Vir 19, 02 / Aug 3, 18 18:38 UTC

I am Unni Neelakantan, a Biotechnologist, Chemist and Zoologist about to begin my Masters in Planetary Sciences from Germany.

I am a Social Service being who help others by self-help.

I am working on building an Ever-Evolving Utopian Revolutionary way of life for the Mankind ...

Leo 13, 02 / Jun 30, 18 07:40 UTC
How To Live and Where to Leave To in Space-Time of Cosmos

An Ever-Evolving clarity of the two aspects above-mentioned, namely "HOW TO LIVE AND WHERE TO LEAVE TO IN SPACE-TIME" through an Utopian system for the first time since the beginning of our species should be the direction in which mankind grows.

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