Ari 23, 04 / Mar 19, 20 08:17 UTC
Panic VS Preparedness We have all seen the effects that the Coronavirus, now called Covid-19, has had on all of us in the world. Everything from food to toilet paper has been snatched up, supplies sold at unreasonable prices by hoarders, and overwhelming panic filling up hospital rooms and homes. ...
Aqu 21, 04 / Jan 21, 20 00:33 UTC
Phu Ego Said...: A Modern Meeting With God
I came across a blog recently that a friend had made to write down their visionary dreams, detailing their visits from beyond and how God had come forward with messages of mourning for the human species. The experiences are described in both whimsical and traumatic detail, digging into questions of ...
Aqu 10, 04 / Jan 10, 20 09:00 UTC
The key to evolution lies in the best traits in a genetic line being passed down with each new generation. It makes sense that there is a common desire to make a perfect human through our natural breeding processes. However, nobody can decide on what "perfect" is. Why is that? ...
Aqu 11, 04 / Jan 11, 20 12:19 UTC
Well i guess our goals have changed somewhat. Before we needed the brutish physique for protection and hunting. Now our requirements are for learning and intelligence as we push forward into the tech age. A massive bicep couldn't launch a peanut into orbit but an intelligent brain could put a ...
Aqu 10, 04 / Jan 10, 20 19:00 UTC
Aqu 10, 04 / Jan 10, 20 13:31 UTC
Diversity is survival.
Aqu 04, 04 / Jan 4, 20 07:57 UTC
Scorching Age
When Prometheus brought the gift of fire to man, Zeus chained him to a cliff and had his liver eaten out of his live body by eagles (harpies) every day for eternity. We can see today why the gods feared the power of the flame in the wrong hands. It's ...
Aqu 04, 04 / Jan 4, 20 11:09 UTC
Nothing more true, our earth is being devoured by our greed and short sightedness. It is truly time to stand up and be counted. There must be a seismic shift in our thinking and motivation. Super post!!
Aqu 04, 04 / Jan 4, 20 08:10 UTC
The biggest problem that we have created as humans is taking away the cooling while fueling the heat. As simple example deforestation and burning fossil fuels. So releasing carbon while destroying the atmosphere is a bad idea. Not to mention heat storage from in-coming charged particles in hot bubbles in ...
Aqu 04, 04 / Jan 4, 20 07:39 UTC
Advent of War
Alas, a new year starts with a new fight between mismanaged children in big kid stockings. We find ourselves on the brink of collapse, swung around like a yoyo as yet another war is being engaged over petty reasons with even pettier leaders. It was often seen in humanity's past ...
Aqu 04, 04 / Jan 4, 20 11:15 UTC
Yet another super post!! Yup you nailed it.
Aqu 04, 04 / Jan 4, 20 07:56 UTC
Oil, Money and Power.
Sag 22, 03 / Nov 26, 19 02:09 UTC
Ad Vitam: Are Children Still Our Future?
Upon skimming through Netflix series, I come across a French series called 'Ad Vitam", which comes to mean, approximately, "To live" in Latin. It is a series that follows a cop's case regarding the mass suicides of minors in the area. In this universe, immortality has been achieved, the oldest ...
Sag 14, 03 / Nov 18, 19 18:28 UTC
More and more these days, the rumours of an end to death continue to populate scientific studies and news media. It is normal to be afraid of death, especially when we don't really know what happens after we die, but that has not stopped us from working towards immortality in ...
Sag 15, 03 / Nov 19, 19 18:55 UTC
For me eternal life has always been my number one dream, of course such a treasure should be accompanied by perfect health as well. No-one would wanna suffer for eternially with all sorts of physical deceases that would come with old age without some way of avoiding them.
Sag 15, 03 / Nov 19, 19 15:44 UTC
Бессмертие тела можно достичь только тогда когда мы сможем научиться создавать синтетические тела, в которые потом можно переселять нашу энергетическую душу и опять же нужно научиться переселять энергетическую душу через программу .Пример как в фильмах Аватар и более подходяще это Робот по имени Чапи. Это не смешно, это реально. Будущее ...
Sag 15, 03 / Nov 19, 19 04:21 UTC
I would give up the immortality of the physical body, it is very tiring. Besides, we are already immortal, we are made up of molecules that live from the moment of the birth of the universe, which after our death remain and will continue to exist forever until the end ...
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Sag 14, 03 / Nov 18, 19 18:08 UTC
Space Facilities
Everybody talks about settling in space these days, enjoying the comforts of home in orbit or on another planet. We all expect there to be at least a bedroom and kitchen in these space stations, but what else would we need to remember to build for our new homes away ...
Sag 15, 03 / Nov 19, 19 04:27 UTC
The most important thing in space exploration and living outside the Earth is the presence of gravity at least 0.8G from the Earth and protection from all types of rigid cosmic radiation - which is without protection of the Earth's magnetic field and atmosphere for a short period of time ...
Sag 15, 03 / Nov 19, 19 01:58 UTC
Music must have
Sag 14, 03 / Nov 18, 19 23:57 UTC
Green space with flowers and small trees. A area to smoke in. And enjoy the view of the cosmos. To contemplate what to do and or go next. Pluse to reflect on actions done.
Sag 13, 03 / Nov 17, 19 04:32 UTC
Empathic Denial
Empathy is the piece of the human puzzle that helps us to connect with others and understand why certain situations make some people feel one emotion and other people feel different emotions. It is not only useful for understanding why a friend is upset when their partner breaks up with ...
Sag 12, 03 / Nov 16, 19 03:46 UTC
Believe it or not, the words we choose make a huge impact on how others interpret our intentions. Words hold a power to create tension in otherwise relaxing conversations. They have a way of making us laugh when we mess them up, and make us cry when the wrong words ...
Sag 12, 03 / Nov 16, 19 08:28 UTC
I love this post, words and how we use them are only one half of the equation in communication we also need to know how they will be interpreted and understood and it becomes more important to people that only speak one language and use a translator, some words will ...
Sag 12, 03 / Nov 16, 19 02:57 UTC
Historians tell the beginning, the middle, and the current state of a time or place in our world. They gather every detail and organize it into near little files so we can look up these facts at a later time for reference. Without historians, we would have no clues as ...
Sag 12, 03 / Nov 16, 19 08:33 UTC
Are you an Asgardian Historian? - - Every person that speaks online about Asgardia is a historian in there own right, you add to the narrative with your way of speaking about it. How would you collect and organise our nation's history and events for future generations to read? - ...
Sag 12, 03 / Nov 16, 19 02:44 UTC
Crowdfund Asgardia?
Crowdfunding is a multimillion dollar idea in itself; asking friends and strangers to donate money to your cause, project, or campaign is not unheard of. Heck, thousands of people offered up cash to help bailout Greece when its economy collapsed multiple times between 2010-2018. Is there something to crowdfunding that ...
Sag 12, 03 / Nov 16, 19 05:34 UTC
Asgardia will soon open its crowdfunding fund, but for now we have to wait until all the laws currently being drafted by the government and parliament are ready. Asgardia cannot be engaged in this now unless someone wishes privately without reference to Asgardia. Since Asgardia is still only legally a ...
Sag 12, 03 / Nov 16, 19 02:34 UTC
Humanity VS Cosmology
It is clearly stated in the Constitution of Asgardia that all Humans are equal in rights and freedoms. But what about non-humans? Should Asgardia have laws describing the rights and freedoms of animals on Earth? Should all animals have rights, or only some of them? Which ones? What if we ...
Sag 12, 03 / Nov 16, 19 05:41 UTC
We have already discussed this issue of rights both on Facebook and in a petition on the site. We will not have any separate laws on whose rights. All are equal in their rights and responsibilities. As for animals, Asgardia is likely to follow UN recommendations in this regard. On ...
Sag 12, 03 / Nov 16, 19 02:28 UTC
Employment and Employers
One of the biggest problems facing Asgardia is financial stability. We don't have a basic economy to work with, no valuable assets, and no land to our claim. Some argue that there is no room for people who do not want to be politicians or scientists. There are people out ...
Sag 12, 03 / Nov 16, 19 12:18 UTC
Good questions and ideas. Hopefully next Parliament meeting held in Tallinn next week will find answers and devise ways to get Asgardia's population involved in building its economy and social interactions, be they commercial in a Employer/Employee situation or otherwise. Wait and see!
Sag 12, 03 / Nov 16, 19 02:20 UTC
Let's get together and discuss solutions in this new community: Brainstorm. We need solutions, so let's make some ideas and work on an answer together.
Sag 12, 03 / Nov 16, 19 02:17 UTC
Greetings, Let us begin with a firm hello. And now, onto the subjects of debate. What issues do you believe need to be focused on in Asgardia? Do you have any suggestions to fix any issues out there? What does it mean to be an Asgardian, to you?
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