Oph 19, 03 / Oct 26, 19 10:08 UTC
So I have decided to start some post based on asgardia's culture, these are ideas based on the views of the Asgardian populace, might also catch the attention of the ministry of culture. They would involve polls and we would like it if the Asgardian populace can vote on it, ...
Sag 02, 03 / Nov 6, 19 04:14 UTC
Join donk
Can 25, 03 / Jun 14, 19 11:12 UTC
Tell me a story about Asgardia.....
So I have been thinking lately, what if besides the ideas of gaming, we make stories. I have realized from watching blockbusters like the world of the MCU (marvel cinematic universe) and series like Game of thrones, that the world relates closer to stories. Like Tyrion Lannister said there's nothing ...
Sco 27, 03 / Oct 6, 19 14:30 UTC
Vote me plz here #CrazyForAsgardia: What Would You do for the Space Nation? VOTE ME PLZ HERE https://bit.ly/2mOMC6U
Leo 02, 03 / Jun 19, 19 22:50 UTC
That's a nice idea
Leo 02, 03 / Jun 19, 19 08:25 UTC
This is good! I thought about cosmic ballads in modern time. It could be romantic and inspiring for our young legacy:)
Can 17, 03 / Jun 6, 19 01:11 UTC
Project Lunaria
Imagine just imagine, a city on the moon. Asgardia Lunaria. The second Asgardian city on the terraformed celestial body called the moon. A body with it's own atmosphere and with so many lunar colonies and cities. This seems possible, the joint force of NASA aims to begin the Journey, what ...
Oph 26, 03 / Nov 2, 19 04:47 UTC
We would need to terraform the moon with synthetic biology to create a viable atmosphere.
Leo 12, 03 / Jun 29, 19 11:16 UTC
sounds like a nice place to retire with1/6 gravity when i am a 100 years old i can still play baskedball
Leo 11, 03 / Jun 28, 19 18:21 UTC
Yes ! This is the beginning.
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Can 08, 03 / May 28, 19 16:12 UTC
Let's Game It Asgard
So here I am thinking, what if we as a people gather the game developers in asgardia and a few other individuals who can help in the process and we propose the idea of making a mini game that is based off Asgardia, with intense storyline but minor gameplay. We ...
Can 08, 03 / May 28, 19 16:26 UTC
With the introduction of the wireless Quest to the Oculus range, a self-contained increase in mobility and reduction in price, no longer requiring heavy graphics hardware, this concept would be perfect for project development in VR. The various gaming elements could even be result of competition. It is my belief ...
Can 08, 03 / May 28, 19 16:03 UTC
Future of the Race (Anti-racism culture)
So here's the thing, I love this Country, the hopes and other ideas and talks that makes it what it is, but if we are going to make space our national frontier, how would be able to prevent racism in the far future. I know what asgardia's goal is but ...
Leo 08, 03 / Jun 25, 19 23:32 UTC
You don't have to worry about it, if you can see the people is accepting others every day more and in a near future the racism will be extinguished.
Can 15, 03 / Jun 4, 19 00:10 UTC
Nice approach
Can 09, 03 / May 29, 19 19:28 UTC
Yes Ann, it is the combinations that makes all the diversity's. Diversion is the easy way to go, but to keep the balance we have to unite from a higher level. For example different plants and different animals fight for their existence, but the earth itself is keeping it in ...
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Vir 17, 02 / Aug 1, 18 00:53 UTC

Although a disappointing and a tough decision, I have come to an understanding that i Isaiah king does not meet up to the requirements of the position I aim for, I don't feel adequate for the position either, there is another chance for me to serve Asgardia and her ...

Vir 17, 02 / Aug 1, 18 02:02 UTC
It is a pity that this happens but as an Asgardian we know that you can give encouragement to the projects that are to be consolidated, a cordial greeting for you.
Leo 12, 01 / Jun 29, 17 07:29 UTC
Nomination for a position to represent Asgardians

I Ayoade Ahmed Mayowa a.k.a Isaiah King wishes to represent the people of Asgardia and I would love it if the noble brothers and sisters of Asgardia can nominate me for the honourable position, I believe I am qualified as I would put my self and being into serving ...

Vir 24, 02 / Aug 8, 18 10:50 UTC
you got my vote
Leo 24, 02 / Jul 11, 18 01:40 UTC
Thanks a lot, your votes are appreciated
Leo 15, 02 / Jul 2, 18 22:49 UTC
I’m voting for you also
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Leo 10, 01 / Jun 27, 17 08:34 UTC
Asgardia a nation of peace and harmony

Asgardia, the first time I heard of the plans for the first space nation, I was in major doubt, I was in the belief that the cost for such a futuristic goal won't be funded or if it was funded would lead to a nation for the rich and ...

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