May 8, 03 / Apr 30, 19 21:02 UTC
How send things outher space Microwave (that old microvawe from your mom, did,t matter, you be far away) into an empty chaimber after a turbibe, man .... superglue werever, stainless stelll ... double, whith wather inside, like Elon Musk will do, and that's it, I discovererd this exploding my mom's ...
Apr 5, 03 / Mar 30, 19 00:43 UTC

I have changed my mind about the theory of arms hypertrophy, which, only applies in certain situations, we must always cultivate peace, even in war, no matter what happens, but the fact is that the human being only stops fighting when a greater threat arises in common , like ...

Apr 5, 03 / Mar 30, 19 03:51 UTC
It is a bit like in space, all +particles (aka bad things) are attracted to each other to form a bad force, there is no way out of that. So the only thing we can do is to contain them in a -particle shell (aka good things) and form a ...
Mar 16, 03 / Mar 13, 19 16:33 UTC

No, it will not be a new metal asteroid, it would be full of water, the metal remains will not be in the direction of Earth, already play pool? if, for some reason, like, someone calculate in miles instead Km, the thing ... ... ... all will be burn ...

Mar 16, 03 / Mar 13, 19 15:36 UTC
Ok, let's not die.

Ok, now someone do it.

Water we have a lot and is not expensive, it is not necessary to be all metal, so is more cheap and easy to make, and the time is 1 to 5 years top, if we all decide to not die. The ...

Mar 11, 03 / Mar 8, 19 00:19 UTC
Mar 10, 03 / Mar 7, 19 23:46 UTC

Time does not exist, the human being cannot understand that, so I will tell a story.

God do not born yet, is a human that enter the 13° dimension in the future and create the world, ... I know ... try to understand it, please, so ...

Mar 1, 03 / Feb 26, 19 13:53 UTC

My soda told me something. If the idea is terrible, I take the blame for her.

If you open a soda can, it loses pressure.

if a piece of wood is in a ...

Mar 6, 03 / Mar 3, 19 12:44 UTC
Ok, there are some variables that I don't know, and ... maybe nobody knows, like how much iron had the core of Earth, and another variables, I have to make a search for that numbers, wen I have the time. Maybe is just my error ... because to some people ...
Mar 1, 03 / Feb 26, 19 21:06 UTC
Could be that some pressure acts on the plates. The moon will spread out the water with the tides i think. And ice melts relatively slow to the spreading of water. So yes possible that the water pressure acts on volcano's in some places. Good point.
Feb 21, 03 / Feb 18, 19 23:07 UTC

Theory of arms hypertrophy

It's very simple. If everyone has guns to blow themselves up, who's going to want to blow somebody up?
This will cause peace and self-defense to our planet. ...

Apr 4, 03 / Mar 29, 19 00:47 UTC
Sorry, especyficly, about the theory of arms hypertrhopy, aplied just for that, not for small guns, I did not explain it, my mistake, weapons means: hidrogen nuclear bombs, nuclear fusion bombs, or something that could destroy a planet, sorry, but this exist.
Mar 6, 03 / Mar 3, 19 20:29 UTC
There is a part of a book, The Lord of the Rings, which explains better what I said, Frodo asked why they did not kill the evil Golum, Gandalf replied: In this world, there are people who deserve to live, but die, and people who deserve to die, but live, ...
Mar 6, 03 / Mar 3, 19 12:35 UTC
By my humble opinion, and for what I studied, the first thing that dictators do, is to disarm the population, it is obvious that the government must have the supremacy of military power, but disarming the population and the countries, by world history, has always been a mistake which cost ...
Feb 21, 03 / Feb 18, 19 21:37 UTC

The future war will be made by samurais.

1. always will exist a maniac to make war, do not fool yourself whit the dream of peace. What you going to do in the moment that he decide that he want to explode you? Give him flowers? Sing ...

Feb 21, 03 / Feb 18, 19 21:11 UTC

Does anybody put the national song to hear because is a good song? Anyone? Why cannot be a good song?

Why does anybody see that digital coin is a stupid idea? I don't know anything about invade computers, but, anyone whit a dumb idea to put a ...

Feb 22, 03 / Feb 19, 19 01:52 UTC
Asgardia is currently a "virtual nation" as we have no territory of which people are currently residing on. Therefore, digital currency is the only viable method. If we had physical money, we would then need to build factories to print the currency, locate and purchase resources, hire labor, invest in ...
Feb 12, 03 / Feb 9, 19 21:29 UTC
Experts opinion about the bird and the blue point. The interesting fact, is that, maybe, he is reflecting light

It is a bird and camera's flash reflection, caused by halo. But, the agree with me on this, I'm waiting for mister PHD in genetics, he like animals, dããããã, of course biologist, to tell me what he think about the bird, next year maybe he ...

Feb 6, 03 / Feb 3, 19 11:06 UTC
And my teori was, maybe, correct, about the sun

for a 5 year old children yes is for you, PHD in Physics, sun is big, lot of mass create a space-time distortion, and ... and ... and ... just a bird and a blue point, a camera reflection, and halo is a natural thing. No, you can travel ...

Apr 4, 03 / Mar 29, 19 01:00 UTC
Now that I see it again, seem that it have 2 engines in each wing, and there is sing og propulsion in the back of it, well, who cares?
Feb 6, 03 / Feb 3, 19 10:46 UTC
Feb 6, 03 / Feb 3, 19 10:34 UTC

please is very easy, give a 10.000,00 i go to mars and make a colony, make tnt at home, make oxigen whit bicarbonato de sódio e álcool mais oppps, óxido de ferro. plim óxigênio. mais ... ha não estou com paciência.

Ei a NASA não tava dando ...

Feb 6, 03 / Feb 3, 19 10:18 UTC

Eletric engines don't do any good whit the mom's microwave, eletricity cause interference in the radio waves, that's why they don't macht. or ... the magnetic field can amplified the thing, well, anybody whats to explode whit me?

Feb 6, 03 / Feb 3, 19 10:08 UTC

put fire in a paper and put in a microwave then stole your mom's microwave, that's why MMrocket moms microwave, and put in the back of a rocket, satisfied? Stop chasing me, keep the finger in the stop, it will ... werever, discover yourself, just keep the finger in ...

Mayoral Elections Olá, m eu nome é Diogo Erdtmann, eu moro em Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil. Vou ser bem breve no que tenho a falar. Preciso de sua confiança e voto para fazer parte do governo como prefeito de Asgardia em Florianópolis. Sou Graduado em Direito, advogado, com maior propensão ...
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