May 9, 03 / May 1, 19 00:54 UTC
Hello everyone, Check out this post here on Asgardia website about a citizen scientist who used some photos of Mars to create a nice piece of work.
May 9, 03 / May 1, 19 02:07 UTC
link on link is different..
May 5, 03 / Apr 27, 19 08:39 UTC
Hi there everyone, Excited to be amongst all of you here in Asgardia and wanted to let you know that if anyone is traveling to Egypt or planning on doing so in the future, please feel free to contact me anytime if you want any assistance of any kind. I ...
Apr 24, 03 / Apr 18, 19 00:59 UTC
Hello everybody, Exited to be connected to all of you here in Asgardia. If you like Science and would like to collaborate in real life scientific research i suggest you take a look at this website The Zooniverse enables everyone to take part in real cutting edge research in ...
May 24, 03 / May 16, 19 16:16 UTC
Very interesting will be looking into it later today!
Apr 27, 03 / Apr 21, 19 02:51 UTC
i just downloaded the app, will see how it goes....;)
Apr 24, 03 / Apr 18, 19 18:38 UTC
Already tried, really interesting !
Oct 14, 01 / Oct 21, 17 19:09 UTC

Nations rise, and others fall, and Ours shall rise to protect them all. Above the Clouds but not so far, a beacon of light shining like a star. Knowledge and honor is what they seek, in times where darkness is at its peak, the people of the Clouds are ...

Nov 5, 02 / Nov 9, 18 05:49 UTC
приглашаю посетить мою тему паралельный мир в разделе Наука и техника . Оставьте свое сообщение . https://asgardia.космос / ru / форум / форум / наука и техника-176
Oct 16, 01 / Oct 23, 17 20:51 UTC

Greetings Curious One..

My words are above The Quoted Message and please do to mark them right. The Message is quoted to honor its Authors who died for it to see the light. What's on the Internet is indeed the patchwork u talked about. ...

Oct 15, 01 / Oct 22, 17 06:50 UTC

What is that? I have to say that I'm lost and don't understand your post...
It seems to be a patchwork of quotations taken all over the internet!
What is the purpose of your message, Ahmed? I wish I could understand ou better... Can you help explain ...

Sep 17, 01 / Sep 26, 17 18:15 UTC
Greetings Enlightened Ones...

Greetings Brave Ones, Now standing at the Door Steps of the Altar of Knowledge after a long journey down The Rabbit Hole thinking about the Ones. The time now has Come, and before you enter Upon, know that you've earned it and that you were right all along, ...

Jul 4, 01 / Jul 19, 17 06:02 UTC


30 Years old Egyptian living in the United States of America. Currently working independently as an International Trade Logistics Specialist holding a B.Sc. Degree in International Trade Logistics and Supply Chain Management, also ...

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