Mar 12, 02 / Mar 9, 18 22:58 UTC

I'd just like to take this opportunity to wish ALL candidates the best of luck.

We are taking the first steps in crafting the future.


Mar 12, 02 / Mar 9, 18 23:14 UTC
Thank you.
Mar 12, 02 / Mar 9, 18 23:00 UTC
Good luck 🚀
Mar 10, 02 / Mar 7, 18 16:54 UTC

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The Final Speech from The Great Dictator

I’m sorry, but I don’t want to be an emperor. That’s not my ...

Mar 10, 02 / Mar 7, 18 19:23 UTC
Thanks for these wise words from Charlie.. he was a real world leader and expressed that within his possibility's.
Mar 5, 02 / Mar 2, 18 14:26 UTC

In a world of disinformation and propaganda. The only way forward is the truth. A government built on honest intentions sounds like a dream, and we now have an opportunity to achieve this. We are at a turning point in which we can create a future for our children. ...

Jul 23, 02 / Aug 7, 18 22:21 UTC
por fin ya comenzo los votos . queridos amigos de asgardia espero que esta ciudad espacial tenga muchos frutos y progresos . a todos los que estan aqui les digo tengan paciencia que asgardia ya esta por llegar . tengan paciencia todos ustedes asi como la noche esta por pasar ...
Mar 9, 02 / Mar 6, 18 05:23 UTC
Hello, I am a candidate for a vacancy in the parliament of Asgardia District 9 Portuguese. I analyzed your campaign platform, and I voted for you, and I endorsed my vote as well. I invite you to know my campaign platform, and return your vote for me. Best Regards!!!
Mar 8, 02 / Mar 5, 18 08:29 UTC
Hello !!! I read your platform and I voted for you. I invite you to know my campaign, and return your vote for me. Access my profile and vote for me. All the Best !!!
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Mar 3, 02 / Feb 28, 18 15:44 UTC

Society today has become selfish and self centred. The little person has lost its voice to capitalism. I'm here to help claim that voice back! To pave the way forward to build a society based on equality and equity for ALL.

A world of war and hate ...

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