Sag 21, 03 / Nov 25, 19 19:49 UTC
MEN LINE ( Asgardia Art Reception )
Doll making long since became a contemporary art, having developed a dolll from an element of interior decoration to an art object. And while men mostly used to be collectors of art dolls, nowadays there is a noticable “ Male Line “ among the creators . That is why I ...
Sag 22, 03 / Nov 26, 19 04:24 UTC
The pictures is up side down, and some on side. I think its because of large size. Need web support here.
Sag 21, 03 / Nov 25, 19 05:24 UTC
King of Space
King of Space Dr.İgor Ashurbeyli (İqor Rauf oğlu Aşurbəyli) noble Azeri ancestral family name; born September 9, 1963) is an Azerbaijani-born Russian scientist, businessman, and philanthropist. Photo : Asgardia’s 6th Parliamentary Session in Tallinn November 23-25, 2019, #Asgardia 🚀 #Tallinn #AsgardiaSpaceNation #AsgardiaParliament #AsgardiaSpaceNews
Sag 21, 03 / Nov 25, 19 11:37 UTC
Thank you
Sag 21, 03 / Nov 25, 19 10:16 UTC
Congratulation to both of you
Sag 19, 03 / Nov 23, 19 13:01 UTC
Asgardia’s 6th Parliamentary Session in Tallinn November 23-25, 2019,
The Space Nation is proud to announce Asgardia’s 6th Parliamentary Session in Tallinn November 23-25, 2019, where AMPs are all meeting in person for the second time! This year’s sitting will focus on discussing an economic system that suits the needs of a digital Space Nation. AMPs will vote on ...
Sag 20, 03 / Nov 24, 19 11:44 UTC
Thank you
Sag 19, 03 / Nov 23, 19 15:17 UTC
Желаем плодотворной парламентской сессии.
Oph 13, 03 / Oct 20, 19 10:31 UTC
Watching the Sky Fall: Visualizing a Century of Meteorites

‪Watching the Sky Fall: Visualizing a Century of Meteorites : Astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson once said “The chances that your tombstone will read ‘Killed by an Asteroid’ are about the same as they’d be for ‘Killed in Airplane Crash’.” Part of the reason for this is the Earth’s atmospheric ...

Oph 13, 03 / Oct 20, 19 09:33 UTC
Head of Asgardia Space Nation is not interested in science fiction
‪The first head of the Space Kingdom of Asgardia Igor Ashurbeyli was in great reporters’ demand on the eve of his inauguration and thereafter. This Russian millionaire and philanthropist is quite accustomed to such a publicity since between 2001 and 2011 he headed Russia’s largest defense industry enterprise, Scientific Production ...
Oph 07, 03 / Oct 14, 19 16:16 UTC
Thank you  Crazy For Asgardia
CrazyForAsgardia Contest Winners announced! Last week, we celebrated the Space Nation's 3rd Birthday, and Asgardians have shown us their creativity in a contest with a grand prize of 500 Solars! Today, we announce the 5 winners, 5th to 1st place: Freja Husdahl, *Sebahattin Devecioglu*, Ifeanyi, Ivan Rosel, and Mr.V Asgardians, ...
Oph 07, 03 / Oct 14, 19 22:56 UTC
Oph 05, 03 / Oct 12, 19 11:00 UTC
Happy Birthday Asgardia 🚀
Happy Birthday 🚀 #Asgardia Turns 3 Years Old! Our Space Nation is turning 3 years old on October 12, 2019! Celebrate With Us 🚀 #CrazyForAsgardia Upvote plz #HappyBirthdayAsgardia #AsgardiaSpaceNation
Oph 05, 03 / Oct 12, 19 11:16 UTC
Congratulations to our dear nation Asgardia
Oph 04, 03 / Oct 11, 19 12:53 UTC
‪We will running for Asgardia..!‬ ‪
‪We will running for Asgardia..!‬ ‪#CrazyForAsgardia Upvote me plz #AsgardiaSpace ‬ ‪#asgardia #HappyBirthdayAsgardia #AsgardiaSpaceNation ‬
Oph 04, 03 / Oct 11, 19 15:32 UTC
Hi nice to meet you ‪We will running for Asgardia..!‬ ‪#CrazyForAsgardia Upvote me plz here
Oph 04, 03 / Oct 11, 19 15:31 UTC
That is true
Oph 03, 03 / Oct 10, 19 13:32 UTC
Space Is the New Black
The Apollo 11 anniversary is going to spur another wave of intergalactic fashion. But this time, we’re on the dark side of the moon. In March 2017, Karl Lagerfeld, perhaps the greatest master of the viral social media moment a fashion show had ever seen, docked a rocket ship under ...
Oph 03, 03 / Oct 10, 19 13:28 UTC
An Escape to Space: Examining Fashion's Interplanetary Inspirations
After an array of stark white, a rainbow of color and a yellow brick road a tad bit too on the nose, the final look in Virgil Abloh’s debut Spring/Summer 2019 Menswear collection was a shocking—but in hindsight, natural—departure. In a fully reflective metallic poncho, Playboi Carti strode out proud ...
Oph 03, 03 / Oct 10, 19 13:23 UTC
397 Best Space Fashion images in 2019 | Space fashion ...
We all admire the crazy/sexy fashions of Star Trek, Barbarella and Buck Rogers. But the era of Moon landings and space dreams gave rise to tons of amazing fashions. There was spacesuit chic, robot glamour and alien loveliness. The Space Age Planet Tumblr collects some of the coolest images of ...
Oph 01, 03 / Oct 8, 19 09:13 UTC
Space Fashion Show
THE BLONDS SPRING 2014 COLLECTION NEW YORK FASHION WEEK THE BLONDS Spring/Summer 2014 Collection at MADE for New York Fashion Week: This season is all about The Blonds favorite blondes in art, animation and pop culture. Specifically referencing Tweety, Marilyn Monroe, Marie Antoinette, Madonna and Jane Fonda. The Blonds found ...
Oph 01, 03 / Oct 8, 19 09:06 UTC
Space Fashion Communities
The Space Age trend began in the mid-to-late '60s with designers like Courrèges, Rabanne, and Pierre Cardin, who were inspired by the global space race. (The Soviets landed in 1959, and Buzz Aldrin, who is featured in Marchetto's column, natch, took his historic first step in ten years later.) In ...
Oph 00, 03 / Oct 7, 19 13:26 UTC
The Evolution of Space Age Fashion
On July 20, 1969, NASA astronauts Neil Armstrong, Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin, and Michael Collins successfully completed the Apollo 11 mission which culminated in Armstrong taking that fateful space walk on the moon’s surface, telling those listening, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” Armstrong’s legendary accomplishment ...
Oph 00, 03 / Oct 7, 19 13:24 UTC
A History of Fashion's Obsession with the Space Age, From Courrèges to Chanel
f Isaac Newton were alive today, he might have come up with a fourth law of motion just to deal with fashion trends, which seem to defy all existing rules by moving forwards and backwards at the same time. Fashion is supposed to take us into the future, but wait ...
Sco 25, 03 / Oct 4, 19 17:14 UTC
World Space Week 2019
2019 theme: “The Moon: Gateway to the Stars” The theme of World Space Week 2019 is “The Moon: Gateway to the Stars”. It celebrates the 50th anniversary of humankind’s first step on the Moon on 20 July 1969. For the first time in our 200,000-year existence, we were not solely ...
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