Tau 18, 03 / Apr 12, 19 16:33 UTC

The website that Asgardia uses has gotten a new update, and to be honest, it is AWESOME!! I really love the new look, those that are not used to it, there is a button you can press to go back to the old version of the site. As for ...

Oph 15, 02 / Oct 22, 18 13:33 UTC
The Mayoral Elections Continue

The Mayoral elections will continue for the time being, many people have been voted to become mayors of their cities, but their are still areas that are yet to have mayors probably because of low population or too few candidates, but the elections will continue until the passing of ...

Oph 08, 02 / Oct 15, 18 16:08 UTC
The SpaceX BFR

The BFR (Big Falcon Rocket) is a privately funded fully reusable launch vehicle and spacecraft system currently in development by SpaceX , it is designed to be 118 m tall, have a mass of 4,400,000 kg (9,700,000 lb) and intend to be flown in space in 2022. SpaceX designed ...

Cap 05, 02 / Dec 7, 18 14:12 UTC
Добрый день . Смотрится красиво . хотя ...это все прошлый век . Сейчас уже появились ДРУГИЕ , отличные от реактивных принципов движения . Я экспериментировал с одним таким , надо признать он работает ...
Sco 16, 02 / Sep 25, 18 13:07 UTC
Asgardia's Economy

On Oct.25-29, a workshop dedicated to the development of Asgardia’s financial and economic systems, led by Head of Nation Igor Ashurbeyli will take place in Nice. We will finally get to see how our economy will function, this will be another major step for our new nation. You probably ...

Sco 09, 02 / Sep 18, 18 12:48 UTC
A rare supergiant

6 months ago, the star—called J01020100-7122208 (or J01 for short) was detected by an international team of researchers in a dwarf galaxy near the Milky Way called the Small Magellanic Cloud, as per a study to be published in the Astronomical Journal.

Kathryn Neugent, a ...

Sco 02, 02 / Sep 11, 18 11:57 UTC
Mayoral Elections is over

Asgardia's mayoral elections is now officially over, congrats to all who participated and good luck to those who will become mayor! :)

Lib 17, 02 / Aug 29, 18 14:16 UTC
Newborn planet

Back in July 2nd of 2018, astronomers in Germany have discovered a newborn planet forming around a dwarf star called PDS 70, the newborn has been given the name PDS 70b. The black circle in the center is a part of the telescope called a coronagraph, which blocks the ...

Lib 27, 02 / Sep 8, 18 18:17 UTC
Awesome picture of a plant being born!!!!
Lib 10, 02 / Aug 22, 18 13:20 UTC
Bad feeling for Mayoral Elections

I've been watching the elections for quite some time now and I'm seeing a lot of voters but not a lot of candidates. maybe things are slow for the election, but the end time for the election (which is Sep.9) is approaching rather quickly if you ask me. I'm ...

Lib 11, 02 / Aug 23, 18 13:09 UTC
Becoming interactive is a great idea Dirk, but there are not much people who live in Spartanburg who know about our nation but I will focus on your advise and get people active.
Lib 11, 02 / Aug 23, 18 10:49 UTC
Lib 10, 02 / Aug 22, 18 13:57 UTC
This is the time where an email to all citizens would be useful. Wake them up, get them interested, prepare them what they would need to do (with links), be interactive..
Vir 17, 02 / Aug 1, 18 03:45 UTC
It has begun

The mayor election has begun, even though I am not part of the elections, I want to wish all participants good luck in the election. Glory to Asgardia.

Can 26, 02 / Jun 15, 18 17:34 UTC
Very upsetting indeed

I remember showing my friend the site of asgardia, he laughed and referred to it as a scam.

kinda upsetting if you ask me.

Can 26, 02 / Jun 15, 18 22:02 UTC
well the city above the skies doesnt exist yet but the community with a faith of uilding this exist
Tau 10, 02 / Apr 4, 18 03:17 UTC

Im starting to wonder what should our manned vehicles look like.

Tau 15, 02 / Apr 9, 18 18:45 UTC
Any ideas?
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