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Your opinion is very important to determine and analyze the possible system of Solar conversion in open currency markets and its ratio to the main fully convertible currencies chosen by Asgardians for this purpose.

Apr 26, 03 / Apr 20, 19 15:31 UTC
*Privacy settings*
Why there is no Privacy settings in every profile , like every other platform i think Asgardia web devs must fix this ,,, it is fundamental thing to have on any website ,!!!
Apr 22, 03 / Apr 16, 19 00:45 UTC
Smart Home Parking Garage, Working Prototype.
What is that makes smart home smart?, in this project showcase you will see a new thinking of what makes this smart parking garage smart:
Apr 27, 03 / Apr 21, 19 02:42 UTC
I was thinking to do something similar, i thought to make sure i would have maximum security rather than just use Alexa/google A.I a better idea will be building an offline A.I ( like jasper ) that will act as a super user/firewall that will control important stuff(cameras,doors...etc ) and ...
Apr 26, 03 / Apr 20, 19 21:45 UTC
Please try to contact Mr Dennis Shoemaker who is the Chairman of the Information committee, he will surely advise you what to do.
Apr 26, 03 / Apr 20, 19 16:21 UTC
You can connect Alexia (Amazon) to various smart devices to create this in your home. I have yet to do this to my apartment, but want to get smart lights and a couple of security cameras. That way i can see what is going on in my home when I ...
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Aug 28, 02 / Sep 9, 18 05:24 UTC

Happy Birthday DR.IGOR ASHURBEYLI, you are a respected scientist and a founder of the first space nation, all respect and good wishes from Asgardian scientist..^_^

Sep 6, 02 / Sep 15, 18 06:40 UTC
Happy Birthday
Aug 28, 02 / Sep 9, 18 06:26 UTC
Happy Birthday!!!
Sep 4, 01 / Sep 13, 17 18:18 UTC

Since we knew earth and life itself ... we looked up to the sky thinking and dreaming whats beyond the blue sky ...and when we saw the birds flying we dreamed of flying to ... and after so many years we did fly .... and then ...

Jul 16, 01 / Jul 31, 17 16:49 UTC
congratulation to all Asgardians...

As the first space nation ever you the first 100,000 are the real people who dream so big and whose dream will be achieved ... push forward WE WILL MAKE THIS HAPPEN ..WE ARE THE FIRST SPACE NATION... WE ARE ASGARDIANS...

Asg 5, 01 / Jun 22, 17 16:32 UTC

TIME IS A LIE BUT IT NEVER LIES TO ME.. i have seen what's coming ,,,and yet time prove that i am right .... to you>>> good luck guessing : the game of time!

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