Mar 4, 02 / Mar 1, 18 01:19 UTC

Just to let everyone know. I do not prolifically post on social media. Personally I believe that commenting for the sake of having a comment is not very constructive. If I do not have anything constructive to add to the discussion I do not post. When I do I ...

Jan 10, 03 / Jan 10, 19 11:27 UTC
Congratulations and Happy 0003
Apr 13, 02 / Apr 7, 18 00:06 UTC
Hi, Derek! A simple leaf falling from a tree suffices for a major change at the universal level. While a certain man watched a leaf fall from a tree, he had the inspiration to create a particular martial art. This martial art, which came from the mind of a man ...
Apr 9, 02 / Apr 3, 18 18:19 UTC
Dear Asgardian Brothers! Tomorrow 04-04, we remember the 50 years of the death of the "Man who had a dream". Martin Luther King Jr. is one of the perssonalities that had great influence in my formation. I do not need to tell you how much this man has been or ...
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Mar 2, 02 / Feb 27, 18 02:48 UTC

Helping Asgardia move forward with a laymans eye and voice of common sense, I will be a voice for all Asgardians to help bring in the future we all are working towards.

I am not a scientist or an educator or have any fancy letters next to ...

Apr 8, 02 / Apr 2, 18 23:17 UTC
Congratulations on the clean and honest campaign, worthy of an Asgardian. In the days leading up to the parliamentary elections in Asgardia, I met people highly qualified to hold a post in Parliament, but for some reason failed to achieve this goal. What I have to say to these extraordinary ...
Apr 7, 02 / Apr 1, 18 18:47 UTC
Greetings Derek! I am Lucio Garcia da Costa, Bachelor of Social Sciences, Federal Public Employee and resident in the State of Santa Catarina, Brazil. and I am a candidate for the Government of Asgardia. I'm not here to ask for your vote. I will be happy, simply if you read ...
Apr 6, 02 / Mar 31, 18 19:05 UTC
The ideas of the Asgardian Brothers are innovative, as they should be! I think the moment we're living is incredible. The construction of the NEW, from ideas and ideals based on free thought, fraternity, love, all creation and tolerance in all its forms, show us that our Nation is really ...
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