Sag 16, 02 / Nov 20, 18 16:33 UTC

I received an invitation to pay €100 for a citizenship and help the community grow. If we are hundred of thousands, wouldn't be more coherent to ask for €10 and start from there?

Sag 16, 02 / Nov 20, 18 21:58 UTC
Sag 16, 02 / Nov 20, 18 21:39 UTC
Yes, it would.
Leo 00, 01 / Jun 17, 17 15:47 UTC
Bit$, ETH, As$
 or liquid money.
 what would you choose...?

Is imperative as a nation to analyze and adopt the currency that best suits our needs and goals. Having a cryptocurrency has many benefits, but also risks. Whatever the option is, is must be something interesting to vote, and for the economic department analyze.

Can 26, 01 / Jun 15, 17 18:06 UTC
Greetings to all asgardians!

Hi, with your support I will be the voice for all those who seek the truth beyond structures and pre-concepts, inwards and outwards. I believe the secret to Life is to listen, understand and contemplate.

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