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NAME:Sergio Romero
Author annotation
A flag based on the three principles and the main symbol of Asgardia.

Size: The Asgardian flag's size relates to the size of the 13 rings that creates an original Seed Of Life, including the outer rings (This seed of life differs from the normal one because of the six curves from each of the six summits of the symbol). The flag has a relation of 1 to 1,1 side to side. The symbol is centered, and its size relates to the flag lenght by a Golden number proportion.

Colours: The flag is made on three colours, all in standard tones. Blue (RGB 0,112,184), Yellow (233,255,0) and White (0,0,0). The flag starts from the center with the croped center circle of the Seed of Life in standard yellow, and all its spaces within in standard blue. All the background is white, except for two borders (inner yellow and outher blue), wich have the same width of the seed symbol.

The Colours: All made in standard coloration, representing no tendencies to any human preference or desire, but a place to join all efforts.
Blue: Celebration, as mankind reaches his hand to the space, and the earth itself, shown blue from outerspace;
Yellow: Pride, from and to all mankind, for his history, will and curiosity. And the sun itself as its denomination suggests (G-type Yellow Dwarf Star).
White: Unity, of mankind without borders or exclusions, as the light itself presents to us, joining all colours and waves within.

The Imperfect Square flag: The 1 to 1,1 ratio represents the continuous expansion of the universe and our knowledge about it.
The Universal Seed of Life: The center circle of a Seed of Life with 6 outer rings, shows mankind resolution to find its origins as one race and one will.