Leo 15, 02 / Jul 2, 18 04:32 UTC
An Interlude


For everyone who has yet to see my most recent post, I feel this is a moment to where we need to take an interlude and actually think about what is going on.

As a community, we need ...

Leo 15, 02 / Jul 2, 18 06:08 UTC
In the beginning it was supposed that there would be lots of scientists here who would work together but after some time it was clear that that was not the case. So as i see it now this place is for idea's and discussions that can be useful for our ...
Leo 15, 02 / Jul 2, 18 05:32 UTC
I fully agree, but there are no sections on the forums for, y'know, the stuff important to actually cause this to be a reality. Everything in the forum section is hypothetical and not oriented towards the major goal, which is to establish a space colony. Hence the post.
Leo 15, 02 / Jul 2, 18 05:11 UTC
It is not of importance what we want personally, it is to give the whole project as much input as we can. Ok, some input is more relevant then other input but that will become better with time. If every person gives a bit of his expertise and knowledge here ...
Leo 14, 02 / Jul 1, 18 03:39 UTC

A continuation from my previous blog post.

While we have the possibility of hydroponics to create adequate food within the colony, there are a few other things we need to take into consideration.

One of those issues is gravity, ...

Leo 10, 02 / Jun 27, 18 06:22 UTC

Now that the Inauguration is over, we need to move forward as a community to make this dream a reality.

All of this will be sectioned in my blog as there isn't an actual Platform option or Department to choose from for this topic. ...

Leo 10, 02 / Jun 27, 18 17:19 UTC
excellent post
Leo 10, 02 / Jun 27, 18 13:42 UTC
That was actually a plan I had. Solar panels/sails would drastically cut down on the cost and we do have that technology now, as well as gyms. We could, in theory, utilize treadmills and stationary bikes to supplement power, as we could also utilize the energy put off from a ...
Leo 07, 02 / Jun 24, 18 01:41 UTC

This topic is a bit out of my expertise as I am no architect or engineer, and I do know that the overall requirements needed to build such a tower are extremely high.

To start off, this is based on the thought that we ...

Tau 19, 03 / Apr 13, 19 09:29 UTC
I think the logistics of such a tower and to be honest cost, not only of construction but also upkeep, far out weight the benefits. On the upside however we as a species are rather close to new "exotic" technologies so a better way may be around the corner 😇
Leo 09, 02 / Jun 26, 18 03:54 UTC
That's about what I was thinking. It may be slightly more realistic with the right backing/donations should the other countries get involved, but it is definitely out of grasp for the moment.
Leo 02, 02 / Jun 19, 18 00:09 UTC


The link for whoever needs it. The basic gist of this though is that President Trump wants to create a military branch specifically designed for space warfare and to control space itself. Now, I am not quite clear on what ...

Leo 10, 02 / Jun 27, 18 17:18 UTC
we need a military space fleet
Leo 02, 02 / Jun 19, 18 03:32 UTC
Destroying is a lot easier then building something up, we should take this message out to the world and advice to stop all this war activity's. I will be happy when we can join the UN, at least we will part of the building, helping and protecting side of this ...
Leo 02, 02 / Jun 19, 18 00:32 UTC
I entirely forgot about the Sputnik incidents. Hopefully you are right, but given Trump's extraneous agenda, I feel that a dead horse will be beaten before anything else happens with in.
Can 20, 02 / Jun 9, 18 02:46 UTC

This will receive a lot of flaming, of this I am sure. Thus this warning is here because while this is a personal feeling and should not be taken as fact or truth, it holds a lot of sentiment and logic behind it as well.

Can 23, 02 / Jun 12, 18 23:46 UTC
That is true. I know for a fact that there will be issues though. Coinciding my post in the forums, which thank you for commenting on that by the way, communication is paramount and it is extremely limited at the moment.
Can 20, 02 / Jun 9, 18 07:45 UTC
If we plan to go to space then it is probably in team aka unit, because security will be far more above in the list of rules. No place to seek problems, only resolving problems will bring us far. So we have to behave as responsible beings and have to ...
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