Apr 17, 18 / Tau 23, 02 17:20 UTC

With the mess of the first parliamentary elections having just completed with elects declared (almost), slowly we move on into starting parliament up and attempting to get to work. Below I will talk about the top concerns that we need to address and keep in ...

Apr 21, 18 / Tau 27, 02 02:00 UTC
I have increased this writing by 3 pages from conversations I had on the Facebook thread. Document is now 25 pages long. * Updated part Citizen Activity section C. Citizen Achievements * Added a new section to the Citizen Activity section D. Human Resource Survey Added new section to the ...
Apr 17, 18 / Tau 23, 02 01:49 UTC

So here is a process I have developed which pulls ideas from consensus based democratic work which will allow for a more open legislative process and more citizen participation. I also pull a little from Dahl’s ideas too.

Why a consensus based ...

May 26, 18 / Can 06, 02 23:53 UTC
May 22, 18 / Can 02, 02 20:05 UTC
Salutations citizen, i am a programmer deeply interested in these concepts. please contact me @ spayseghost@gmail.com
May 21, 18 / Can 01, 02 05:14 UTC
I agree with you James. I think people are misunderstanding you, thinking that you are offering a straight up representative democracy, instead of a republic. I know that usually a true representative democracy ends up being two wolves and one sheep voting on what is for dinner, but I find ...
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Apr 9, 18 / Tau 15, 02 19:55 UTC

My new 10 page post talking about my continuing struggles dealing with aggressive moderation in Asgardia.

You can read it here on Google Docs so it is easier to read with better formatting:



Apr 9, 18 / Tau 15, 02 21:43 UTC
Yea, It is pretty crazy how quickly it happens.
Apr 9, 18 / Tau 15, 02 21:11 UTC
Yes, they also banned Sabayon Linux open source distribution, because they think that it is an advertisement.
Apr 8, 18 / Tau 14, 02 16:51 UTC

Here is my blog post which sprouted from a conversation from a Facebook conversation:

Productivity and Motivation in a Resource Based Economy?

Apr 9, 18 / Tau 15, 02 19:24 UTC
I am having some problem understanding your question due to the language barrier. If you can state your question more clearly I may be able to answer better. You could also post your question in Russian too. My wife is Russian and could try to translate for me. Please, do ...
Apr 9, 18 / Tau 15, 02 14:54 UTC
So, OSD will be obliged to operate these plants themselves? (this will require work even if they are robotized) Or there are special people, which should do this for them? In the second variant, these special people they will do dirty unpleasant jobs?
Apr 9, 18 / Tau 15, 02 02:47 UTC
If you enjoyed the above post, then please take the time to read my post 'The Cancer of Capitalism and Its Antidote' which is mentioned in the post above, and you will love it. That post is much, much larger.
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Apr 1, 18 / Tau 07, 02 19:00 UTC


Congratulations to everyone.

The work really begins!

Apr 3, 18 / Tau 09, 02 18:32 UTC
Me too man! Twill be interesting what hell we can raise.
Apr 2, 18 / Tau 08, 02 02:35 UTC
Congrats, James! Looking forward to working with you!
Apr 2, 18 / Tau 08, 02 00:28 UTC
Thank you so much.
Feb 28, 18 / Ari 03, 02 15:33 UTC

Round 2 of elections has started.

Previous votes have been cleared.

Here is the annoucement:


You will need to vote again to get me and anyone else you planned on voting for into office.

So ...

Mar 8, 18 / Ari 11, 02 20:48 UTC
Time is running out. We are down to hours. Hit the vote button for, Amber Smith Ready, (TX, US), District 1 English, Paliament. Even if you aren't very active with Asgardia then please click and vote to ensure that someone is looking after your interest even though you are busy ...
Mar 6, 18 / Ari 09, 02 07:01 UTC
Hello dear sir I have observed your campaign and it is too much interesting. Personally I like this and voted for you. can you please visit my candidate platform and read my campaign. If you like then please give a vote for me. I'm active here since last 5-6 days ...
Mar 5, 18 / Ari 08, 02 14:46 UTC
Hello !!! I read your platform and I voted for you. I invite you to know my campaign, and return your vote for me. Access my profile and vote for me. All the Best !!! https://asgardia.com/en/user/233500/profile/view/
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Dec 20, 17 / Cap 18, 01 16:19 UTC


You can read this on Google Docs so it will be easier to read and formatted

Looking to Estonia, the Most Digitally Advanced Nation


Asgardia, The Digital ...

Mar 5, 18 / Ari 08, 02 21:18 UTC
You can vote for me here: https://asgardia.space/en/elections-districts/English/ Can you send me a link to her post. I would love to hear the ideas
Mar 5, 18 / Ari 08, 02 10:23 UTC
Hello! @James. I have been looking for a way to vote for you and cease this opportunity to ask for your voter link to do so. Re: SOLAR. I am going back to Rebekah's post to share my humble opinion.
Jan 23, 18 / Aqu 23, 02 20:52 UTC
@Ross Well, if we do not try, then we shall never know. @Nilmani I cannot imagine that will every be possible. We exist on the internet. If there is no internet then there is no way to connect to Asgardia
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Dec 19, 17 / Cap 17, 01 03:34 UTC

You may also read this in Google Docs too so it will look a lot better:

The Constitution of Asgardian: Stepping Stones to Tyranny

I. Introduction


Jan 23, 18 / Aqu 23, 02 19:52 UTC
I will. Thanks!
Jan 8, 18 / Aqu 08, 02 16:51 UTC
Do read @user 125756's post very well: he is the one who probably put the major effort to try avoiding the issues you're pointing out very well. We also have basically left this community and forum 'cause our "civil rights" have been not recognized at all so that, speaking here, ...
Dec 21, 17 / Cap 19, 01 19:41 UTC

Yea, that is what I expected. =(
I will take a closer look at your work there.
Thanks for sharing.

I just had to put it out there so I can share it around. Plus, posts from here are less likely to be censored.

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Dec 14, 17 / Cap 12, 01 00:33 UTC


You can read this on Google Docs too if you like:

Elections are a Self-selecting Referendum on the Age of the Candidate


In the debate on the minimum age for parliament I was firmly ...

Dec 11, 17 / Cap 09, 01 04:03 UTC


Here is a Google Docs link so can read it without getting a headache:

The Case for an Asgardian Economic System
(Part 3): The Implementation

****** ...

Dec 10, 17 / Cap 08, 01 21:08 UTC


Here is a Google Docs link so can read it without getting a headache:

The Case for an Asgardian Economic System
(Part 2): The Answer ...

Dec 10, 17 / Cap 08, 01 20:32 UTC


Here is a Google Docs link so can read it without getting a headache:

(PART 1): ...

Dec 3, 17 / Cap 01, 01 19:42 UTC
Nov 30, 17 / Sag 26, 01 18:16 UTC

I will be submitting my candidacy soon, so here is:

My candidacy platform in a well organized 24 page Google Doc .

It is better to read it in the Google Doc than on the website since all caps ...

Nov 25, 17 / Sag 21, 01 16:00 UTC
Read '

  The New Human Rights Movement' by Peter Joseph

Read The New Human Rights Movement by Peter Joseph . It will change you world.

This is a really in depth read stating the academic and intellectual foundations as to why Capitalism and our monetary system creates most of humanity's problems which are really ...

Dec 10, 20 / Cap 09, 04 14:34 UTC
Dear Asgardian, You have the power to decide on the quality of life and future of ASGARDIA. Take the time to help me and give your VOTE. Make sure your voice is heard – I kindly ask your VOTE for the parliament of Asgardia. I will do the best for ...
Nov 25, 17 / Sag 21, 01 15:52 UTC

removed for a better method of presentation

Apr 7, 18 / Tau 13, 02 00:08 UTC
Hi, James! A simple leaf falling from a tree suffices for a major change at the universal level. While a certain man watched a leaf fall from a tree, he had the inspiration to create a particular martial art. This martial art, which came from the mind of a man ...
Apr 3, 18 / Tau 09, 02 18:21 UTC
Dear Asgardian Brothers! Tomorrow 04-04, we remember the 50 years of the death of the "Man who had a dream". Martin Luther King Jr. is one of the perssonalities that had great influence in my formation. I do not need to tell you how much this man has been or ...
Apr 2, 18 / Tau 08, 02 23:19 UTC
Congratulations on the clean and honest campaign, worthy of an Asgardian. In the days leading up to the parliamentary elections in Asgardia, I met people highly qualified to hold a post in Parliament, but for some reason failed to achieve this goal. What I have to say to these extraordinary ...
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