafts are up in the sky then you can look them up on the Outer Space site:

Grtz, Dirk.

Dec 25, 02 / Dec 27, 18 00:03 UTC
Very good information Dirk, thank you...
Dec 18, 02 / Dec 20, 18 21:49 UTC

Today we had a big quake near Russia at the top of the big old plate from the Pacific Ocean. This plate causes much quake activity to the west where it goes under Asia. Today something fell to my attention and that is that Hawaii is ...

Dec 17, 02 / Dec 19, 18 02:15 UTC

Tonight i woke up with an idea about sub-particles. We know that atoms have particles and that these particles have even more sub-particles. These are very sticky so they must have come from great energy sources. My idea is now that every time there is a ...

Dec 10, 02 / Dec 12, 18 14:09 UTC

Everything we know at what ever level exists as bubbles. Lets go to space. We have earth with his space-bubble, that goes on to the most outward regions around earth, high orbit i think it is called. To me everything inside that high-level orbit is part of earth. So ...

Dec 6, 02 / Dec 8, 18 10:59 UTC
Safe zone..

As from today we have a map from the moon from incoming body's on the moon, see yellow dots. That is not such good news for building something on the moon. But then i saw a structure in these impacts. If the moon has a metal ...

Nov 27, 02 / Dec 1, 18 21:38 UTC
new theory..

Today i question the expanding universe, the big-bang, etc.. Lets start with a galaxy but i will also be talking about other happenings who follow one and the same theory. Lets start by imagining space as a big collection of bubbles. How big that the universe ...

Nov 28, 02 / Dec 2, 18 12:06 UTC
Nov 28, 02 / Dec 2, 18 08:49 UTC
Добрый день. Трудно спорить с опанентом не имея возможности РЕАЛЬНО на ПРАКТИКЕ доказать ему ошибочность его мнений ...Веть как не крути а даже те мнения что мы считаем незыблемыми вполне могут быть ошибочны . А потому и теория эта расширяющейся Вселенной вполне может быть ошибочна , хотя скажем десятилетие назад ...
Nov 27, 02 / Dec 1, 18 17:12 UTC

A basic form of digging. I am sure there are lots of interesting concepts to do digging on the moon and using the ground as protecting or something else. Could be interesting of what the ground workers come up with.

Grtz, Dirk.

Nov 28, 02 / Dec 2, 18 11:27 UTC
Perhaps lunar settlements will be created in craters and lava tubes.
Nov 24, 02 / Nov 28, 18 14:33 UTC

1. The young are impatient...and need to be guided.


Nov 25, 02 / Nov 29, 18 07:56 UTC
Nov 24, 02 / Nov 28, 18 14:58 UTC
Yes Dirk..100 / 100...We have to follow the formation of our ministries.
Nov 20, 02 / Nov 24, 18 18:13 UTC

Lets not confuse laws with ideals. A law is a limitation where we can move in. An ideal has no limits.
For example: we have a law of moving for max. 50km/h. This law is for safety. It says that it is preferable to not go over that ...

Nov 25, 02 / Nov 29, 18 21:24 UTC
But I had luck, again, resuming the classification, non several concussions could be very problematic, can last days, weeks or months.
Nov 25, 02 / Nov 29, 18 21:15 UTC
I'm better now. Is the second time I have a concussion, so It's a concussion that doesn't cause any damage, just stay a little weird for a few days, it's a normal reaction that totally disappears. No neurological side effects, I'm practically a PHD in neurology in this matter because ...
Nov 23, 02 / Nov 27, 18 13:45 UTC
No problem Diogo, i hope you are doing well, take care.
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Nov 20, 02 / Nov 24, 18 17:36 UTC
Moon geology..

If we are planning to build on the moon then it is necessary to know what we can find where. The only geologist on the moon was with the Apollo 17 mission, that was some time ago. Luckily we have better technology now and can from distance examine the ...

Nov 21, 02 / Nov 25, 18 02:29 UTC
Asteroid mining is no longer science fiction, but a reality that materializes at times and is already setting off a whole "gold rush" space between countries and companies around the world. The idea, in principle, is simple. In the asteroid belt between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, millions of ...
Nov 21, 02 / Nov 25, 18 02:28 UTC
Nov 21, 02 / Nov 25, 18 02:27 UTC
The lunar base will allow a site with equipment to explore the minerals that the asteroids possess, it is known that many of them can provide precious metals and the lunar materials themselves can form the moon-iglues of the settlement, if a wonderful idea
Back home from a trip to the Euro Space Center in the south of Belgium. It was interesting as i am somewhat interested in space-things. This facility is in first place to get children interested in all sorts of space related subjects and to enjoy the great hall where all ...
Euro Space Center
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