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Currencies contest

Your opinion is very important to determine and analyze the possible system of Solar conversion in open currency markets and its ratio to the main fully convertible currencies chosen by Asgardians for this purpose.

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Sep 1, 02 / Sep 10, 18 00:08 UTC
A special Thanks to All

A special thanks to all the Asgardian Family for noticing or supporting or paticipating in the Mayors Voting.

Smile to see a Smiling World

Aug 28, 02 / Sep 9, 18 17:20 UTC

I am not only a Global citizen but an intergalaxy citizen. I am not just saying, i literally mean it.

I am a Stakeholder and Chief Strategy Officer (Americas & Asia) Finland company Circular Devices Oy. Live more in space because I frequently travel between America, Europe, ...

Aug 28, 02 / Sep 9, 18 18:37 UTC
Aug 28, 02 / Sep 9, 18 18:37 UTC
Aug 28, 02 / Sep 9, 18 08:54 UTC
Sustainable Incredible Revolution

With my innovative Finland friends and colleagues.

Circular Devices is working aggressively and intelligently on sustainable hardware revolution.

Sep 1, 02 / Sep 10, 18 07:42 UTC
Thanks for supporting
Sep 1, 02 / Sep 10, 18 07:25 UTC
Welcome to Asgardia !!
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