Jan 8, 02 / Jan 8, 18 13:13 UTC
I made an asgardia card, happy that some day we all have our Asgardian passport

The greatest love, enthusiasm and joy to all you Asgardians moves me every day to get involved in our great asgardia nation, hopefully sooner than later we all have our Asgardian passport. I would like to thank all those beings who have voted for me, of different ...

Jan 27, 02 / Jan 27, 18 14:42 UTC
gracias amigo.lo visitare
Jan 27, 02 / Jan 27, 18 14:41 UTC
gracias amigo.lo visitare
Jan 27, 02 / Jan 27, 18 08:45 UTC
Hola jaime. has hecho una muy buena carta. Yo diseño Asgardia cartas concepto: https://asgardia.space/en/blog/23407-nova-id-card-concepts/ haría desea saber su opinión en mis diseños. gracias. Hi Jamie. You have made a very nice card. I design Asgardia cards concept: https://asgardia.space/en/blog/23407-nova-id-card-concepts/ I would like to know your opinion in my designs. Thank you.
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Jan 6, 02 / Jan 6, 18 21:38 UTC
Russia creates a system capable of deactivating enemy satellites from the ground

The billionaire project Tirada-2S, currently in development, will consist of terrestrial equipment capable of launching radioelectronic attacks against satellites at low orbits.

The Russian Armed Forces will receive electronic weapons capable of blocking the operation of communications satellites from the Earth's surface. On this informs Interfax citing ...

NY Day, NY Day / Dec 31, 17 22:33 UTC
happy year 2018

happy year 2018 asgardians. thanks to you. are the maximum.500 votes of venezuela and other parts of the planet earth ... I wish you health, prosperity, intelligence and love. live asgardia for simpre.vivan the asgardians.

счастливый год 2018 асгардиан, спасибо вам максимум 500 голосов ...

Jan 6, 02 / Jan 6, 18 22:08 UTC
gracias hermano sbarquin feliz año para ti
Jan 1, 02 / Jan 1, 18 14:23 UTC
Feliz Año Nuevo Jaime!! =)
NY Day, NY Day / Dec 31, 17 21:46 UTC
How sad that part of the dream that I had has passed. God lead them to their families, peace to their souls . Costa Rica: At least 12 people killed in a plane crash

Twelve people have died this Sunday in the Costa Rican province of Guanacaste when the private plane in which they were traveling crashed, reports W Radio. Ten of the deceased were tourists and the other two were members of the crew.

The aircraft, which ...

Jan 1, 02 / Jan 1, 18 12:50 UTC
Соболезнования семьям погибших.
Dec 27, 01 / Dec 29, 17 01:29 UTC
Why the Soviet Union was the true winner of the space race (and not the United States)
 Почему Советский Союз был истинным победителем космической гонки (а не Соединенных Штатов)

When Apollo XI arrived on the Moon in 1969 and astronaut Neil Armstrong made his "great leap for humanity", everything seemed lost to the Soviet Union.

Millions and millions of people around the world watched those images on television. And in popular history, the ...

Dec 27, 01 / Dec 29, 17 14:36 UTC
grande rusia.
Dec 26, 01 / Dec 28, 17 00:22 UTC
Una espeluznante imagen ha sido censurada por Google debido a un 'visitante alienígena'

Google Maps Street View usually amazes its users and sometimes even scares them.

This has happened with a photo captured by the Street View camera of a creepy creature. The image was taken on the streets of Nancy, in the northeast of ...

Dec 25, 01 / Dec 27, 17 23:56 UTC
The perfect warhead: Russia is preparing to face the US missile defense system

On December 26, Russia conducted the second test in almost two months of a Topol intercontinental ballistic missile.

"The strategic missile troops conducted the test launch of the intercontinental ballistic missile RS-12M Topol from the base of Kapustin Yar, Astrakhan region," the Ministry of Defense said in ...

Dec 26, 01 / Dec 28, 17 06:36 UTC
Всё правильно. Si vis pacem, para bellum.
Dec 25, 01 / Dec 27, 17 16:49 UTC

hello asgardianos we share very briefly and without intention to alarm, several recurring dreams that I had in the last days and of which I do not find any reason. I dreamed of a strong earthquake and wind and in the end I mentioned the word savior. I also ...

Dec 25, 01 / Dec 27, 17 18:16 UTC
Dec 25, 01 / Dec 27, 17 18:10 UTC
Yo ya lo pillé a la primera pero prefería avisarte.
Dec 25, 01 / Dec 27, 17 17:07 UTC
hola estimado amigo marcos.si tienes razón . si correcto se me corrió el corrector.una pregunta como edito el post una vez publicado?
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Dec 25, 01 / Dec 27, 17 01:43 UTC
The UN approves the resolution to keep the outer space free of weapons

MOSCOW (Sputnik) - The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs highlighted the importance of the resolution recently approved by the UN General Assembly on additional measures to prevent the arms race in outer space.

The Russian Foreign Ministry noted that "currently there are new opportunities ...

Dec 18, 01 / Dec 20, 17 18:13 UTC
The Russian Armed Forces plan to launch a new military satellite in 2018

MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Russia plans to put a new military satellite into orbit in early 2018 for reconnaissance tasks, writes Izvestia newspaper, citing space sector sources.

"The experimental EMKA spacecraft developed by the VNIIEM corporation, a leading company in the sector, will be launched at the beginning ...

Dec 16, 01 / Dec 18, 17 18:02 UTC
Russia aims to ban private ownership of asteroids

The United States and Luxembourg have already allowed companies space objects to extract mining resources

Russia will begin talks with the United Nations to discuss draft amendments to international law on mining asteroids and the moon, Izvestia newspaper reported Dec. 11. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and ...

Dec 16, 01 / Dec 18, 17 13:51 UTC
gracias totales por sus muestras de apoyo a TRAVÉS del voto

feliz día todos.les doy mil gracias por sus muestras de apoyo con sus apreciados votos.se que así quede del puesto 15 en nuestro parlamento asgardiano los representare a todos,por un mundo sin armas nucleares y donde la educación y el amor sea nuestra ...

Dec 25, 01 / Dec 27, 17 02:17 UTC
ya no estaremos en el parlamento.es triste pero espero formemos parte del gobierno de asgardia saludos.
Dec 17, 01 / Dec 19, 17 03:12 UTC

gracias jose.un abrazo.

Dec 16, 01 / Dec 18, 17 20:49 UTC

Feliz 2018, espero que podamos unir fuerzas en el 2018 para el nuevo parlamento

Dec 12, 01 / Dec 14, 17 12:38 UTC

The Russian leader has reiterated that Moscow does not recognize the nuclear status of Pyongyang, but has stressed that the two sides in conflict must stop escalating the situation.  At his 13th annual press conference, Russian President Vladimir Putin has ...
Dec 9, 01 / Dec 11, 17 23:48 UTC
Trump announces that the US will send a manned mission to the Moon and Mars
Marking the 45th anniversary of the landing of Apollo 17, the US president has approved a new space program for the country.
US President Donald Trump has signed the Space Policy Directive 1, according to which NASA must send a manned mission ...
Dec 9, 01 / Dec 11, 17 18:14 UTC
The militarization of space, the last frontier of the power politics
The outer space constitutes the last great frontier of the power struggles between the great global powers. Traditionally dominated by EE. UU., The space has become today a priority objective for China and Russia, but also for new regional powers. Thus, Beijing and Moscow are trying ...
Dec 6, 01 / Dec 8, 17 17:57 UTC


If there is any area of law and international law that constitutes a straightforward reflection of the industrial revolutions of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, it is undoubtedly the space law. The scientific and technological development that has made possible for mankind to explore and use ...

Dec 7, 01 / Dec 9, 17 01:35 UTC

saludos,decisión muy acertada.quise decir.

Dec 7, 01 / Dec 9, 17 01:33 UTC

maridoola.muy acertada su respuesta amigo.los robots deben estar al servicio de la humanidad.invertir en eso.saludos.

Dec 6, 01 / Dec 8, 17 18:17 UTC

Good question. My personal simpler view is that today's money of the world is in the industry. So we can only follow them to space as they invest the money for it. What we see now is that not the governments take the actions but the industry's themselves, ...

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