Jun 6, 03 / May 26, 19 11:04 UTC
The values of Asgardia
ASGARDIA promises to change the rules of the game and make a more humane society from the point of view of freedom, internationalism, unity and cosmic vision of the future, beyond borders, disputes and wars between nations. One Humanity, one unity.
Jun 6, 03 / May 26, 19 08:26 UTC
The ethos of Asgardia: “Leave the old problems all behind.”
"In many ways, the ethos of Asgardia could be summed up by a line from its national anthem: “Leave the old problems all behind.” Like the obsession with going to Mars and beyond, Asgardia seems to be a hope that we’ll have a second chance at life, unencumbered by the ...
Jun 6, 03 / May 26, 19 00:22 UTC
Asgardia dentro de nosotros...
Uno de los aspectos más fuertes de Asgardia es, debido a su filosofía, contribuir a cambiar la mentalidad e identidad existencial, elevando la perpectiva para tener un punto de vista más amplio y universal. El concepto y filosofía de Asgardia contribuye también al fortalecimiento del sentido de unidad y a ...
Jun 6, 03 / May 26, 19 00:13 UTC
Asgardia inside us...
One of the strongest aspects of Asgardia is, due to its philosophy, to contribute to change the mentality and existential identity, raising the perspective to have a wider and universal point of view. The concept and philosophy of Asgardia also contributes to the strengthening of the sense of unity and ...
Jun 5, 03 / May 25, 19 12:12 UTC
The Bank of Souls. In the not too distant future it will be possible to create a bank of loved ones who have already died. What does this mean? When someone in our family or a friend dies, we usually keep their memories, such as photos, writings, videos, and we ...
Jun 6, 03 / May 26, 19 03:33 UTC
It would be alright for some, though, people who are suffering greatly due to a loss, may not be able to manage a normal life with such realistic representations of that individual. Though it would be an excellent source for future humans to go back and see how we behaved ...
Jun 5, 03 / May 25, 19 19:13 UTC
I see many possibilities in a project like the Bank of Souls. I don't see it as bad that people spent money and time every day to talk with their deceased loved ones so closely. Nor would it be necessary to spend money every day, but would be hiring the ...
Jun 5, 03 / May 25, 19 18:17 UTC
Could be useful as a historical apparatus.
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Jun 4, 03 / May 24, 19 17:57 UTC
Desafortunadamente, mucha gente está decepcionada con Asgardia. Conozco gente en mi ciudad que estaba muy entusiasmada con este interesante y novedoso proyecto filosófico y tecnológico, pero lo abandonaron. También estaba muy entusiasmado, pero después me volví bastante escéptico al descubrir que el sistema de votación inicial podía ser falsificado usando ...
Jun 6, 03 / May 26, 19 09:53 UTC
Muchas gracias estimada Ariadne. Saludos
Jun 6, 03 / May 26, 19 03:14 UTC
La comparti en Asgardia general con la traducción automática, saludos !!
Jun 4, 03 / May 24, 19 16:51 UTC
Unfortunately, many people are being disappointed with Asgardia. I know people in my city who were very excited about this interesting and novel philosophical and technological project, but they abandoned it. I was also very excited but after I became quite skeptical to find that the initial voting system could ...
Jun 4, 03 / May 24, 19 21:27 UTC
The project is too big yet the founder shift focus on many unnecessary thing, too dreamy
Jun 4, 03 / May 24, 19 17:57 UTC
I agree, trust for the Project is dwindling, we will realise ourselves if its a project still worth believing in.
Jun 25, 01 / Jun 14, 17 16:37 UTC

O sonho de construir uma sociedade filosófica, intelectual e tecnologicamente avançada em que não há guerras parece se tornar uma realidade com ASGARDIA, a nação espacial. O sucesso deste projeto depende de nós, do nosso entusiasmo e esforço.

Sempre tive muita curiosidade quanto aos avanços nos diferentes ...

Nov 19, 01 / Nov 23, 17 03:58 UTC

Por quê você aparece como candidato no distrito português? Toda a tua descrição é em espanhol!!!

Sep 1, 01 / Sep 10, 17 09:35 UTC

Te dejo mi correo. chevareyben@hotmail.es

Aug 27, 01 / Sep 8, 17 07:53 UTC

Lo he instalado en otro número, pero dejarlo aquí no me gusta mucho.

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