Apr 24, 02 / Apr 18, 18 11:12 UTC

We sit only about 93 million million miles from our star, The Sun. That's pretty close when you consider what it is capable of. We go about our daily lives, most of us mindlessly, not considering what effect the Sun's natural tendencies to flare-up can do. The last time ...

Mar 8, 02 / Mar 5, 18 19:37 UTC

Let's hope that this turns out better than life here on Earth...

Mar 8, 02 / Mar 5, 18 19:49 UTC
I hope it is a winwin for space as well for earth.
Aug 14, 01 / Aug 26, 17 21:30 UTC

The Carrington Event of 1869 should have been a very loud wake-up call for humanity. Unfortunately, due to our transitory nature and our propensity to exist within our own little bubbles of reality, it has been largely forgotten by most of us. But not me and not, it would ...

Apr 24, 02 / Apr 18, 18 12:56 UTC
FYI the talk in the video devolves into nationalistic debate on nuclear generated EMP, but the introduction is useful to watch if you don't know anything about EMP, CME, etc.
Jul 3, 01 / Jul 18, 17 21:47 UTC
A Web Site To Promote ASGARDIA

I've decided to use my domain, 'MagneticTactics.com' as a way of promoting Asgardia.
If people join, please get them to like my posts, videos, etc.

Thank You!

Mike Russell

Jul 3, 01 / Jul 18, 17 21:49 UTC

Please bear with me, I'll put the basic video up today, but it is nearly midnight here! ;-)

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