Gem 16, 02 / May 8, 18 19:40 UTC

My duties have included being a Chief Financial Officer for a non-profit organization, an elected Union Officer for the Utilities Workers Union of America, being an Advocate and Coordinator for a Global Movement.

It is impactful to be both productive in our ...

Sag 10, 03 / Nov 14, 19 17:13 UTC
That is a key questions, who makes the decisions. What we can best do, is to arrive at an answer or decision. First, I do not subscribe to that everyone is entitled to an opinion that needs to be heard. Second, all are welcome to participate in the subjects they ...
Leo 11, 02 / Jun 28, 18 17:46 UTC
Technology always delivers perfection but the aim of the people in charge sets the difference for a society. How do you plan on screening and selecting the people in charge in administrative duties ? Thanks
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