Sag 08, 03 / Nov 12, 19 08:23 UTC
Please suggest a service or a program within Asgardia that I can use to earn solars.I am and Internet Marketer, Daytrader and Programmer. Do such programs exist in Asgard institutions?If interested we can set up correspondance so we can talk and discuss about setting up a joint venture or partnership ...
Sag 08, 03 / Nov 12, 19 20:47 UTC
Not yet but the government of Asgardia is currently working on several avenues at this time.
Oph 24, 03 / Oct 31, 19 10:05 UTC
I am a ‘Free’ Energy overunity researcher and on youtube 2 very interesting channels come to mind. One is the AsteronX Channel which is very informative with information that mostly agrees with the Standard Model Of Science with a few but logical and well explained modifications that bridge the gap ...
Sag 20, 03 / Nov 24, 19 17:42 UTC
yes i do like AsteronX i have seen many of it's videos, it is really cool,
Sag 05, 03 / Nov 9, 19 03:57 UTC
I think that the all electric lifter will be the best way. After all it's a electromagnetic universe
Oph 20, 03 / Oct 27, 19 12:23 UTC
Short UFO Video.
I saw this alien spacecraft this year in May hovering over my city.Have sighted UFOs in several places some in the countryside and some in the city.Please tell me what you think?
Sag 14, 03 / Nov 18, 19 08:47 UTC
On youtube a channel called Secureteam10 talks about these topics in depth. You could also Google Bermuda Triangle Wormholes/Portals and see what you get,cheers.
Sag 10, 03 / Nov 14, 19 06:24 UTC
I have never heard about Leylines and the Global Inter-dimensional Portal Network traversed by E.T and maps, do you have any link of this info.
Sag 08, 03 / Nov 12, 19 08:17 UTC
Have you ever heard of Leylines and the Global Interdimensional Portal Network traversed by E.T and Secret Government Spacecraft/vehicles.Well over the last few years I have noticed Jump Jets and UFO’s entering the airspace from ‘out of nowhere’ usually around certain locations in the sky overhead always from the same ...
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Oph 20, 03 / Oct 27, 19 12:06 UTC
Does Asgardia have any plans for a permanent space station colony,lunar colony or mars colony?
Oph 21, 03 / Oct 28, 19 05:18 UTC
Its a Good question, but the saying you have to learn to walk before you run comes to mind. Been asgardia has the main goal of a unified people of earth to explore the vast existence of space the goals you have mentioned are but stepping stones. At this current ...
Oph 20, 03 / Oct 27, 19 13:06 UTC
Check our brochure on page 20.
Oph 20, 03 / Oct 27, 19 13:05 UTC
Yes we have! :D
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Vir 17, 01 / Aug 1, 17 16:21 UTC
My 1st Asgardia post.

Hello Asgardia,Hello Earth😎😃🔥!

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