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NAME:Jesus Javier Lugo
Author annotation
In the design of the flag has as main colors the Light Blue and Navy Blue, which symbolize the sky day and night seen from the earth, the sky that inspires the project of the space nation and where it is found, the element Blue also predominates because it has an important symbology for humans, related to infinity, associated with the sky and the sea on planet earth, is also the predominant color of the earth from space, being a planet with a majority Territorial aquatic that from there looks blue, as the inhabitants of our nation Asgardia will see.

Blue also represents us in our dream of going beyond our earthly space and conquering the infinite.

As symbolic elements it presents the "Mandala" symbol of our space nation, in white color that is related to the concept of peace, with which Asgardia is created and the "Earth" place where the dream of Asgardia and its first inhabitants is born, Intertwined as a permanent symbol of the union and creation of the Asgardia project.

Also as a background of the "Mandala" we find the green color, which reminds us of the place of our origins, the land with its forests and green plants that generate our sustenance and our ecosystem