May 26, 03 / May 18, 19 18:21 UTC
Just had an idea about how to link the end-station named black-hole to the beginning the void from the universe. This is a question that has always puzzled me as i could not find a link from the end to the beginning. As i saw scientists talk about all sorts ...
May 26, 03 / May 18, 19 23:34 UTC
Maybe you are right, maybe over time the black-hole gets unstable like a sun by ending its live because it releases more then it eats. There was a theory that a black-hole would evaporate over time, so maybe a long that way it would get unstable and implode on itself ...
May 26, 03 / May 18, 19 23:24 UTC
I am getting more and more to a recycling system. The black-holes are are making universe by neglecting energy back into the black-holes. The universe is full of energy and the black-holes are full of matter. I had thoughts about an exploding black-hole before , maybe we are missing a ...
May 26, 03 / May 18, 19 20:30 UTC
Hello! As far as I remember, Stephen Hawking believed that a black hole is a portal between galaxies. That I fall into the zone of impact of a black hole, gravity is so strong that it will pinch any matter into atoms. She did not even have time to come ...
May 25, 03 / May 17, 19 23:38 UTC
the link
universal link
May 25, 03 / May 17, 19 23:42 UTC
If you change the word brain with life then everything that is alive is connected true this link. And the human link is grounding.
May 25, 03 / May 17, 19 10:05 UTC
negative and positive plasma
May 24, 03 / May 16, 19 17:58 UTC
Today i want to talk about our pole shift. This is an on going event, whereby the magnetic northpole has shifted from NW to NE. I do not know where it is now exactly but i guess it is on its way to siberia. This move can be just a ...
May 25, 03 / May 17, 19 07:48 UTC
some sources say we don't have much time. Time goes on years. 2023 or earlier.
May 23, 03 / May 15, 19 12:16 UTC
Lets talk about possibility's to save our selfs from certain disasters. A present topic are big asteroid impacts. Deflecting them or by what ever means changing their route asks for great energy. I do not think we are ready at this moment to do this, unless we work with the ...
May 24, 03 / May 16, 19 16:07 UTC
we are at no larger of a risk of meteoroid disaster than we are of our own waste. Why not use the weapons of war that are held for no reason other than a threat to destroy such things.
May 23, 03 / May 15, 19 13:08 UTC
Unfortunately these are things we have done upon our selfs. Like i proposed some time ago we could put industry, radioactivity and mining on the moon while cleaning earth, seas and atmosphere.
May 23, 03 / May 15, 19 13:04 UTC
The catastrophes described above are quite terrible, but they can happen either tomorrow or in 1000 years. What do we do about environmental disasters? Such as billions of tons of plastic waste, which nature will deal with from 20 to 500 years, and already our children are forced to live ...
May 22, 03 / May 14, 19 15:14 UTC
The title, earth cycles. The main purpose of this title and these sections is about our past as today's humans and what we can do in the future to avoid certain disasters. I have already some events in my mind to write about thanks to many video's from people on ...
May 23, 03 / May 15, 19 21:09 UTC
The ancient gods created Egypt for 30 thousand years, then the Romans came and destroyed everything. How to protect the Earth from its own barbarians, that's what you need to think about. Even today a nuclear war could happen, where to hide? There is no way into space yet, one ...
May 23, 03 / May 15, 19 11:48 UTC
The basic idea is that there where older civilizations on earth and they had knowledge of past disasters. We have only scripts and religions who refer to these events in the past. It is our task to find out how we can save our selfs from these events. Making strong ...
May 23, 03 / May 15, 19 10:25 UTC
What do you call for, what should we figure out and what should we accept? Individuals on Earth, scientists, etc., talk and write a lot about the presence of extraterrestrial civilizations on our planet. But they do not manifest themselves, then there are questions. 1. The purpose of their presence ...
May 22, 03 / May 14, 19 01:50 UTC
Ok, i just woke up with a great idea (dream) and i have a half hour to write it down before i must go to work. I will do a more expanded version afterwards. My brain made the link between things like believing and working together. Without going in a ...
May 21, 03 / May 13, 19 20:43 UTC
push and attract
Like my previous post we have also an other force with magnets which is more directly and is not depending on an exact distance, it goes from low to high. When we put 2 magnets with the opposite poles to each-other then we have a push force, if we set ...
May 22, 03 / May 14, 19 21:37 UTC
oh it's for everyone to look into :-) keep up the good work comrade!
May 22, 03 / May 14, 19 02:02 UTC
If that question was for me then i have to disappoint you as i am not a scientist and the question is too technical where i have also no knowledge of. ;-)
May 22, 03 / May 14, 19 02:00 UTC
True, but when putting these forces to space i was also thinking in the form of layers, layers of magnetism from different origins that run true each other like a sort of entanglement to their source. So that different magnetic fields can cross each other depending on their, let me ...
See all 8 comments
May 21, 03 / May 13, 19 20:30 UTC
How can a pole flip in an easy to demonstrate way. Take 2 little board-magnets and put them strait up so that the poles are horizontal, like in the picture. Now take one magnet between your fingers and turn it around.. what we see is that depending on the right ...
May 20, 03 / May 12, 19 13:18 UTC
electric crystals
Are crystals a storage of electricity? Can we use it as an energy source in space? Are crystals made in the core? Is that why the cores could be hollow? Many many questions that need to be solved... Grtz, Dirk.
May 21, 03 / May 13, 19 12:58 UTC
Absolutely there’s a lot of mystery is to be solved with crystals.
May 19, 03 / May 11, 19 05:33 UTC
old entrance
May 19, 03 / May 11, 19 11:58 UTC
Pre-egyption entrance text for secret door in big pyramid.
May 19, 03 / May 11, 19 08:42 UTC
What is it?
May 19, 03 / May 11, 19 03:41 UTC
3 , 6 , 9
The cycle of the universe.
May 19, 03 / May 11, 19 03:20 UTC
golden beam
anti energy with gold
May 20, 03 / May 12, 19 09:15 UTC
I am trying to find out for what the big pyramid was used for. This is my actual thought. It has to do with exchange of energy aimed at space. Could be useful for Asgardia in the future.
May 20, 03 / May 12, 19 01:56 UTC
Could you explain a little more, thanks a lot
May 18, 03 / May 10, 19 20:59 UTC
Today i am going to try to explain what i think that time in space is. I had started with 2 previous forces before and these where frequency or energy and vibration or matter. If we would start with a core then energy or matter can go both 2 directions, ...
May 19, 03 / May 11, 19 21:20 UTC
I do not know of his breath but i can feel something.
May 19, 03 / May 11, 19 15:18 UTC
What if we live in God's breath? :)
May 19, 03 / May 11, 19 07:38 UTC
it seems to me that the sthing theory have a similar idea, in broad sense, of course
May 17, 03 / May 9, 19 09:58 UTC
If our solar system undergoes an oscillation path around the center of the milky way could it be possible that cycling disaster events reoccur every few thousand or then thousands of years. I think we should look back in this theory and combine it with data from heavy core behaviors ...
May 17, 03 / May 9, 19 11:17 UTC
the trajectory is actually a spiral (in 3D), not the flat sinusoidal line (as in your picture) - see
May 14, 03 / May 6, 19 20:50 UTC
Take a hid
The best place to take cover would be on the top of a mountain i think. You can see the danger coming and you can decide which side of your mountain would give the best cover for the upcoming disaster. Going down via a fast descending system could be done. ...
May 15, 03 / May 7, 19 08:29 UTC
All valid points. The type of danger will determine the required tool set. Against humans, satellite and ground surveillance works. For natural, a mix of both but more leaning on satellites as ground surveillance will only focus on local conditions while in meteorology you want a much wider picture.
May 15, 03 / May 7, 19 02:11 UTC
Wouldn't the safest place to build a colony be inside a crater then? You would be surrounded on all sides by cliff, which would hopefully, if you're on mars for example, block part of the massive dust storms. You also could plant monitors on the top of the crater, as ...
May 14, 03 / May 6, 19 22:16 UTC
😉Isn't it a defense strategy which are Humans use since they are able to handle fire? 😉Bye the way.. Mountains also dangerous.. You don't want to be at mountainside during a earthquake for example😉I think machines like drones are better for check out the are and give warning if there's ...
Back home from a trip to the Euro Space Center in the south of Belgium. It was interesting as i am somewhat interested in space-things. This facility is in first place to get children interested in all sorts of space related subjects and to enjoy the great hall where all ...
Euro Space Center
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