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Your opinion is very important to determine and analyze the possible system of Solar conversion in open currency markets and its ratio to the main fully convertible currencies chosen by Asgardians for this purpose.

Dec 4, 01 / Dec 6, 17 16:52 UTC
Happy founding day, asgardia!

Today is a first anniversary of Asgardia and you can see how much have been done already!

Nov 4, 02 / Nov 8, 18 14:30 UTC
приглашаю посетить мою тему паралельный мир в разделе Наука и техника . Оставьте свое сообщение .
Dec 3, 01 / Dec 5, 17 21:57 UTC
BE Asgardian watching humans

Drinking a Beer looking at the humans cramped on the Earth

Nov 17, 01 / Nov 21, 17 21:21 UTC
7 Interesting Facts About Asgardia, The World's First Space Nation For Humans

This isn't a figment of anyone's imagination. Far from it. For better or worse, Asgardia is real -- even if surviving on a technicality. Whether it represents humanity's best or most ludicrous attempt at attaining utopia, who will say?

Announced in Paris on October 12,

Nov 15, 01 / Nov 19, 17 10:09 UTC
Adaylık Konusunda bİlgİlendİrme

Bildiğiniz gibi Parlamento seçimleri için adaylık başvuruları başlamıştır. Adaylar için 13 Seçim Bölgesi belirlenmiştir. Bu bölgelerden 12 tanesi, o bölgede konuşulan dile göre belirlenmiş ve 12 dil haricinde kalan diller için ise 13. Bölge belirlenmiştir.

Aşağıda detayları verilen Rehberi dikkatlice incelemeniz, adaylığınızla ya da oy verme işleminizle ...

Nov 15, 01 / Nov 19, 17 10:05 UTC
Nov 15, 01 / Nov 19, 17 09:45 UTC
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