Aqu 15, 04 / Jan 15, 20 23:59 UTC
Older than the solar system: the meteor that hid a surprise
Up to 7.5 billion years have the dust grains that were found inside the Murchison space rock. Research reveals that the material found is older than the Sun and the Earth, and sheds light on one of the great unknowns of astronomy. A meteorite that fell in Australia in 1969 ...
Aqu 15, 04 / Jan 15, 20 23:55 UTC
Hello Asgardian friends I wish to be the mayor for my city asgardia and there is no official information yet
Sag 21, 03 / Nov 25, 19 11:48 UTC
The sound waves are not heard in the vacuum of space, but, if electromagnetic waves become sound, it turns out that the universe is a rather noisy place and the Earth also has its voice. Proof of this is the recording of this sound shared by the authors of the ...
Sag 16, 03 / Nov 20, 19 23:28 UTC
The Atlantic Alliance has decided to recognize outer space as an operational domain, along with air, land, sea and cyberspace, announced its general secretary, Jens Stoltenberg. "Proud of NATO's historic decision to recognize space as an operational domain, along with air, land, sea and cyberspace. Space is part of our ...
Sag 17, 03 / Nov 21, 19 04:41 UTC
Space is already militarised and at any case it will also be used for defence against yet unknown lifeforms. Therefore any attempt to draw back the clock will have no effect.
Sag 17, 03 / Nov 21, 19 02:32 UTC
Its not positive, because war is never good, but we will be blind if we think that the great countrys will not invest on spaceships on the future, we have to prepare for everything
Sag 17, 03 / Nov 21, 19 00:11 UTC
Асгардия и была создана для того чтобы недопустить милитаризации космоса.
Sag 11, 03 / Nov 15, 19 23:56 UTC
A Latin American has the recipe to colonize Mars
Work has been done for years on the Curiosity space research mission, led by NASA. It is an astromobile sent to the red planet in order to explore and collect evidence for them to be analyzed. At the Technological Institute of Buenos Aires, San Martín revealed how he will seek ...
Sag 11, 03 / Nov 15, 19 23:53 UTC
Hello greetings and happy weekend to all Asgardians, from Venezuela.
Sag 12, 03 / Nov 16, 19 14:16 UTC
Hello Jaime! Happy weekend to you too!
Sag 12, 03 / Nov 16, 19 12:24 UTC
Hello Jaime from Malaysia!
Lib 17, 03 / Aug 29, 19 23:05 UTC
Why is the Trump Space Force a BAD idea?


Hello, Asgardians of my heart, I love you. From my position as candidate for mayor, I strongly oppose the militarization of space

Lib 20, 03 / Sep 1, 19 00:12 UTC
Yes brothers, it is. Let's join forces against militarization with space. Greetings.
Lib 20, 03 / Sep 1, 19 00:12 UTC
Yes brothers, it is. Let's join forces against militarization with space. Greetings.
Lib 18, 03 / Aug 30, 19 05:31 UTC
Space is a place for a new humanity. Wars should remain only in history
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Vir 23, 03 / Aug 7, 19 23:19 UTC
let's look for peace, not space war

From my humble position of Asgardian I oppose the struggle and militarization of space.

Vir 25, 03 / Aug 9, 19 03:56 UTC
Question new onhere how do i fully devote and sign up im a us army vet huge open minded believer and want to do my part anyone let me know?
Vir 24, 03 / Aug 8, 19 15:21 UTC
Peace in Spaaace.
Vir 24, 03 / Aug 8, 19 01:05 UTC
Leo 01, 03 / Jun 18, 19 11:19 UTC
Asgardia Unity Day: Mayoral Candidate Jaime Ramoni, Valencia, Venezuela
Asgardia Unity Day is here! What’s your way of celebrating it? On this beautiful occasion, we are holding a Mayor and Mayoral candidate contest for the best Unity Day celebration idea. The winner will win an invite to the 1st ever Asgardia Science and Investment Congress this fall!
Leo 26, 03 / Jul 13, 19 18:22 UTC
deberian ayudar a venezuela
Leo 26, 03 / Jul 13, 19 18:15 UTC asgardia
Leo 24, 03 / Jul 11, 19 14:11 UTC
good video
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Can 23, 03 / Jun 12, 19 13:36 UTC
They find an enormous anomalous mass buried in the Moon

The researchers reported that this unusual mass weighs about 2.18 trillion kilograms.

"Imagine taking a metal mass five times larger than the Big Island of Hawaii and bury her. That's roughly the amount of mass that detect unexpected," said lead author of ...

Can 22, 03 / Jun 11, 19 14:06 UTC
Jupiter, closer than ever: so you can see it with the naked eye

The largest planet in the solar system is currently at its closest point to Earth, something that allows you to observe it without the need for a telescope.

The approach of Jupiter with our planet is ...

Can 20, 03 / Jun 9, 19 23:29 UTC
I am your candidate for mayor of asgardia

I promise to take asgardia to the heart and mind of my whole city. Live asgardia.


Can 22, 03 / Jun 11, 19 13:58 UTC
Can 21, 03 / Jun 10, 19 11:03 UTC
Can 20, 03 / Jun 9, 19 22:50 UTC
Traveling a month to the ISS would cost about $ 59 million to space tourists

Traveling to the International Space Station (ISS) aboard a US spacecraft and staying there for a month could cost space tourists about $ 59 million, said Jeff DeWitt, chief financial officer of NASA.

Can 21, 03 / Jun 10, 19 13:33 UTC
A Rich persons Dream!
Can 17, 03 / Jun 6, 19 16:30 UTC
The mysterious meeting of the pilots of the US Navy with some UFOs

US Navy pilots claimed to have seen some UFOs that were going at hypersonic speed and performed impossible maneuvers in the air off the east coast of the US, the New ...

Can 17, 03 / Jun 6, 19 23:29 UTC
That’s a pretty good tale. Keep up the good work and please let me know when you will publish the book.
Can 14, 03 / Jun 3, 19 16:00 UTC
NASA reveals what it will send to the moon on its next mission

The National Administration of Aeronautics and Space of the USA prepares the shipment of scientific material to the Earth's natural satellite.

According to the organization itself on its website, in total, three lunar landing modules manufactured ...

Pis 15, 03 / Feb 12, 19 23:06 UTC
Red Cross launches nuclear anti-nuclear campaign amid tensions Russia-USA

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) launched on Monday an advertising campaign to raise awareness about the danger of atomic weapons, a few days after the United States and Russia suspended the bilateral treaty for the elimination of medium ...

Pis 16, 03 / Feb 13, 19 08:34 UTC
Хотелось бы про информировать окружающих - из России НАВОРОВАНО и ВЫВЕДЕНО за границу ВОРАМИ правящей власти 6 национальных российских бюджетов.... ЭТАКАЯ на ворованная денежная масса нависла денежным навесом над экономикой США и может в любой момент обрушиться на ее рынок ... Спасая СВОЮ экономику администрация США и принимает меры ДАВЛЕНИЯ ...
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