May 14, 18 / Gem 22, 02 08:53 UTC

I am an ordinary person but i believe that by stepping up , we do great things. We are all humans and we share the same aspirations. We can sit back and let someone else do things, or we can decide to get up and help.

<p ...
Jun 2, 18 / Can 13, 02 09:58 UTC
Congratulation for elected as a PM. I am looking for your vote for my Government candidature.Now Asgardia on reality.However a peaceful space nation with great unity and an opportunity for all to live, study and work for prosperous world. We should concentrate and contribute our effort to make dream of ...
May 15, 18 / Gem 23, 02 20:25 UTC
Hello Sing Yuen Lim, Just voted you after reading your platform and I need your support too. I would really appreciate your vote for me. Thank you ! Here is my Asgardian platform:".
May 15, 18 / Gem 23, 02 09:28 UTC
The goal is to dedicate ourselves to protect human interests I come from a region of India where even in today's modern era, more than half the population does not know how to use the Internet, but still there are many talents hidden here ...
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