Mar 2, 02 / Feb 27, 18 14:44 UTC

Here is a question: HOW THE HECK ARE WE GETTING TO SPACE? My proposal: we team up with a space agency such as SpaceX or Blue Origin. I somehow doubt that we have our own rockets, so it only seems reasonable that we rely on someone else's. Just a ...

Mar 8, 02 / Mar 5, 18 04:36 UTC
It would be feasible however we would need to show some serious progress on our end before Elon can even consider. If lets say we have a huge population of 1 million Asgardian citizens then Elon may consider working out a deal where both party can collaborate. They build the ...
Mar 3, 02 / Feb 28, 18 23:39 UTC
Hello Friend, The countdown of the final round of voting begins, so I invite you please to confirm again your vote. If you are an undecided voter, I advertise you please to check my updated profile. If your are satisfied and convinced by my Parliamentary program, vote for me , ...
Mar 1, 02 / Feb 26, 18 15:43 UTC

I am an American citizen. I reside in America. And I am proud to be an American. I am aware that we are trying to do away with nationalism, but I can’t help feeling pride in my nation. But America has been having a problem lately, and if Asgardia ...

Nov 8, 02 / Nov 12, 18 20:29 UTC
This Pollyanna attitude has no basis in reality. You are trying to undo human nature and the fact that people will always act in their own self-interests. Even organizations that were formed with the best of intentions degrade to illegal activities and deceit (United Nations). With regards to school shooting, ...
Mar 15, 02 / Mar 12, 18 07:27 UTC
Dear Christopher, I had a mistake to upload previous comment. İt is about AI. Sorry about…
Mar 15, 02 / Mar 12, 18 06:39 UTC
Uncontrolled technology is not technology!
Feb 27, 02 / Feb 24, 18 23:50 UTC

It seems unlikely that a place called “Kingdom of Asgardia” would be a democracy, doesn’t it? So why is my screen telling me to “vote, or it wouldn’t be democracy”? WE AREN’T A DEMOCRACY ANYWAY! Also, despite being a kingdom, I’ve heard nothing of who our monarch is. Do ...

Feb 28, 02 / Feb 25, 18 18:15 UTC
Sorry, but I don’t know any Spanish. I am going to hope that your ability to make such a long reply means that you speak English, however. Is there any way I could convince you to say that again, but in English, if that is indeed true?
Feb 28, 02 / Feb 25, 18 00:13 UTC
Hola Christopher, en realidad eatamos creando una Nación Espacial democrática con las características de una República ya que tiene Constitución, y División de Poderes (El Ejecutivo, El Legislativo y El Judicial), además hay elecciones. En fin lo de monarquía a mi entender quedó como Slogan, ya que ahora cuando se ...
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