Ari 00, 02 / Feb 25, 18 15:38 UTC

As my main task as a member of the Parliament of Asgardia, I see an early implementation of the consolidation of the international legal status of the cosmic state of Asgardia and the recognition of the space nation by the UN organization.

Recognition of Asgardia by UN ...

Can 13, 02 / Jun 2, 18 10:27 UTC
Congratulation for elected as a PM. I am looking for your vote for my Government candidature.Now Asgardia on reality.However a peaceful space nation with great unity and an opportunity for all to live, study and work for prosperous world. We should concentrate and contribute our effort to make dream of ...
Gem 20, 02 / May 12, 18 13:56 UTC
I can see you are a man of action, and not just talk. Why not move to Jerusalem though? I mean USA just moved it's capital there.
Tau 09, 02 / Apr 3, 18 01:29 UTC
Congratulations on the clean and honest campaign, worthy of an Asgardian. In the days leading up to the parliamentary elections in Asgardia, I met people highly qualified to hold a post in Parliament, but for some reason failed to achieve this goal. What I have to say to these extraordinary ...
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