Cap 16, 01 / Dec 18, 17 16:56 UTC

We have a lot of work to do before we can start in on some of these ideas people are throwing out with their campaigns. I would like to offer my help and time to work on things we can feasibly accomplish. I would like to see us take ...

Tau 07, 02 / Apr 1, 18 23:44 UTC
Hi, Austin! I am Lucio Garcia da Costa, Bachelor in Social Sciences, Federal Public Employee and resident in the State of Santa Catarina, Brazil and I am a candidate for the Government of Asgardia. I'm not here to ask for your vote. I will be happy, simply if you read ...
Tau 00, 02 / Mar 25, 18 18:32 UTC
Hi Austin, I read your platform and think you will be an amazing leader. So please read my platform and give your vote for me!!! Good luck!!!
Ari 12, 02 / Mar 9, 18 17:12 UTC
I found your platform incredible, so I gave my vote of confidence in you, I'm sure Asgardia will be well represented in your district. Good luck with your campaign. I'm a District 9 candidate, if you can see my platform too.
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