Sco 09, 01 / Sep 18, 17 08:51 UTC
Greet and meet

Good day to all I am starting this blog in hopes that some of us could do a meet and greet here in Phoenix Arizona. I believe this would help us all to solidify our commitment to asgardia and to help facilitate our growth together and help each other ...

Sco 16, 02 / Sep 25, 18 16:46 UTC
Greetings sir we are glad to have you with us!
Sco 15, 02 / Sep 24, 18 22:03 UTC
Greetings fellow Asgardians.....How wonderful to be a part of such a wondrous endeavor i too am located in Phoenix,Arizona...although I believe I "discovered" Asgardia a bit later than most seeing as it is 24 September 0002 / 24 September 2018...... Happy Exploring fellow Asgardians....
Pis 06, 02 / Feb 3, 18 15:02 UTC
I'm glad and truly excited as asgardia keeps developing
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