Jun 12, 02 / Jun 1, 18 13:26 UTC

An email received, a unique invitation
Inaugural presence, for Head of a Space Nation.
Motioned for June, an exciting event
Inclusive of audience to Asgardian Parliament.

However ...

Care as I would to visit Vienna Palaces of style
Reality checks, I ...

Jun 28, 01 / Jun 17, 17 19:27 UTC

A picture is worth a thousand words, a split second in captured time. A call for posterity to project and so I added mine. The capture may not be my best and I've tried with edit to show, the many collative facets of my interests in a pixelated tableau. ...

Jun 26, 01 / Jun 15, 17 14:00 UTC

Speculatively I cast my ten bucks into the project pot. But what does a satellite cost and is it a lot? Well, what I have read, on a Pegasus XL as a pillion; it's possible to launch a LEO satellite for just $14 million. With 209,000+ Asgardians contributing, each ...

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