Sag 13, 03 / Nov 17, 19 22:15 UTC
Would it not be convenient to integrate important Asgardia events into the calendar? Grtz, Dirk.
Sag 13, 03 / Nov 17, 19 22:38 UTC
Indeed! You can get started with it and everyone can jump in to add others! :-)
Sag 09, 03 / Nov 13, 19 08:46 UTC
Today something about the full moon. The full moon is visible by night meaning that the moon is behind the earth on the ax with the sun. If we are in the night that means no radiation from the sun but the other side of the earth during the day ...
Sag 09, 03 / Nov 13, 19 21:35 UTC
Hi Dirk, of course its needed to keep away from direct radiation of the sun, and to keep a station or spaceship in a special postition can reduce that problem with the radiation, but finally i think we need to find better systems to build more resistants shields and much ...
Sag 09, 03 / Nov 13, 19 19:06 UTC
I agree radiation is a major problem. Scientists will have to find a way to protect space stations and space ships from radiation besides the use of lead linings. Just imagine the cost of sending a rocket to mars with a lead lining. I myself have no idea of how ...
Sag 07, 03 / Nov 11, 19 18:02 UTC
Thanks Asgardia. Grtz, Dirk.
Sag 08, 03 / Nov 12, 19 20:51 UTC
It's quite the historic day for Asgardia!
Oph 26, 03 / Nov 2, 19 20:16 UTC
If we are planning to live in space we should take along the good things of earth and one of the most important ones is the good frequency from earth. So we should play music at 7hz in our artificial atmosphere, the grounding of the spaceship should be at 7hz, ...
Oph 27, 03 / Nov 3, 19 22:59 UTC
Great research. The shoe-men-resonance frequency. Siematic resonance. The natural things always great. The oldest knowledge.
Oph 18, 03 / Oct 25, 19 07:20 UTC
My next project will be to try to work out solutions for the future of humanity in combination with Asgardia and The Diehold Foundation from Douglas B. Vogt. Take the Red Pill by viewing his latest video: Grtz, Dirk.
Oph 13, 03 / Oct 20, 19 22:49 UTC
We should work out a water-world in space where we live from plankton and algae and give birth under water. Grtz, Dirk.
Oph 14, 03 / Oct 21, 19 00:50 UTC
That is interesting. I may be wrong; however, wouldn't that be unpopular as that would be like living in space, and in which case people would choice to remain in a location that is easy to leave if need be (no atmosphere to exit) as habitats underwater would basically be ...
Oph 13, 03 / Oct 20, 19 15:24 UTC
Hubble space advent calendar photo's 2018 as example for digital to analog products: Grtz, Dirk.
Oph 13, 03 / Oct 20, 19 17:07 UTC
Amazing Pictures
Oph 13, 03 / Oct 20, 19 15:34 UTC
Oph 13, 03 / Oct 20, 19 12:34 UTC
Like i have been testing my brain over the last 3 years since Asgardia began, i came to the following conclusions. It is not exact science but i will try to picture it as such. First lets assume that a part of our brain is so called unused. Tis is ...
Oph 16, 03 / Oct 23, 19 17:43 UTC
great analyste!
Oph 13, 03 / Oct 20, 19 17:17 UTC
Nice idea..but if i see whats going on in the world these times i really have the feeling that slowly we are loosing our intelligence..Everytime im in russia im visiting the Hermitage. Here you can see and feel how genius artists , amazing minds have been in contact to similar ...
Oph 12, 03 / Oct 19, 19 09:40 UTC
As we are creating digital data for our-selfs then maybe we could turn this into interesting analog things. I just had an idea about turning space pictures into puzzles for kids and adults. In that way the details in the pictures are automatically studied in more detail. Grtz, Dirk.
Oph 13, 03 / Oct 20, 19 11:53 UTC
We can put some extra coloring in the pictures. ;-)
Oph 13, 03 / Oct 20, 19 11:48 UTC
Nice Idea, but for sure those puzzles will not be easy to finish ;-)
Oph 12, 03 / Oct 19, 19 02:10 UTC
For those interested i think i found a good link between the spirits in the old scriptures and the magnetic fields around planets and our sun. As the main ingredient of magnetic fields is positive energy in the sense of negative electricity and grounding, it seems to me that these ...
Oph 12, 03 / Oct 19, 19 14:04 UTC
Comes straight from my mind and spirit. ;-)
Oph 12, 03 / Oct 19, 19 11:01 UTC
Do you have any papers you could share? I find this very interesting.
Oph 12, 03 / Oct 19, 19 01:42 UTC
earthquakes Mexico
Seems there is some recent activity around the Guatemala Basin. Grtz, Dirk.
Oph 07, 03 / Oct 14, 19 23:04 UTC
Take all plastics from earth and dump them on the moon and in the meanwhile send robots and 3D-printers to start 3D-printing structures.
Oph 08, 03 / Oct 15, 19 05:38 UTC
Interesting idea
Sco 23, 03 / Oct 2, 19 16:17 UTC
nostalgic space art
I remember when i was very young to read a book from technique. It was about plains, cars and all sorts of advanced engineering back in those days. When i see now the many illustrations from vintage illustrations-books with their cosmological views about space and traveling i feel a bid ...
Sco 19, 03 / Sep 28, 19 06:23 UTC
magnetic anomaly

As i was swapping on youtube yesterday i came across an anomaly in earths magnetic field. It seemed to have started with a big solar flare. The magnetic field display tool that was used displayed a crack in earth magnetic field towards the sun. At first it was weird ...

Oph 05, 03 / Oct 12, 19 14:15 UTC
Analisis yang hebat dan luar biasa
Sco 05, 03 / Sep 14, 19 16:04 UTC
What do we need apart from the usual money. If we would think like aliens on an alien planet then we would need water and air to survive. So a piece of ocean where good to start, there is plenty of that. Then a platform to stand on, could be ...
Sco 06, 03 / Sep 15, 19 02:35 UTC
Yes my friend, try to visit this website, maybe you can find it very interesting:
Lib 25, 03 / Sep 6, 19 22:53 UTC
Today i am going to tell about the universal story of creation. First lets talk about what creation is. Creation is the opposite from compression. By that i mean that creation is a start from light materials put together with love and care. I can give many examples of this, ...
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