Can 08, 03 / May 28, 19 08:54 UTC
We believe that the creation of a new legal platform for the exploration of near-Earth and deep space is crucial to keep pace with humanity’s rapid technological and scientific expansion off-planet. ‘Universal space law’ and ‘astro-politics’ have to replace the current outdated international space law and geopolitics, where the recent ...
Can 12, 03 / Jun 1, 19 09:40 UTC
That's a good question everybody need to think about when planning to be involved with Asgardia.
Can 10, 03 / May 30, 19 13:34 UTC
So what do you recommend we do about it? We need Legal experts that know the current space laws and to suggest new laws.
Can 08, 03 / May 28, 19 22:37 UTC
Once we start to colonize Moon or Mars, we will be able to decide whether we want to continue Earth-based geopolitics and bring it to Space or we join Dr Ashurbeyli's vision.
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Gem 21, 03 / May 13, 19 18:46 UTC
Dear Asgardians. Since we already have a community for technology in general, I thought a Software Engineering community might be needed separately. While the software and IT solutions as a whole are the building blocks of many communities, this is also the case for Asgardia. I would like to encourage ...
Gem 25, 03 / May 17, 19 16:26 UTC
The current problem is that we do not live in space, we have nothing from Asgardia at this time. Companies such as SpaceX are far ahead of Asgardia in creating a global internet network. They just delayed the launch by a day or two for the first 60 Star Link ...
Gem 25, 03 / May 17, 19 14:31 UTC
sir ,ITand network expert should talk about this ,still need network design for asgardia!!regardless of needing internet we need a net!!
Gem 23, 03 / May 15, 19 14:54 UTC
Internet connections in deep space will be slower but the technology will continue to grow. In deep space we would probably first have internal internet, but be connected to Earth in some limited capacity. So yes you are correct. its something that scientists and engineers will have to work on.
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