Nov 13, 01 / Nov 17, 17 14:39 UTC

Please vote for me as the Strategist! And let's get Asgardia into Space!

Nov 12, 01 / Nov 16, 17 22:09 UTC
Let's make asgardia happen! I will get us there!

Here are my qualifications: I am an Environmental Engineer. I have trained over 2,000 Farmers across 7 villages in 3 languages on new and improved Forestry techniques in West Africa. I am currently a project manager on multi million dollar projects.

Let's make the dream of Asgardia ...

Nov 17, 01 / Nov 21, 17 15:02 UTC

I also deal alot with Design and Construction. That is a good idea.

Nov 17, 01 / Nov 21, 17 09:33 UTC

Sounds like you have some amazing credentials! I'm looking forward to seeing what innovations and experience you'll be able to bring to Asgardia. Have you ever thought about writing some blog entries with tips on how Citizens of Asgardia can build up some agricultural skills? One day in the ...

Nov 16, 01 / Nov 20, 17 21:13 UTC

There are some technical issues. The following will be added to my candidate profile.

Here is the Game Plan: As the Strategist my first goal will be to work with the Debutant, Trendsetter, and other Strategists to create a "Charter" and a "Management Plan". The "Charter" will ...

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