Jul 26, 03 / Aug 10, 19 13:32 UTC
My presentation about

"L'Exobiologie est une filière scientifique qui est considérée comme très jeune, puisqu’on n’a commencé à utiliser le terme EXOBIOLOGIE qu’à partir de l’année 1960. La NASA décrit l’Exobiologie comme une science qui a pour but la compréhension de l’origine, l’évolution, la distribution et le futur de la vie dans ...

Jul 27, 03 / Aug 11, 19 12:44 UTC
Bonjour! Ma langue maternelle est l'anglais, alors essayez de la soutenir si la traduction est un peu fausse. Tout d'abord, merci d'avoir posté votre article sur les astéroïdes. Aux États-Unis, peu de gens se souviennent de l'astéroïde 2013 qui a explosé en Russie à cause de la censure des médias. ...
Jul 27, 03 / Aug 11, 19 01:45 UTC
Very thanks for sharing this important work of you, dear Nissen
Jul 3, 03 / Jul 18, 19 10:53 UTC
Young folks of the Tunisian Astronomical Society
In the same week celebrating the 50 anniversary of the first manned Moon landing, Tunisia witnessed an amazing partial lunar eclipse on July the 16. At this occasion, the Tunisian Astronomical Society (sat.tn) and the city of science of Tunis organized a night public event to inform the citizens about ...
Jul 3, 03 / Jul 18, 19 20:13 UTC
Very nice
Asg 21, 03 / Jul 8, 19 15:39 UTC
International Asteroid Day at the City of Science of Tunis
Asteroid day is an international event remembering the most dangerous impact in the recent Human's history: The Tunguska event in 1908. A space rock exploded just few kilometers from the Earth's surface in Russia with a denotation power equivalent to hundreds of nuclear bombs, happening in a remote uninhabited area, ...
Asg 21, 03 / Jul 8, 19 15:41 UTC
Asg 10, 03 / Jun 27, 19 16:39 UTC
Participation to Asteroid day in Tunisia, a free and public event.
As a member of the Astrobiology committee of the Tunisian Astronomical Society (sat.tn), I'll be presenting a lecture about the importance of Asteroids for Exobiologists and this during ASTEROID DAY at the city of science of Tunis. Tunisia. Other conferences about Asteroids will also be presented by my colleagues in ...
Asg 10, 03 / Jun 27, 19 22:43 UTC
Thank you <3
Asg 10, 03 / Jun 27, 19 22:21 UTC
Very interesting work, my congratulations to you dear Nissem
Asg 2, 03 / Jun 19, 19 13:50 UTC
Presenting Asgardia to the Tunisian Astronomical Society (SAT)
We were so happy to meet with Ivan and Karen and to present the Asgardian vision in Tunisia. :-) We also presented SAT's activities and discussed about current legal and industrial issues for the space endeavor.
Asg 4, 03 / Jun 21, 19 03:27 UTC
Awesome memories Nissem!!!
Asg 3, 03 / Jun 20, 19 16:20 UTC
greetings from kl, great work and event meetup :)
May 20, 03 / May 12, 19 22:40 UTC
-------------------------- CIVILIAN ACTIVITY -------------------------- اصدقائي الأعزاء في تونس، ادعوكم للإلتقاء يوم الأربعاء 22 ماي 2019 على الساعة 11 صباحاً بمدينة العلوم بتونس العاصمة وذلك للتحدث حول آخر المستجدات بخصوص أسجارديا. في البرنامج :التعارف، التعريف بأسجارديا، نشاطاتها واهدافها، التعرف على نشاطات وأهداف الجمعية التونسية لعلوم الفلك التي ستحتضن الاجتماع وتوفر القاعة. ...
Apr 20, 03 / Apr 14, 19 12:36 UTC
On going global technical issue on all Facebook affiliated networks
There is a global technical issue affecting Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp. Do not panic :) This is a good occasion for us to get used to the Asgardian platform :) https://www.express.co.uk/life-style/science-technology/1114068/Facebook-DOWN-Social-network-outage-can-t-be-reached-offline
Apr 25, 03 / Apr 19, 19 15:30 UTC
Hah great!
Apr 20, 03 / Apr 14, 19 16:27 UTC
Asgardian platform would be appropriate.
Sep 1, 02 / Sep 10, 18 12:19 UTC

Hi dear friends ! We are a bunch of Asgardian authors and artists looking for more talented members to join our team ! We're planning to turn the stories written by our authors into Comics and video games ! If you're a talented artist or especially a Comics artist ...

Dec 17, 02 / Dec 19, 18 14:49 UTC
Nissem--please contact me: jas314159@gmail.com . I have been unable to reach anyone through the Asgardia interface; I have some ideas I want to discuss with you. Thx, JAS
Nov 12, 02 / Nov 16, 18 14:20 UTC
Добрый день . Еще раз размещаю ссылку на мою тему в форуме ASGARDIA , раздел Наука и техника , тема Паралельный мир https://asgardia.space/en/forum/forum/science-and-technology-176/ Здесь я публикую свои опыты и наблюдения этого направления
Oct 27, 02 / Nov 3, 18 13:36 UTC
Not sure how to do this yet -- email is best: jas314159@gmail.com
See all 13 comments
Aug 16, 02 / Aug 28, 18 21:30 UTC

Dear fellows I'm happy to inform you that our fellow Mr Dan Profir will be presenting his vision about Education in Asgardia tomorrow at 11am UTC. Don't miss the First Asgardian Education Conference and participate by your critics and questions. I wait to see you through the public ! ...

Aug 17, 02 / Aug 29, 18 14:22 UTC
Aug 17, 02 / Aug 29, 18 14:22 UTC
We will write a report
Aug 17, 02 / Aug 29, 18 07:51 UTC
I will join
Aug 13, 02 / Aug 25, 18 15:27 UTC
Coming soon : Asgardian Education Conference

Hello dear friends ! The Education Conference is coming very soon (29-30-31 August 2018) ! If you want to participate with a presentation you're still in time (Deadline is for 27/08/2018).

The conference will take place on DISCORD and all participants will receive an invitation to the ...

Jul 28, 03 / Aug 12, 19 10:26 UTC
It was a very good idea, will there be more to come ?
Aug 16, 02 / Aug 28, 18 21:52 UTC
Thank you Ugur :) If you have some time maybe you can take a look on the first presentation happening tomorrow at 11am UTC. Mr Dan Profir is our first speaker and he will be presenting his vision for EDUCATION IN ASGARDIA. The presentation will be done online on the ...
Aug 16, 02 / Aug 28, 18 16:14 UTC
Hi Oleg :) The deadline was announced in the previous post (15 of July )
Asg 28, 02 / Jul 15, 18 22:12 UTC

Updates concerning submission of proposals for the Education Conference:

- The proposals must be linked to the conference topics.

- Please fill the form you receive by e-mail and follow the ...

Jul 6, 02 / Jul 21, 18 21:30 UTC
Sorry, I have zero time during weekdays right now so taking part in this would be too much for me. I wish tho...
Asg 18, 02 / Jul 5, 18 14:20 UTC
First Asgardian Educators Meeting

📚 [Civilian initiative] 📚
Hello dear fellows, we are looking for educators and professionals who are related to the education system to participate in the conference we are planning.
The aim of this meeting will ...

Asg 21, 02 / Jul 8, 18 16:15 UTC
The only thing that I PROBABLY know much less than anyone around here is proper musical education starting with kindergarden. I swear, this is completely screwed in most countries. Other than that I have like... 5 very small but crucial suggestions to insert here and there so my presentation would ...
Asg 21, 02 / Jul 8, 18 11:26 UTC
We wait for receiving enough presentations to plan for the meeting. After that we will be able to schedule a date. I'll keep you updated ;) Yeah of course education isn't only about learning, I totally agree on that. Learning only technical skills do not shape a healthy society ! ...
Asg 20, 02 / Jul 7, 18 22:27 UTC
I already said almost everything and I am mostly interested in cultural aspect of Asgardia but I guess that is a big part of any educational system so maybe if I join, I could talk about importance of philosophy and art for our society and schools. When would the conference ...
See all 5 comments
Asg 6, 02 / Jun 23, 18 15:48 UTC

🚀 🛰️ "Avez-vous déjà entendu parler d'Asgardia ? Savez-vous quels sont ses projets et ses objectifs ?"

Partagez avec vos amis francophones cette petite vidéo sur #Asgardia ! <img alt="" class="fr-fic ... </p>

Asg 12, 02 / Jun 29, 18 11:42 UTC
Hi, this idea has already been discussed at the early beginning of Asgardia and it has been decided that we will not purchase any land on Earth. The plan is to have embassies and a launch site with maybe centers for training and research but this is expected to happen ...
Asg 12, 02 / Jun 29, 18 10:28 UTC
Hello, do you think that it is possible to buy an island and form our state here? To build a laboratory for the study of space, houses for Asgardians, a science center, it would be very good.
Asg 9, 02 / Jun 26, 18 23:22 UTC
Ceci est votre avis et je le respecte, cependant d'autres personnes ont un avis différent y compris moi même. Notre expansion dans l'espace n'entre pas en collision avec notre existence sur la Terre au contraire. L'expansion vers l'espace offre de nouvelles opportunités avec des répercussions positives pour la vie terrestre ...
Asg 1, 02 / Jun 18, 18 13:48 UTC

ASGARD 01, The day Asgardians united the humanity around a common future !

This date marks the moment where the pioneers ...

Asg 1, 02 / Jun 18, 18 21:56 UTC
Thank you Mandi ! See you in Vienna maybe !
Asg 1, 02 / Jun 18, 18 14:50 UTC
Thank you for the video. Happy Unity Day to you!
Jun 18, 02 / Jun 7, 18 12:52 UTC
Asgardian space economy video conference

Hello dear fellows, please do not forget to join us this Friday June 8, 2018 2:00 PM UTC for Filip A. Vukovinski presentation on his economic model for ...

Jun 14, 02 / Jun 3, 18 12:59 UTC
Distribution of MP according to their country of residence

This second chart is about the distribution of elected MP according to their country of residence. And if we compare these results to those for citizens then we will note huge differences.

Places like China, Indonesia and India who are heavily present in number of registered citizens, ...

Jun 14, 02 / Jun 3, 18 20:35 UTC
As in Asgardia there are still no laws, I can only comment on what I know, according to the regulations of my country. Have dual citizenship It has a double legal aspect, the one of both States. This is solved, taking the address as a point of reference, not to ...
Jun 14, 02 / Jun 3, 18 16:12 UTC
How to better reach the Russian public ? What kind of communication means are more usual in Russia ?
Jun 14, 02 / Jun 3, 18 16:10 UTC
Our demography will keep changing, we don't know what can happen in one or two years. The situation may evolve into a complete different scenario. Many people from countries where dual citizenship is forbidden are reticent from joining Asgardia. If the coming Asgardian government succeed to convince these nations with ...
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