Asg 2, 03 / Jun 19, 19 03:02 UTC
Hi, everyone. I just joined bUnited. You might also be interested. bUnited has the power to make our world more sustainable. Not just greenwashing, real substantial changes. And the great thing is that bUnited pays everyone to unite. Very innovative. See for yourself.
Jan 27, 03 / Jan 27, 19 17:02 UTC


I know it has been a while, but I can definitely say I was busy. For one, I have been spending my time with a full time job and excelling well in it. I have also been busy raising a new friend of the family, as ...

Feb 11, 03 / Feb 8, 19 08:29 UTC
Sorry about Smoky, if a cat live that long, surely was loved and was family for you, so, Smoky had a good life. Hello again!!!
Feb 1, 03 / Jan 29, 19 08:03 UTC
Have a good day
Jan 27, 03 / Jan 27, 19 17:29 UTC
I don't even have any memories in my life. I am too much alone, smoking, accompanied by a cup of coffee
Jul 26, 02 / Aug 10, 18 15:44 UTC

My heart goes out to the families of the officers and civilians in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada today. Four were killed in a shootout this morning, including two police officers. It is unusual to experience such violence in this area, and we hope it doesn't have to happen again. ...

Nov 10, 02 / Nov 14, 18 07:04 UTC
Добрый день ВСЕМ ! Честно говоря в космос я не верю , пока сам там не побываю). Тем не менее , если люди туда стремятся я иду вместе с ними . НО кроме космоса существуют еще и Паралельные миры , в которые попасть проще. Просто надо найти естественный Портал и ...
Aug 13, 02 / Aug 25, 18 23:08 UTC
Thank you Scuro for the details!
Aug 1, 02 / Aug 13, 18 22:21 UTC
By what we know now, it appears to have been an isolation error. The gunman (identified) was described as "polite and pleasant", but he grew despairing with age and fell into a habit of extreme videogaming to escape. It is thought that he had sunk so far out of reality ...
See all 5 comments
Jul 12, 02 / Jul 27, 18 07:21 UTC

It has dawned on me that I share very little information about myself as a government candidate and believe it would be beneficial if Asgardians got to know me a little better. Here I will be listing who I am, what I stand for, and why I am a ...

Jul 8, 02 / Jul 23, 18 15:15 UTC

Tellurian -


(adj.) Of or inhabiting the earth.


"The amount of time for us ‘tellurians’ is determined by a piece of a path by which the Sun has traversed the sky."

Jul 19, 02 / Aug 3, 18 01:30 UTC
How aboout we start making a language, asgardian language. Tellurian, in french is "plus chic et raffiné" or in mine french "moré chiqué e refiné" coolest, in another words, mixing latin: tellurienus: who has planet earth heritage. De dictionary beggin whith one word, that's a good one to beggin the ...
Jul 10, 02 / Jul 25, 18 06:29 UTC
Jul 9, 02 / Jul 24, 18 02:49 UTC
Only a thought: despite the etymology of the word tellurian come from Greco-Roman mythology (talo [Tellus in Latin], earth goddess, Earth, etc.), gave rise to the name of the tellurium element, (Te, with atomic number 52), briefly, this element is more abundant in other parts of the universe than on ...
Jul 4, 02 / Jul 19, 18 20:12 UTC

Mumpsimus -


1: (n.) A traditional custom or idea adhered to although shown to be unreasonable.

2: A person who obstinately adheres to old customs or ideas in spite of evidence that they are wrong or unreasonable.


Asg 26, 02 / Jul 13, 18 13:13 UTC

Pleonasm -


1: (n.) the use of more words than are necessary to express an idea; redundancy.

2: an instance of this, as free gift or true fact.

3: the redundant word or expression.

Example: ...

Asg 18, 02 / Jul 5, 18 17:47 UTC

Crepuscular Ray -


1: (n.) a twilight ray of sunlight shining through breaks in high clouds and illuminating dust particles in the air.


"It is so relaxing just to sit and watch Crepscular Ray."

Asg 8, 02 / Jun 25, 18 18:42 UTC

Dear Dr. Igor Asherbeyli,

Congratulations on your inauguration to the position of Head of Nation in Asgardia. We, as a people, have been waiting a long time for this moment, and are pleased with the result. I wish you good luck in your term as Head of ...

Asg 11, 02 / Jun 28, 18 17:30 UTC
Give me vote future
Asg 8, 02 / Jun 25, 18 13:51 UTC

As promised, I have been recording the Live ceremony and sharing on Twitter and Tumblr for those that have been unable to join us during the inauguration. You can listen to the Inauguration reports and recordings at the links below.

@AsgardiaSpace Twitter Early Live Stream:

Asg 8, 02 / Jun 25, 18 15:52 UTC
Thanks to the recording from @AsgardiaSpace, you can view the full ceremony and concert yourselves.
Asg 8, 02 / Jun 25, 18 00:07 UTC

In about 11 hours we will be beginning the inauguration ceremony of our first Head of Nation. As you know, I will be reporting and recording the event in audio form and intend to share it on The Galactic News-E Network's homepage:

( )

I'll ...

Asg 2, 02 / Jun 19, 18 15:20 UTC

Alacrity - (n.)


1: cheerful readiness, promptness, or willingness.

2: liveliness; briskness.


"We accepted the invitation with alacrity."

Jun 28, 02 / Jun 17, 18 22:57 UTC

How are you celebrating Asgardia's birthday?

I'm going to be celebrating with a nice meal and time with family, hopefully. Maybe I'll draw something for the celebration. Anything could happen.

Asg 1, 02 / Jun 18, 18 02:35 UTC
Merry Unity Day to you too Scuro. I am not doing something special, but i enjoy that others are enjoying this Happy Day. :-)
Jun 23, 02 / Jun 12, 18 15:10 UTC

Mim - (adj.)

1: (British Dialect) primly modest or demure.


"Maidens should be mim (quiet) till they're married, and then they may burn kirks."

Jun 22, 02 / Jun 11, 18 18:42 UTC

I know I have been stating for a while now that I would be broadcasting a podcast show "soon". Well, the perfect beginning has arrived with the live streaming of the Asgardia Inauguration ceremony. I will be watching with all of you and recording potentially multiple segments reporting the ...

Jun 22, 02 / Jun 11, 18 19:10 UTC
Cool, and maybe some short interviews with Asgardian citizens.
Jun 22, 02 / Jun 11, 18 17:38 UTC

Something about human nature I have noted over the years is if there is a loophole, it will be exploited. Now, not every person out there morally desires to corrupt a legal system but there are enough minds alive that would have a field day with the ambiguity of ...

Asg 11, 02 / Jun 28, 18 16:57 UTC
What do you think of a system that exploits its own weakeness ? What do you think needs improvement in the current Asgardian constitution ?
Jun 22, 02 / Jun 11, 18 19:04 UTC
We should not get trapped into the lawyer/paper world, simplified rules that everybody can understand is better. Of-course there is always the extended lawyer version of the constitution if you want to do some lawyer work.
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