Can 01, 02 / May 21, 18 15:42 UTC
Visit to the Casa de la Estrella Museum, Valencia, Venezuela
I sent them a photo of our visit to the Casa de la Estrella Museum, with the middle school and adult students. This house was the seat of the Venezuelan government in 1830, under the government of José Antonio Páez. It is a place rich in ...
Gem 19, 02 / May 11, 18 12:50 UTC
Venezuela exports coltan for the first time to Italy
The Venezuelan president, Nicolás Maduro, announced the first Venezuelan export of coltan for Europe, extracted from the Mining Arc in the state of Bolívar. "Today is going to give the first export in the economic history of Venezuela of a mineral called the coltan and will ...
Gem 19, 02 / May 11, 18 12:49 UTC
Venezuela exports coltan for the first time to Italy

El primer mandatario, Nicolás Maduro anunció la primera exportación venezolana de coltán para Europa extraída del Arco Minero en el estado Bolívar.

“Hoy se va a dar la primera exportación en la historia económica de Venezuela de un mineral llamado el coltán y ...

Gem 19, 02 / May 11, 18 12:44 UTC
The floating city made of modular pyramids
These fascinating designs propose a different kind of city one made entirely of floating modular PYRAMIDS, each containing an array of liveable and entertainment facilities. The futuristic proposals hint at pyramids that would not only host living quarters and hotels, but also the likes of cinemas ...
Gem 23, 02 / May 15, 18 21:17 UTC
Hello Daniel, Just voted you after reading your platform and I need your support too. I would really appreciate your vote for me. Thank you ! Here is my Asgardian platform:".
Gem 13, 02 / May 5, 18 16:03 UTC
The doctrine of shock
Hello friends: I want to share with you the reading of the book: The Doctrine of the Shock, by N. Klein, I hope that it will be useful for you in the face of so many changes that have occurred on our planet. For example: What ...
Tau 18, 02 / Apr 12, 18 02:04 UTC



Considering the scientific and technological progress on our beloved planet Earth, the

innumerable technological tools for adults and young people of the world, considering ...

Gem 01, 02 / Apr 23, 18 16:49 UTC
cuenta con mi voto
Tau 18, 02 / Apr 12, 18 02:18 UTC
With my vote I know we will do a good working group
Tau 18, 02 / Apr 12, 18 02:18 UTC
С моим голосованием я знаю, что мы будем делать хорошую рабочую группу
Tau 12, 02 / Apr 6, 18 18:33 UTC

Hello everyone, greetings. I would like to be part of parliament.I would like to know if I still have asgardia

Tau 24, 02 / Apr 18, 18 00:47 UTC
Hello Friend , I invite you please to check my platform, and if You are satisfied , vote for me. I advise you please to recommend me to your friends thanks.
Tau 13, 02 / Apr 7, 18 14:37 UTC
Tau 12, 02 / Apr 6, 18 19:14 UTC
cuenta conmigo saludos
Tau 09, 02 / Apr 3, 18 14:42 UTC
A bunker, the power of Melania and the

The White House has a huge secret bunker underneath the north garden in case it happens the 'day of the final judgment', according to informs the book of Ronald Kessler 'The Trump White House: Changing the Rules of the Game' ('The ...

Tau 09, 02 / Apr 3, 18 17:25 UTC
Sorry Daniel, I mis write your name. I appologize from you for the mistake I made.
Tau 09, 02 / Apr 3, 18 17:23 UTC
Hi vinodh, I'm running for the Asgardias' government election at these days. So please visit my campaign and give your vote for me. All the best!!!
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