Ari 02, 02 / Feb 27, 18 09:09 UTC

To be honest I hold zero qualifications for this or any government job other than working in security for the military for 5 years but that being said, I know that working for the people means that your the peoples voice.

I don't have a political agenda ...

Ari 12, 02 / Mar 9, 18 16:46 UTC
I found your platform incredible, so I gave my vote of confidence in you, I'm sure Asgardia will be well represented in your district. Good luck with your campaign. I'm a District 9 candidate, if you can see my platform too.
Leo 20, 01 / Jul 7, 17 02:20 UTC
The peoples Choice

Send me to Parliament! Just an average Asgardian that spent 5 years in the Military and knows how to represent my peoples interests.

Ari 06, 02 / Mar 3, 18 17:34 UTC
I voted for you because I believe you have a good platform and will be an amazing leader. Please check out my platform: Vote for me!!!
Ari 06, 02 / Mar 3, 18 02:23 UTC
Spread the word about me around. Get me elected
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