Tau 10, 02 / Apr 4, 18 16:28 UTC

I want your opinions!

This is just a personal belief of mine and I feel the need to share. Please, if you also feel the need to express your opinion as well, please do so below in the comment section!

Vir 26, 02 / Aug 10, 18 20:25 UTC
Hello David! I often find myself wondering the same things, and the conclusion I always come to is that most people are too overcome with animalist self interest. The truth is, we no longer need this degree of self interest to survive. We've held on to self interest and as ...
Tau 10, 02 / Apr 4, 18 15:49 UTC

First off, thank you for taking your personal time to read my platform. I am running for an administrative assistant position for the Ministry of Information and Communication. I would be honored to be able to assist and provide assistance in any form possible to every Asgardian. I personally ...

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