Vir 00, 01 / Jul 15, 17 14:32 UTC
Raising humanity


As a new country, Asgardia will have a lot to do. As Asgardians , we will build, together, this country.

Asgardia is not just about a country in space, it is about raising humanity to a ...

Ari 07, 02 / Mar 4, 18 14:11 UTC
Hello Friend Remy, the countdown of the final round of voting begins, so I invite you please to confirm your vote. If you are an undecided voter, I advertise you please to check my updated profile. If your are satisfied and convinced by my Parliamentary program. thanks
Sag 10, 01 / Nov 14, 17 11:35 UTC

Thank you ! I think we can do something truly great !

Sag 10, 01 / Nov 14, 17 11:24 UTC

Is a pleasure to read that words. I'm so proud to be part of this society. We can build something big together my friend!

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