Asg 26, 03 / Jul 13, 19 16:26 UTC
magnetic directions
What if the magnetic field is a result of the iron core circulated by the hot donut. This picture shows the 3 main magnetic positions whereby the donut directs the position of the magnetic field according to the alignment of the core or other magnetic fields close by or with ...
Asg 24, 03 / Jul 11, 19 18:51 UTC
Get used to it..
View from moon to space..
Asg 25, 03 / Jul 12, 19 10:44 UTC
Yes, free Stellarium on free Linux. :-)
Asg 24, 03 / Jul 11, 19 21:15 UTC
Dirk hi, what program did you use? I personally use Stellarium, very good program.
Asg 19, 03 / Jul 6, 19 00:42 UTC
I think it would be a good idea to have a floating dump platform to dump materials and goods. We could start as an example with 20.000 (citizens) times 1kg aluminum and build that up to more complex materials and goods like for example a space module as a space ...
Asg 19, 03 / Jul 6, 19 00:54 UTC
We could do this in categories, poor people 1kg glass, rich people 1kg gold. :-)
Asg 18, 03 / Jul 5, 19 23:03 UTC
sound in space
Ok, just had an expanding idea. Like we know sound makes or is vibration and if we apply that to particles then we get structures in 2D on a plate. Now, imagine what we could do with the same technique in space in 3D. We could start with a fluid ...
Asg 21, 03 / Jul 8, 19 05:47 UTC
IIs it possible in 3D? I think we might need the source of the sound, which is a 360 sphere
Asg 17, 03 / Jul 4, 19 20:54 UTC
ROOM is looking for someone in marketing support, follow the link: Grtz, Dirk.
Asg 16, 03 / Jul 3, 19 11:36 UTC
We do not always have to invent new things. Sometimes simple combinations can help us forward with idea's or innovations. Here for example some solar-panels and a stone-saw could help us make strong structures with stones everywhere available in space. Grtz, Dirk.
Asg 16, 03 / Jul 3, 19 03:01 UTC
freezing cubes
Today my idea goes about food storage in space. As we are living creatures we need food and drinks. The easiest way to store these in space would be to let them freeze over in space protected from the heat of the sun. The best would be to use mirroring ...
Asg 16, 03 / Jul 3, 19 08:56 UTC
Dear Dirk! There is a very elegant solution to the problem of power in orbit and on other planets for us. This is the use of food lyophilization technology. After sublimation drying - you can grind into flour and compress under pressure. You get small packages, very compact, for cooking ...
Asg 10, 03 / Jun 27, 19 19:18 UTC
volume balance
Positive and negative balance. The donut shape positive energy has the same volume as the remaining negative volume of the earth. Grtz, Dirk.
Asg 13, 03 / Jun 30, 19 20:38 UTC
It is not exact science.. it is a way of thinking.
Asg 13, 03 / Jun 30, 19 20:17 UTC
I would not ask if I do not believed you, but my rulles experiments observation required this. Sorry!
Asg 13, 03 / Jun 30, 19 20:13 UTC
About the last comment, I can messure it in a lot of differt ways, That's why I want to know the error of yours, or not, find errors is more cool, especially when find mine, lear more things, so find errors is much more fun than say:ohhh, it's right, I ...
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Asg 9, 03 / Jun 26, 19 11:38 UTC
Just had an idea. What if we would start with a first dna-bank from ourselfs as a proof of concept. We could take a hair sample of ourselfs and put it into space as a physical dna-bank from Asgardians. To avoid incest we should label the hairs with the Asgardian ...
Asg 10, 03 / Jun 27, 19 06:54 UTC
i want to upload myself into a robot, but it must be a good one with maximum sensors
Asg 10, 03 / Jun 27, 19 06:44 UTC
Before this all of us shoud undergo extensive research on genetic diseases.
Asg 9, 03 / Jun 26, 19 22:13 UTC
You can be a clone and take advantage of the artificial intelligence at the same time!
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Asg 2, 03 / Jun 19, 19 17:09 UTC
Today i was looking into the first scribing's of the genesis book and came to the following conclusion. It seems that the book begins with a very compact knowledge of the per-history of the earth. As i could read the beginning was put in different faces that i will mention ...
Asg 2, 03 / Jun 19, 19 17:22 UTC
It is a natural cycle to take care of the elders who have taking care of us while we also take care of the young ones who are our future.
Asg 2, 03 / Jun 19, 19 08:54 UTC
Digital version of the latest ROOM magazine for Asgardia online.
Asg 1, 03 / Jun 18, 19 05:40 UTC
Hi, today i want to talk about a theory about preserving freshwater. As we can imagine if there should be big worldwide floods it should be obvious that all freshwater should be contaminated with salt, human chemicals and even nuclear contamination during such events. Now, as i was seeing that ...
Asg 1, 03 / Jun 18, 19 09:12 UTC
Not all of them. According to the Daily Express, we used the pyramids for consumption ...
Jun 27, 03 / Jun 16, 19 17:15 UTC
Just read a post on the internet about a Japanese town that plans to have zero waste by 2020. I find this a very good example as it will show what kind of waste is to much or triggers severe problems. If we would stretch this out into Asgardia as ...
Jun 27, 03 / Jun 16, 19 17:37 UTC
Btw, we where planning to look for solutions against radiation in space, then why not building panels that absorb all radiation and make energy in the same moment. If we could build a buffer to store the energy then that would be a full circle for this problem by solution.
Jun 25, 03 / Jun 14, 19 19:47 UTC
Cold and hot energy's.
Jun 19, 03 / Jun 8, 19 02:00 UTC
Hi Asgardians, what i am about to tell you today is something that has been already some days in my head and i can no longer keep it in the dark. As the recent events that happened plus the historic writings that forecast a big catastrophe it seems that we ...
Jun 19, 03 / Jun 8, 19 05:30 UTC
Jun 16, 03 / Jun 5, 19 18:07 UTC
Possible solutions below 100euro. I can give some examples of how it would be possible to go under the 100 euro fee but people have to understand that you can not buy the moon with 100 euro. On the other side 1.000.000 x 1 euro is also not nothing. I ...
Jun 20, 03 / Jun 9, 19 14:13 UTC
I believe that Asgardia is currently working on a marketplace, so I hope that might be used as a revenue stream, which makes the 100 Euro fee less 'needed' (the fee is already not needed I reckon, I understand Asgardia needs funding, but the 100 Euro fee is not the ...
Jun 18, 03 / Jun 7, 19 08:08 UTC
I'm afraid Dirk is right. :-) These people sell plots on the moon (and not only) for several decades:
Jun 17, 03 / Jun 6, 19 20:13 UTC
Just joking. ;-)
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