Nov 13, 01 / Nov 17, 17 08:10 UTC
One step of Human

Traveling is the way of life, where human understand the own creation, and wonder of life and creation of earth. where we come from and where we are going.

Nov 12, 02 / Nov 16, 18 12:47 UTC
Добрый день всем. Приглашаю к просмотру моей темы Паралельный мир в разделе Наука и техника форума ASGARDIA . Здесь мной описываются мои опыты и эксперименты этого направления.
Nov 11, 01 / Nov 15, 17 15:13 UTC
Beauty of Life

I’m passionate about space that me very happy. I am always

search and try to know the space and beauty of life,

research in space feel me relax.

Aug 1, 02 / Aug 13, 18 17:15 UTC
yeah sure dear
Jan 8, 02 / Jan 8, 18 16:56 UTC
Keep it up and try to know more about space unlimited.
Nov 10, 01 / Nov 14, 17 14:40 UTC

I like to move a new world where i get a baby crying with a lovely voice in his/her mother`s arm in a great palace with rising sun, a kind of wonderful smell in spring with joyful flowers, sun shining on the rain and the rain falling on the ...

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