Lib 18, 03 / Aug 30, 19 14:54 UTC
I'm still waiting for the asgardian cryptocurrency, the "solars". It's been like 2 years and yet we don't have any notice about the "national bank", when will all these be released?
Sag 04, 03 / Nov 8, 19 08:48 UTC
It was changed again 6 months later (12 October) as now new people who pay the €100 fee to become Residents also get 100 solars :-)
Sco 16, 03 / Sep 25, 19 07:20 UTC
Setting up a completely new country with a government and currency takes time. We just have to be patient and they will get it set up soon for us to be able to buy solars soon. Setting a completely new financial system, I understand cryptocurrency is not brand new but ...
Sco 09, 03 / Sep 18, 19 14:15 UTC
Agreed. New citizens (post 12 APR) have to pay to join Asgardia, but do not receive any solars as citizens.
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