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Your opinion is very important to determine and analyze the possible system of Solar conversion in open currency markets and its ratio to the main fully convertible currencies chosen by Asgardians for this purpose.

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Jul 2, 01 / Jul 17, 17 12:01 UTC
presentation / Apresentação

My motto is: Complicated is wrong. I believe in a world without borders because borders are a political abstraction created by the mind to protect itself, that is no longer necessary, we do not need borders as we do not need IBM typewriter anymore with spheres, they are totally ...

Jun 24, 01 / Jun 13, 17 09:30 UTC

The forum should have a search engine that lists the topics with one or more search words.

I want to look for a topic in the forum and I do not know how with so many pages published.

I apologize if I am posting in ...

Asg 3, 01 / Jun 20, 17 01:50 UTC

Olá, Antonio. Vi que você é de Niterói... Será que podemos falar? Obrigado!

Jun 24, 01 / Jun 13, 17 09:30 UTC


I recently replied to another post on the same subject, you can find that here:

Jun 24, 01 / Jun 13, 17 09:30 UTC

I think this is the cry of the populous. We have no search bar and hopefully that will get fixed in the upcoming update.

Jun 24, 01 / Jun 13, 17 09:28 UTC
Are we all alive? With more than 150,000 citizens I have the impression that sooner or later some of us may for some reason die. Is the MINISTRY OF CITIZENSHIP prepared to deal with casualties by death?
Jun 24, 01 / Jun 13, 17 09:27 UTC
Why don't we have the portfolio of Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli and the other ministers on the Asgardia website? I think it would be important to know the people behind the idea.
Jun 25, 01 / Jun 14, 17 20:28 UTC

Você já pesquisou Igor Ashurbeyli no Google Scholars?

Jun 24, 01 / Jun 13, 17 09:27 UTC
Ok, thank you. I think it is important.
Jun 24, 01 / Jun 13, 17 09:27 UTC
Hi Antonio, You can see the icons for AIRC and ROOM at the bottom of the page Asgardia.Space website. There previously was a link to Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli's page. It seems that this has been omitted with subsequent updates to the website. I will forward this suggestion to have his ...
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Jun 24, 01 / Jun 13, 17 09:27 UTC
how can i change my password in site? **[MOD EDIT]** moved from Bug Reports - Website and Forum to General discussion. Alan Player 8 Jan 17 @ 21:39 AEDT
Jun 24, 01 / Jun 13, 17 09:27 UTC
thank you.
Jun 24, 01 / Jun 13, 17 09:27 UTC
Hi Antonio, Please visit this link to change your password
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