Mar 30, 20 / Tau 06, 04 10:29 UTC
To Learn Or Not To Learn: What These Times Are Offering You For Personal Growth?
I have observed a number of people posting about how stir-crazy they are becoming, after only a week of isolation. There are GREAT spiritual lessons for each individual to begin to awaken to, based on how one observes oneself and one's reactions at this time. The things that 'trigger' you ...
Mar 31, 20 / Tau 07, 04 05:54 UTC
Enjoy my own company; been alone a long time.
Mar 30, 20 / Tau 06, 04 17:51 UTC
This is a small part of what I have been trying to communicate to the leadership of Asgardia without success. Consider also what could happen, heaven-forbid, that something like this current event were to happen on a space station and the kind of harm that could come from it, if ...
Mar 30, 20 / Tau 06, 04 16:35 UTC
Yes, good reflection. Imagine our-self's somewhere alone in space, what would that give if we even do not withstand loneliness here on earth.
Mar 21, 20 / Ari 25, 04 06:34 UTC
As my newscast is no longer on the air, here is one worth checking out, even though it is mostly from a US-perspective. It is relevant however to the global situation. Geopolitical: Geoeconomics: (different from above)
Mar 21, 20 / Ari 25, 04 05:23 UTC
Worldview-dependent Humour...
Of course, 'wild' will depend upon your own personal worldview at the moment. IF you are one still grounded in a 3D 'material' consciousness, you are likely to see 'wild' as fearful and negative. IF however, one is grounded in a higher consciousness and capable of critical thinking/observation, one is ...
Mar 24, 20 / Tau 00, 04 01:37 UTC
Mar 20, 20 / Ari 24, 04 19:14 UTC
I have been sharing that I believe that this virus-event, although real, is MORE of a cover story for the arrests of global pedophiles. At this time, based on all I think I know, I believe and feel this to be true, and I suspect the world will find out ...
Mar 20, 20 / Ari 24, 04 19:08 UTC
This is just one sample of the kinds of technologies that will be available to humanity and the planet...ASSUMING people don't go into fear-overload over this global operation underway.
Mar 21, 20 / Ari 25, 04 21:07 UTC
It is my belief that disclosure is now happening slowly in different areas. I am seeing it happen. Getting humanity through the transition of all the lies, frauds and crimes that have been committed against humanity is the challenge. The levels of brainwashing and societal/social conditioning that has taken place ...
Mar 21, 20 / Ari 25, 04 20:30 UTC
yes we need Full Disclosure Now, thanks for post
Mar 20, 20 / Ari 24, 04 08:20 UTC
A Global Operation Underway - It's More Than What Most Know
This virus-event is being allowed to proceed the way it is going because it is helping the world to see the level of criminality that have been enslaving humanity and destroying our planet. Perhaps a reminder for some: To view the Q posts: To view the list of ...
Mar 19, 20 / Ari 23, 04 23:33 UTC
I know some will resonate with this message, and that some will not, which is perfectly okay. I just finished participating in a 3hr internet TV program discussing the current events unfolding. What was interesting was that most of what she shared, maybe 85%, was the same information that I ...
Jul 4, 20 / Leo 18, 04 00:53 UTC
It's very important to trust your instincts. However there are some non human organisations/individuals who have bad intent, so you need to be vigilant. There is good and bad within the intergalactic community. Some are helpful, some are not. Caution and vigilance is recommended in regards to intergalactic affairs.
Mar 19, 20 / Ari 23, 04 11:51 UTC
Google Now Says Secret Space Program Is Real
It appears that the Google censorship algorithms are slowly being dismantled! For many who would not believe, or who denied the existence of these SSP's or even that life existed beyond Earth, observe the two photos. The first acknowledges the name of the program, and that 'protocols' already exist for ...
Mar 19, 20 / Ari 23, 04 22:46 UTC
Mar 19, 20 / Ari 23, 04 18:00 UTC
Geoffrey please join our aliens community.
Mar 19, 20 / Ari 23, 04 15:43 UTC
They have always been around
Mar 16, 20 / Ari 20, 04 19:03 UTC
The Storm Has Arrived
FYI: I am not really connected to the Asgardia project any longer, because I am no longer convinced it is moving in a direction that truly considers the health and preparedness of its citizens for living in space. IF you like some of the information I post here, please connect ...
Mar 17, 20 / Ari 21, 04 10:38 UTC
I appreciate your comment Syazwan, and thank you for having an open mind and thinking for yourself. I do not want people to just 'believe' anything I share. I offer it to make them think about other possibilities, so they can go and research for themselves. You are doing that, ...
Mar 17, 20 / Ari 21, 04 06:45 UTC
I've thought about that lately and your word make it more clear now. Thank You for your information here. Geoffrey West. Thumbs up
Dec 27, 19 / Cap 25, 03 00:05 UTC
Good bye everyone, I am choosing to leave this project.
We are living in very profound times. Those who have followed my campaign and my posts understand that I have an ability to see our world from both the 'bigger picture' (the geopolitical/geoeconomic geophysical truths being exposed) and the 'BIGGER, bigger picture' (the energetic, cosmic and spiritual shifts taking place ...
Dec 27, 19 / Cap 25, 03 15:53 UTC
I do wish you, however a wonderful Orthodox New Year, or western new year, whichever you choose to observe with your family! Blessings on all levels to you! IF Asgardia is about people, then more has to be done to consider their process of healing their 'baggage' or 'issues'....which we ...
Dec 27, 19 / Cap 25, 03 15:47 UTC
Thanks Kulai. Please see my response below to Ugur, as it offers some of what I would share here. There are many beautiful people, with the highest of intentions and the strongest of beliefs here. I was really hoping to meet many at some point, and maybe...just maybe, find a ...
Dec 27, 19 / Cap 25, 03 15:42 UTC
Thank you, Ugur. It is hard for me to share with you how I have trained myself to look at things. I see 'further ahead' than most, when solutions are proposed. It's great that Asgardia is planning for 'activities' and 'sociality', but it goes farther beyond than that. There are ...
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Jan 8, 19 / Aqu 08, 03 13:01 UTC
2019 - The Year The Deep State Gets Demolished

Personal note: On YouTube, there are videos from the funeral of George Bush Sr. The videos show several people receiving 'envelopes'. The Clintons, Bushes, Obamas, and several others. Some sources report that these envelopes were actually notices that they have now been 'served' (summons to court).

Jan 7, 19 / Aqu 07, 03 09:13 UTC
For Those Who REALLY Want To Go Down The Rabbit Hole Of The Current Global Paradigm.

Personal note: There are BIGGER, energetic shifts and changing happening right now upon the planet and within human consciousness. Based on what I THINK I know so far...I am confident that the people and organizations that this article refers to, will soon be stopped. However, it is important... for ...

Dec 31, 18 / Cap 29, 02 16:34 UTC
A New Year Message From Our Pleiadian Family

The following message appeared in my social media newsfeed. As the message states, take whatever parts of this message that feel right to YOU, and discard that which may not resonate with you. You may have seen videos of very unusual activity in different places around the world. Some ...

Jan 1, 19 / Aqu 01, 03 10:45 UTC
These are all EXCELLENT questions. The 100%, HONEST answer right now is: "I don't know". Here is what I THINK I do know: This process of 'Ascension' (I'm told) many of us have experienced before. We are because at a soul-level, we agreed to experience this extreme darkness upon Earth. ...
Jan 1, 19 / Aqu 01, 03 00:44 UTC
Thank you so much for these updates, I really appreciate you talking about ascension. A few questions though... Do you believe that this is the solar flash corey goode talks about? or will we have to wait for the solar maximum to get the final 4th density ascension flash? Will ...
Dec 25, 18 / Cap 23, 02 16:15 UTC
Our World Is Changing; Our Consciousness Is Changing - Are You Feeling It?

Some choosing to read this will feel and know that this is true immediately. Others will see that unusual things are happening, and they will agree that 'something' is changing, even if they do not understand exactly what is happening and why. Others who are not wanting to change, ...

Aug 24, 18 / Lib 12, 02 08:50 UTC
Polarization:Trump/Putin vs the western world & media.

As a candidate for Minister of Foreign Affairs, it would be my responsibility to be on top of the 'pulse' of global news and affairs. This is where my experience as both a peace educator and as an alternative news journalist (and also with some former mainstream media) will ...

Aug 23, 18 / Lib 11, 02 09:46 UTC
A Polarization Within Asgardia - For Consideration

I have been 'testing the waters', making posts on Asgardia's FB social media page, to get an idea of where the consciousness level is.

I am observing that there is a polarization beginning to take place. There are those who are entirely grounded in 'science' and 'facts' ...

Oct 8, 18 / Oph 01, 02 09:56 UTC
I value your contribution here...really! ;-) Thanks for sharing!
Oct 8, 18 / Oph 01, 02 09:55 UTC
Charles, it was not my intention to be dismissive of your comment. I do not think I was being dismissive. Your choice of wording gave me the impression that you were disagreeing (or at least not fully agreeing) with what I offered, and you offered a different perspective, which I ...
Oct 7, 18 / Oph 00, 02 05:28 UTC
That's quite a dismissive response, and not at all my meaning. I mean to say that we are only living in a single reality now containing science and spirituality because many have still not nearly or fully come to understand the expansive knowledge base that IS science.
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