Cap 24, 03 / Dec 26, 19 01:07 UTC
Proof that Space Force is declassifying Free Zero Point energy device in 2020
We will soon have free energy devices to power spacecraft and moon bases. We need to stop wasting time trying to solve space travel dilemmas, when we already have the solutions we need. This device can produce a terawatt of free energy.
Cap 22, 03 / Dec 24, 19 02:29 UTC
The patents have already been filed by the U.S Navy.
Sco 06, 02 / Sep 15, 18 23:53 UTC
Solar Observatories around world evacuated

Solar Observatories around the world have been evacuated for over a week with no explanations from any government. Critical thinkers have surmised that there is potential solar activity going on that the world governments don't want the common person knowing about.

Lib 26, 02 / Sep 7, 18 23:03 UTC

I am running for Mayor, so I can bring my scientific and financial background and use it for good. I hope to evolve with everyone out our earthly conflicts and into a peaceful utopia in the stars. Please watch my youtube video to see my full platform. Thank you ...

Can 24, 03 / Jun 13, 19 17:50 UTC
Good luck it's a new start for humanity thinks for your work... go! go! go!!
Tau 15, 03 / Apr 9, 19 06:12 UTC
Good luck it's a new start for humanity thinks for your work
Sco 00, 02 / Sep 9, 18 20:39 UTC
Good luck
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Lib 13, 02 / Aug 25, 18 15:08 UTC
Gem 05, 03 / Apr 27, 19 15:40 UTC
Lib 06, 02 / Aug 18, 18 17:21 UTC
Diplomacy in Space

How will Asgardia mitigate space conflicts between countries? What role will Asgardia play in ensuring peace in space?

Tau 15, 03 / Apr 9, 19 06:19 UTC
All I can says is YA! I Been waiting for the day with lots of love and it's finally paid off
Lib 10, 02 / Aug 22, 18 19:25 UTC
It is not likely to come 'officially' from any governments. IF my feeling is correct, I think Putin and Trump have been informed by the benevolent galactics to hold off on any kind of 'official' announcement, until more of the swamp has been drained, and the mainstream media has been ...
Lib 10, 02 / Aug 22, 18 16:32 UTC
I agree, we as Asgardians must have a high enough frequency to properly help other countries stuck in a never ending cold war. It also seems that a partial disclosure is trying to be pushed by the cabal. We can mitigate this by collectively demanding for full disclosure of our ...
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Lib 00, 02 / Aug 12, 18 16:39 UTC
Lib 01, 02 / Aug 13, 18 05:58 UTC
Vir 12, 02 / Jul 27, 18 15:16 UTC
I support the SHIELD ACT

If Earth gets hit by a Coronal Mass Ejection or Solar Flare, many people could die. We must support legislation that hardens our electrical grid.

Vir 11, 02 / Jul 26, 18 12:54 UTC
Disclosure of Comet Mining

We have been mining asteroids/comets for decades. The civilian branch (non-military part) of NASA is disclosing this I believe on orders from Trump.

Vir 10, 02 / Jul 25, 18 05:26 UTC
Vir 09, 02 / Jul 24, 18 00:08 UTC
North Korea is dismantling Key Nuclear Facilities :)

For all the Trump haters out there, can you at least agree that North Korea denuclearizing is a good thing?

Vir 05, 02 / Jul 20, 18 18:15 UTC
Ecuador Please don't release Julian Assange

If Julian Assange is released, Bob Muller will do everything he can do destroy him.

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