Vir 18, 02 / Aug 2, 18 12:11 UTC

Knowledge, the only Religion!

Leo 10, 02 / Jun 27, 18 21:18 UTC
Common language Issue

Common Language Issue?

There's been some debating about common language, whether why should, or should not have one, common language in Asgardia.

Should we have a common language?


Leo 22, 02 / Jul 9, 18 13:31 UTC
Keep all languages but take a common script. A common language will surely evolve.
Leo 11, 02 / Jun 28, 18 20:42 UTC
I agree with you about the one common language eg. English. But I have to disagree with online translator, I belive that learning other languages is much better for developing cognitive skills than finding way to make thinks easier. Thanks for commenting, you're most welcome!
Leo 11, 02 / Jun 28, 18 10:53 UTC
My suggestion is that in addition to the earth languages we all use, we need to establish a common language, which would be used simultaneously with some familiar language, for example, English. We can also make an online translator from all languages into the new space language, so everyone will ...
Leo 09, 02 / Jun 26, 18 14:09 UTC

Who am I?

I am a twenty-three years old student from Belgrade, Serbia. I study Philology and culture on the University of Belgrade. It seem that everything is already told, but is it? There is a much bigger story behind every one of us, but I won't ...

Leo 22, 02 / Jul 9, 18 13:33 UTC
Prefer interactions and unions of sets.
Leo 13, 02 / Jun 30, 18 16:22 UTC
Leo 13, 02 / Jun 30, 18 16:10 UTC
You have my vote.
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