Tau 24, 04 / Apr 17, 20 18:44 UTC
I would love to get solar by using my cpu/gpu
Tau 24, 04 / Apr 17, 20 20:43 UTC
You could add a solar-panel to your computer. ;-) Btw, Asgardia could use some solar-sponsors...
Tau 24, 04 / Apr 17, 20 18:56 UTC
Obviamente aún no se prepara la legislación para poder establecer las reglas del cómo hacerlo, recuerda que esto no es como el bitcoin
Tau 24, 04 / Apr 17, 20 18:39 UTC
hope everyone is safe and well. We Asgardians can get through this!
Tau 01, 04 / Mar 25, 20 14:00 UTC
Just payed my resident fee with my solar currency. Still proudly a citizen of Asgardia! :) Getting ugly here on Earth but we will survive!
Oph 08, 03 / Oct 15, 19 08:34 UTC
Curious about the age demographics of Asgardians:) youth are indeed the future of our species and nation
Tau 24, 04 / Apr 17, 20 18:38 UTC
Yesvery much agree, im 24 now, just turned that age in march,hope you're safe and well.
Sag 16, 03 / Nov 20, 19 07:59 UTC
Hey I’m 22, I turn 23 in February. I’m also interested in this! I think it’s important to keep a record for our history.
Oph 05, 03 / Oct 12, 19 13:55 UTC
Today marks our nations birth.. there is hope for Earth and Asgardians
Oph 05, 03 / Oct 12, 19 14:39 UTC
Dragi ascardieni! Doresc sa va adresez felicitari pentru rezultatele obtinute in cei trei ani de la infiintare si sa va doresc ,, La multi ani ". Cu respect, Col.(r) Costel Zaharia
Sco 14, 03 / Sep 23, 19 03:04 UTC
How do you think we will be able to create a moon settlement?

What are your ideas, visions and hope for this future? how is it possible and when? let me know your thoughts!

Sco 21, 03 / Sep 30, 19 13:04 UTC
Well there need something like a mining operation. So there will be money and building material. An big restaurants for visitors from earth show the earth from the moon, to get more interesses about living and working in space. The mining operation below ground can be combined to make big ...
Sco 17, 03 / Sep 26, 19 20:17 UTC
Well, as for the short span, small dome like shelters covered with regolith and other types of insulation should be sufficient, atleast until medium or long range shelters are going to be established, because then some sort of magnetic shielding field is going to be necessary to protect against solar ...
Sco 17, 03 / Sep 26, 19 18:43 UTC
Well sorry for the slow reply. I had to think about the gravity issue but one of the solutions is that the floor could be some sort of strong magnet and people would have to wear special type of shoes, so it would simulate gravity but when someone goes to ...
See all 6 comments
Sco 14, 03 / Sep 23, 19 03:00 UTC
Excited about the future, if so why?
There is alot to be excited about, are you excited and why? for me im excited because Asgarida and Asgardians as a whole will be able to speed up the process of us becoming an inter planetary species and eventually inter-stellar. Settlement on the moon especially, it is realistic and ...
Sco 13, 03 / Sep 22, 19 02:41 UTC
I joined because I want humanity to survive! I want to help to make discoveries, give out my bold ideas to help us all move forward!! I have so many ideas for our nation, realistic and some for now are fantasy but I do think INTERSTELLAR TRAVEL is possible! WITHIN ...
Sco 13, 03 / Sep 22, 19 02:37 UTC
Gonna be a long night, sleeping pattern is messed up but its ok, I have hope. Asgardians - Asgardia gives me hope, truly. It gives me a reason to live
Sco 14, 03 / Sep 23, 19 16:53 UTC
Keep on having hope, Chris!
Sco 12, 03 / Sep 21, 19 20:25 UTC
https://www.spacecitizennews.com/scn007-podcast-episode-7/ Thank you to Ivan Rosel for answering my question about the resident card and when/how we will get a physical one. I have many more questions and ideas to share
Sco 12, 03 / Sep 21, 19 21:15 UTC
Thank you! Please feel free to contribute your ideas!
Sco 11, 03 / Sep 20, 19 08:44 UTC
Sco 10, 03 / Sep 19, 19 17:54 UTC
Sco 10, 03 / Sep 19, 19 17:52 UTC
Can we mine it or is it still in development? thanks!
Sco 11, 03 / Sep 20, 19 08:35 UTC
Very exciting indeed, ill keep an eye out. I do have solar but soon as Im able to mine it the better because I truly want to invest in the nation we're building up
Sco 10, 03 / Sep 19, 19 18:42 UTC
Still in development! No launch date as yet but announced to be by the end of 2019!
Sco 10, 03 / Sep 19, 19 17:52 UTC
When will I be given my resident card, like a physical one?
Sco 15, 03 / Sep 24, 19 11:25 UTC
Good question.
Sco 10, 03 / Sep 19, 19 17:50 UTC
Bless our nation
I have got to admit, this flag is rather trippy. Still love it though.
Sco 10, 03 / Sep 19, 19 17:44 UTC
Asgardians should consider working with an organisation called AsteronX. You should be able to see what I put on my twitter account @truthteller1996 we have similar goals and ideals
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