Can 14, 04 / Jun 2, 20 18:05 UTC
Latest article... “Thoughts”
Reflections on the turbulence, terror and triumphs of the last week, and the Asgardia perspective from my point of view here in parliament, feel free to comment constructively, as always...😊
Can 14, 04 / Jun 2, 20 18:24 UTC
Great read, I do my part by helping where I can :D
Pis 25, 04 / Feb 22, 20 02:05 UTC
APSAC finalist interviews! interviews one of our APSAC finalists, Freya Husdahl of Sweden. Final round voting closed today, leading up to the Grand Prize announcement during the parliament digital sitting on February 29th! @AsgardiaSpace #space #Space
Aqu 25, 04 / Jan 25, 20 02:57 UTC
MP Digest -Get to know us..
Get to know us better! This week in MP Digest, what we’ve been up to, etc...
Aqu 27, 04 / Jan 27, 20 08:28 UTC
Wow. Dear my Chairwoman Chery. Can you send me the original of this picture. Harp musical instrument. :) :)
Aqu 08, 04 / Jan 8, 20 23:35 UTC
Asgardian Parliamentary Space Art Competition
Asgardian Art Community! There’s still time to submit your best ideas and space art at! Deadline: January 31. Don’t forget, we are looking forward to celebrating your art! 🚀🎨🏆
Aqu 13, 04 / Jan 13, 20 01:44 UTC
Thanks, Alessandro!
Aqu 11, 04 / Jan 11, 20 03:34 UTC
Thank you for answeing Cheryl, if you really want to reiterate over time such a competition try to propose to the Parliament that the future winners can partecipate to the following NASA's initiative: (NIAC) program -
Aqu 10, 04 / Jan 10, 20 19:00 UTC
Hi Alessandro! This is the first time we’re doing this so I’m not sure when the next time will be but thank you for expressing interest that helps me run a competition again!
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Aqu 08, 04 / Jan 8, 20 14:41 UTC
Reflections on “Reflections”... In this recent article, we mused about last year... So much excitement, and so much hard work was done to really start Asgardia working. We had some nice triumphs, and we are learning as we progress and working to improve our systems on every level. I’m looking forward to ...
Aqu 10, 04 / Jan 10, 20 02:18 UTC
Thank you Ivan, All the same to you, thanks for your patience and great work on SCN, and thanks for addressing Alexsei’s “riddle”. Thank you Alexsei for commenting! Plenty of gratitude to go around!
Aqu 09, 04 / Jan 9, 20 15:30 UTC
Thanks. :) Voting numbers and percentages on the diagram are different.:)
Aqu 09, 04 / Jan 9, 20 15:18 UTC
Aleksei, the numbers (percentage) you shared there are not accurate...! Let's talk!
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Can 16, 03 / Jun 5, 19 01:27 UTC
An interview with Cheryl Gallagher, MP

With all the excitement and volumes of news around Asgardia, I thought I would repost here in my parliament office, a link to my recent interview by Helena Aramendia, MP, as she provides a personal perspective of Asgardia's Members of Parliament to the followers, residents and friends of Asgardia. ...

Gem 24, 02 / May 16, 18 14:56 UTC
Very best wishes for the future of Asgardia...

For the future space nation of Asgardia, and even the future of the human race, please consider all candidates carefully and don't forget to please VOTE for your choice. Best wishes to all candidates today!

Gem 11, 02 / May 3, 18 20:20 UTC
Opinion: The real reasons humanity (and Asgardia) needs AI robots ...stat!

Most people that are interested in robotics are familiar with Robear, (pictured above) the patient assistance robot in current use in Japan. Robots used to assist patients as well as the many other uses and concepts in robotic development for various populations, highlight an obvious but sometimes underestimated societal ...

Gem 01, 02 / Apr 23, 18 23:28 UTC
Thoughts...Generalists and Specialists for Asgardia

I'll be quite straight with you, I am and always have been a well-educated experienced career generalist with a background of success both science and the arts. It's my point of view that Asgardia needs BOTH generalists and specialists for maximum success in the newly-forming Asgardian parliament and government, ...

Gem 23, 02 / May 15, 18 20:33 UTC
Hello Cheryl, Just voted you after reading your platform and I need your support too. I would really appreciate your vote for me. Thank you ! Here is my Asgardian platform:".
Tau 27, 02 / Apr 21, 18 21:52 UTC
Will the researchers at the Hadron Collider prove parallel 10 dimensional universes this week?

According to this article from, if the Hadron collider is successful at generating an unimaginably tiny black hole this week, (and we are not annihilated by that effort...they estimate they need to generate an almost unimaginable 9.5 to 11.9 trillion election volts of energy for full success plus ...

Tau 25, 02 / Apr 19, 18 20:45 UTC
A sample of mind, heart and effort...

During all the violent and "Crazy-town" energies prevalent on Earth at the time of August 2017's Total Solar Eclipse, I produced and released this short original music video using, in part, space footage from NASA and other stock sources as a peace offering to the world, in an effort ...

Tau 20, 02 / Apr 14, 18 23:36 UTC
Q&A by Cheryl Gallagher, #13 MP candidate

Q & A #13 by-elections - Cheryl Gallagher, MP candidate

Thank you for asking me some questions on facebook, I'm very happy to answer to the best of my ability! (Special thanks to Nissem and M Helena!)

Some of these questions are very specific, and ...

Tau 22, 02 / Apr 16, 18 22:40 UTC
Thank you for answering us Cheryl :-)
Tau 22, 02 / Apr 16, 18 21:37 UTC
My pleasure, appreciate your support! I always want to be the awesome one who I would want to show up for me, in whatever I do!
Tau 21, 02 / Apr 15, 18 00:00 UTC
This is great Cheryl. You will be an outstanding MP. It is very rare to see an MP open to discussion nowadays.
Tau 18, 02 / Apr 12, 18 21:46 UTC
The Role of Aesthetics in Space Living

As important as safety, governmental and physical structure, functional design and scientific approaches in the foundation of a new off-world, are the lifestyles and long-term comfort of the humans that will establish there. I watch the livestreams of all the awesome astronauts living in their space habitats in orbit ...

Tau 18, 02 / Apr 12, 18 18:06 UTC

It would be a great honor and privilege to participate in this fascinating, ground breaking, nation building future of Asgardia!

I am sincerely enthusiastic about the possibility of representing our Space Nation, Asgardia. I have a broad background in the sciences, arts, world history (and therefore, well ...

Can 24, 02 / Jun 13, 18 15:00 UTC
She has been elected as a MP. She came in on the second round of voting.
Can 03, 02 / May 23, 18 22:34 UTC
Sorry, I am confused. You are already elect MP. Is there any another election ?
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