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Apr 27, 02 / Apr 21, 18 15:19 UTC
Security and Safety

Security and Safety are the keys to sustainable expansion for both organisations and civilizations.

The consideration of all aspects of security is vital for the continued evolution, advancement and expansion of any organisation, movement, race or civilization.

Please join and support my desire to work ...

Asg 12, 02 / Jun 29, 18 09:34 UTC
О, Да! Безопасность, наше все! Поддерживаю!
Apr 27, 02 / Apr 21, 18 11:41 UTC

As a proud Asgardian, I would be honored to have the opportunity to serve and bring my experience in both life and the security industry to help protect and further the growth and expansion of Asgardia.

With experience in electronic security systems, physical security measures and personal ...

Jul 22, 02 / Aug 6, 18 13:06 UTC
паддерживаю андидата
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