Tau 05, 04 / Mar 29, 20 22:14 UTC
Sweet Everlee Rose 🌹
Look who’s granddaughter is 5 weeks today!
Tau 06, 04 / Mar 30, 20 03:40 UTC
Ari 27, 04 / Mar 23, 20 14:44 UTC
Are we thinking about our youth?
While the community is at a standstill for the Government to be put in place with the edges smoothed over, we have hopes that our youth can take part in activities, have a voice and free education. We maybe their guidance but they are the spirit of what will come. ...
Ari 27, 04 / Mar 23, 20 19:34 UTC
They come clean in a bad world.. it is our task that they can handle this world with the help of the good forces.. it is our task to give them a good set of tools in body and spirit.. it is our task to learn them the real values ...
Ari 27, 04 / Mar 23, 20 14:37 UTC
Could their be a manual inside your Blood
I find it fascinating when there are research studies based upon your blood type or DNA. These studies consist on foods, exercise, and even personality/ mental capabilities. Do you feel using this kind of research for preparation would be beneficial to humans on a space arc? We have found such ...
Ari 27, 04 / Mar 23, 20 19:39 UTC
If they help us to survive the future then why not.. my personal opinion is that we have even a spiritual side in our DNA.. our soul.. which we are writing while we live to give to the future generations.. so we can make better a good script of it..
Ari 24, 04 / Mar 20, 20 16:35 UTC
Cosmic Internet in the Bosnian Pyramid Complex
The Cosmos with endless, quick and efficient communication couldn't exist if it's filled up with a vast number of black holes which are expanding and consume all on its way. Such Cosmos couldn't exist too if it is filled with a never-ending vacuum in which there are no particles that ...
Ari 24, 04 / Mar 20, 20 20:31 UTC
I would submit your question to support@asgardia.space
Ari 24, 04 / Mar 20, 20 17:42 UTC
Ari 24, 04 / Mar 20, 20 17:41 UTC
Even in a vacuum, energy flux is ever present and more power can be drawn from that space fore nature abhors a vacuum - and the energy resonating there is with symphony of every star in concert.
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Ari 23, 04 / Mar 19, 20 23:03 UTC
Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) Dangerous goods (including alcohol based sanitizers) guidance for Operators – 07 March 2020 The outbreak of Covid-19 is creating some questions and concerns from member airlines in several areas, which include: ▪ Specimens of Covid-19 being shipped to laboratories for analysis or confirmation of diagnosis as cargo ...
Can 09, 04 / May 28, 20 12:32 UTC
Looking at the Gold line, you can see the current of the new case around the world. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/worldwide-graphs/#newly-infected-newly-recovered
Ari 24, 04 / Mar 20, 20 03:06 UTC
Senitizer alcohol limit 60/
Ari 23, 04 / Mar 19, 20 22:55 UTC
Global Level 4 Health Advisory – Do Not Travel
Global Health Advisory March 19, 2020Level 4: Do Not Travel The Department of State advises U.S. citizens to avoid all international travel due to the global impact of COVID-19. In countries where commercial departure options remain available, U.S. citizens who live in the United States should arrange for immediate return ...
Ari 23, 04 / Mar 19, 20 02:59 UTC
Surface Chemistry
Why Water Walks on Water
Ari 23, 04 / Mar 19, 20 01:44 UTC
Quantum Gravity  or Divine Order
Let me take you back to the Flower of Life. I know it was a crave when I was a child but has been discovered all around the world. This symbol has much to offer in Sacred Geometry. So far I have read the two Quantum Gravity and/or Devine Order. ...
Tau 11, 04 / Apr 4, 20 22:57 UTC
Jewish star and alveolus
Ari 23, 04 / Mar 19, 20 16:14 UTC
I have both of the books and love them. I will combine with the classes. Thank for the tip ♥️
Ari 23, 04 / Mar 19, 20 14:41 UTC
Nassim Haramein and the Resonance Science Foundation has a huge amount of classes to answer this exact question using both physics, geometry and spirituality. Combine those courses with the Flower of Life vol 1 and 2, and you will span the universe with your answer. :)
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Ari 23, 04 / Mar 19, 20 01:31 UTC
There is so much meaning
Tell me your thoughts - First thing that comes to mind.
Tau 11, 04 / Apr 4, 20 23:01 UTC
Two triangle or two water molecule
Tau 11, 04 / Apr 4, 20 23:00 UTC
Ari 23, 04 / Mar 19, 20 20:56 UTC
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Ari 18, 04 / Mar 14, 20 01:00 UTC
The Crown
The Crown of terror over the sea Small but troubled for the need to be free Internal to the host to take over and roam Turning one into many until the sickness is shown Coughing and light breathing until blue in the face The crown showing dominance feeding his grace ...
Tau 13, 04 / Apr 6, 20 14:27 UTC
Ari 18, 04 / Mar 14, 20 03:00 UTC
Thank you and same to you too. I left feedback on your first two posts <3
Ari 18, 04 / Mar 14, 20 01:54 UTC
Hey, i really liked your last post, i wrote my first two posts here in Asgardia website in the same way, check them out and let me know if u have any questions, they are written in a hieroglyphic type’o’way:). Again nice work!:))
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Ari 17, 04 / Mar 13, 20 17:22 UTC
For our little ones
Being Patient and strong through the difficult times is important as they reflect on the way we handle situations to mimic. We want to prosper and show Unity, growth, and loyalty as a community. We can spread hope and awareness that we will be successful in gaining the future we ...
Ari 17, 04 / Mar 13, 20 20:04 UTC
new born Asgardian :) Welcome to the planet. :)
Ari 16, 04 / Mar 12, 20 17:45 UTC
Hilton has implemented a similar policy to IHG on a global basis. Please see below for the updated policy that went into effect today. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ In these uncertain times, I wanted to reach out to you personally about what we are doing here at Hilton to support you and your ...
Ari 16, 04 / Mar 12, 20 17:23 UTC
CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) As a guest of IHG Hotels & Resorts we appreciate your loyalty and the trust you place in us as a travel partner. Recognizing the ongoing and increased uncertainty that coronavirus (COVID-19) is causing around the world, our highest priority is the health and wellbeing of our guests ...
Ari 16, 04 / Mar 12, 20 17:17 UTC
PRESIDENTIAL PROCLAMATION: TRAVEL FROM EUROPEAN UNION TO US BANNED FOR 1 MONTH In an announcement on March 11, US President Trump suspended the entry of most foreign nationals who have been in certain European countries at any point during the 14 days prior to their scheduled arrival to the United ...
Ari 11, 04 / Mar 7, 20 22:31 UTC
Nose Filters a plus
Just an update from my last post: I tried the "Eco-Mask Nose Filter" I had a few reasons for wanting to try the filters aside from the protection of the COV-19. The past few years I have a 1-2 week issue with a fantom exhaust smell after travel. I have ...
Ari 04, 04 / Feb 29, 20 02:59 UTC
Nose Filters - will they protect us from a virus?
Maybe- Maybe Not The descriptions say not only do they protect as a 2.5 face mask does but they are discrete. These little guys filter out pollution, allergy irritants and with the right filter (speaking if comparing brands), viruses. Am I saying these will stop you from getting the flu ...
Ari 04, 04 / Feb 29, 20 20:41 UTC
Mouth breathers would have to use a mask I would think.
Ari 04, 04 / Feb 29, 20 11:56 UTC
I am no doctor, but i think its a good idea. But, one question, what about that people also breathe thru mouth?. :)
Ari 04, 04 / Feb 29, 20 04:07 UTC
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