Sco 09, 02 / Sep 18, 18 12:37 UTC
What really drives technological advancement?

It’s May 2021, imagine yourself finishing work at 15:59 pm, your biometric id (or your next generation “smart device”) will notify you that you can catch the bus arriving just outside the office at 16:05, you enter the bus and take a seat ...

Sco 10, 02 / Sep 19, 18 07:14 UTC
Agreed, Mr. Baeyens. There is a high probability that we will be using the moon as our industrial spatial base, while Earth will be perserved as a natural ecosystem. Companies like Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin among others are already in pursue of that. If we manage to pull our heavy ...
Sco 09, 02 / Sep 18, 18 19:48 UTC
Advancement and speed is good but it should not leave a path of destruction, real intelligence is keeping everything in balance while moving forward. So now we are at the moment of truth, will we use our advancement also to protect our own environment while we go faster and faster ...
Lib 22, 02 / Sep 3, 18 18:25 UTC
Bringing Tomorrow, Today!

Future-driven creative thinker, specializing in industry 4.0. My plan is to realize an ecosystem where humans and machinery could interfere and work together as one complex species. As times change, we are obliged to change as well, always choosing the best possible scenarios, in accordance with efficiency, economy, sustainability, ...

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